Dipor Bil | Timings, the Best time to visit & Things to do

Dipor Bil is also spelt as Deepor Beel, where in Assamese, ‘Beel’ means Lake, and it is located in Assam. This place is one of the best holiday spots for a vacation to visit with your family. You can see this place anytime because there are no specific timing rules. Read this article completely to get other information about the Lake. Dipor Bil Timings: There are no specific times to visit the Dipor Bil. You can see it at any time of the day but avoid it at night.

Dipor Bil:

Surrounded by the beautiful background, Dipor Bil attracts tourists who visit this place. This Lake is called Deepor Beel, where ‘Beel’ means a lake in the Assamese language. Deepor Beel is one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in Assam. It is a former channel of the river Brahmaputra. It is located in Guwahati city, southwest of Assam. And is one of Assam’s most significant natural resources and has many freshwater fishes. This Lake’s freshwater fishes are rich protein sources.

Dipor bil

It is spread over 40 sq. km and has more than 19,000 species. In 1989, due to its rich biodiversity and heritage, it was declared a bird sanctuary. The Lake can see various kinds of plants, Hyacinths, Water lilies, aquatic grasses, marshlands, etc. Became habitat, including the Spot-billed pelican, Lesser adjutant Stork, Baer’s pochard, and the Siberian Crane that migrates here annually. It is the best place for a picnic with your family and friends. You can take beautiful pictures in the background of the Lake.

Timings of Dipor Bil:

There are no specific times to visit the Dipor Bil. You can see it at any time of the day but avoid it at night.

Things to do in Dipor Bil:

After visiting the Dipor Bil, you can try the following things there.

Watch the bird species:

The Lake has various kinds of bird species near the Lake. Birds like Spot-billed Pelican, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Baer’s Porchad, etc., are habituated here. A rare bird like the Siberian Crane migrates here annually.


Boating is a favourite activity among the visitors who visit this Lake. While boating, you can view all the birds, flowers, and plants by the banks of the Lake. Boating is available between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, and the ticket price is Rs.100 – Rs.200 per person.

Watch plants and flowers:

You can see different kinds of flowers and plants by the banks of the Lake and in the Lake. You can see flowers like Hyacinthis, Water lilies, Aquatic grasses, Marshlands, etc.

Take pictures:

The best way to preserve memories is by taking pictures. This place has a spectacular view that is perfect for photos. You can take different shots with your family.

Best time to visit Dipor Bil:

There is no specific time as the best time to visit the Dipor Bil. This place looks beautiful throughout the year. So you can call it any time of the year. But avoid rainy seasons because you cannot go there for a picnic or see most bird species. The best time to visit in a day is between 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Tourists place near Dipor Bil


There are many affordable and comfortable hotels to stay in near Dipor Bil. The following is the list of some hotels.

  • The Rhino hotel
  • Hill View holiday and Home resort.
  • Treebo tryst hotel Apollo grand
  • The Guwahati Address by Centre Point.
  • Awesome Palace hotel.
  • Utopia Hotel.

Dipor Bil Address

  • Address: Kamrup district, Guwahati., India
  • Phone number: 88786 9684

How to reach Dipor Bil:

There are different ways to get the Dipor Bil. Some of them are,

By air:

The easiest way to visit the Lake is by flight, and the nearest airport to the Lake is Guwahati airport which is only 9.7 km.

By train:

With only 14.4 km distance away, Khamakya Railway station is the nearest railway station. After reaching the Khamakya, you can hire a taxi to get to the Lake.

By road:

You can visit by bus, cars and any private vehicles as it is near the highway. Dharapur bus stand has many buses that reach the Lake.


What is the best time of the month to visit the Lake?

The best time to visit Deepor Beel is between November – April. Avoid rainy seasons.

What is the Lake particular about?

Besides the Lake, many bird species are habitat there, and rare cranes regularly migrate near the Lake. It has beautiful and rich flora and fauna.

Can we visit the Lake at any time of the day?

Visitors can visit the Lake at any time of the day because of time restrictions. But it is always safe to see between 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

What are the things to do after visiting the Lake?

After visiting this beautiful Lake, you can view the birds, flora, plants, and fishes and even try boating.