TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket

TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket

Are you looking for the best guide that tells you about the step-by-step procedure for TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 rupees ticket? Presently, there is no online booking available for 50 rupees ticket by our own LoginID’s. But we can purchase the tickets from TTD darshan counters at Tirupati and e-darshan counters in your city for online booking.

This 50 rupees darshan ticket is also called Sudarshanam. TTD implement many ways to provide darshan for devotees without any issue, and the main reason for introducing this type of darshan is to reduce the waiting time.

Previously, this darshan allows devotees who have a wrist band tied to their right hand, which has darshan time in it. But it was replaced by the biometric process by taking a picture and thumb impression.

As we discussed above, TTD Online Booking for 50 Rupees Ticket is not available online. We can purchase these tickets at Tirupati darshan counters and e- darshan counters.

TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 Rupees Ticket

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At Darshan Counters Tirupathi

TTD allotted 5000 tickets daily for this darshan. And this will issue at Darshan counters, namely Alipiri Tollgate, Bhudevi Complex, Tirupati RTC Bus Stand.

The First 2500 tickets will issue at free of cost.

The tickets will be issued daily from 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM.

After collecting tickets, you need to report to Vaikuntam Q Complex according to the time mentioned in your ticket.

It may take 2 – 3 hours of darshan.

The booking process at TTD e-darshan Counters:

For TTD 50 rs ticket online booking, you need to reach the nearby TTD e-darshan counter in your city. You need to book this ticket by providing the required documents like an Aadhar card and an Identity Card.

But TTD will release a particular quota about 60 days in advance for booking. So, TTD Online Booking for Darshan 50 rupees ticket has to book before 56 days.

After 50 rs ticket online booking, note your darshan time and reach Tirumala before reporting.

Tirupati Darshan Timings for 50 rupees ticket:

Daily timings for 50 rupees darshan are from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. If you failed to report there within the time, your ticket would get cancelled.

Five persons are allowed for each ticket.

Best time to have Tirupati Darshan:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the best days to have darshan. Because Saturday and Sunday are the most peak/crowded day as they are weekends in a week. And Friday will also have a small crowd because it is the day before the weekend.


These darshan tickets will not be issued during peak days. And those who booked in advance are also not allowed for darshan based on the crowd. So, make sure that your booking should be on non-peak days.

Presently, no 50 rupees tickets are issued by TTD. But we can only book Special Darshan/ 300 rupees darshan online.


Can we get darshan tickets in Tirupati? We can get the darshan tickets at the TTD darshan counters at Tirumala. We can also get darshan by reaching Tirumala through the steps way.

How much time does it take for Tirupati Darshan? The time taken for Tirupathi Darshan is unpredictable. But it will be more crowded during the public holidays, weekends, and temple festivals.

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