How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking?

Are you looking for an online booking for Srikalahasti temple sevas? If true, you have reached the one with all the holy information. But in this article, you will learn about booking Srikalahasti Temple Sevas online.

First, resolve the answer you are searching for. How do you get a Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online booking? There is no online booking available at Srikalahasti temple for Sevas. But other than kalahasti temple tickets online, you can reach the temple and purchase the seva/darshan tickets at the temple premises.

Now, you can learn more details about the temple, like its story, timings, accommodation, etc.

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Bookings Information:

Seva bookings are not possible online, while direct booking is only available. The temple has many sevas to perform, like Goovu Pooja, Suprabatha seva, Paalabhishekam, Rudrabishekam and many more. Choose the type of seva you want to perform and book accordingly.

History of Srikalahasti Temple:

Srikalahasti Temple has an interesting story behind it. Once, Lord Shiva was worshipped by the three devotees of Elephant, Snake and Spider in their style. For, an Elephant will perform abhishekam for the lord by bringing water with its trunk from the nearby pond, a spider worships with the web by protecting the lord Siva Lingam from decaying, and the snake worships by placing its dearest Naga mani on the shiva lingam.

One fine day, these three devotees misrouted their way of worshipping each other. Meanwhile, the Elephant thought spider worshipping was wrong and collapsed the web by pouring water from its trunk. Observing this, the snake and spider got angry and entered an elephant’s trunk.

After entering, the snake started biting and passing its poison. The Elephant killed a snake and spider by beating them with its trunk. After a while, the Elephant also died of the poison effect.

Finally, Lord Shiva was pleased with the utmost devotion of the Elephant, snake, and spider and gave a lifeline to 3 devotees.

However, the temple’s name came from Sri-Kaala-Hasti, which means Spider-Snake-Elephant.

Regarding the historical story, the Pallava dynasty constructed this temple during the 5th century; after many years, the temple was renovated, and the Chola dynasty built the main structure.

However, in 1516 AD, the temple’s main attraction, the 100-pillar hall, was constructed by Sri Krishnadevaraya.

Srikalahasti Temple Timings:

The temple timings are 05:00  to 09:00 pm.

Monday05:00  to 09:00 pm
Tuesday05:00  to 09:00 pm
Wednesday05:00  to 09:00 pm
Thursday05:00  to 09:00 pm
Friday05:00  to 09:00 pm
Saturday05:00  to 09:00 pm
Sunday05:00  to 09:00 pm

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Bookings Puja Timings:

Srikalahasti temple puja timings are here

Sevas NameTimings
Suprabatham05:30 am
Sarvadarshanam06:00 am
Pradhama Kala Abhishekam07:30 am
Dwithiya Kala Abhishekam09:00 am
Ucchi Kala Abhishekam10:30 am
Rudra Homam11:00 am
Nirajana Manthra Pushpam07:00 pm
Chandhi Homam11:00 am
Prodhosha Kala Abhishekam05:30 pm
Nityothsavam11:00 am
Nithya Kalyanam11:30 am
Ekantha Seva09:00 pm

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Bookings Ticket Costs:

Srikalahasti temple sevas ticket costs are here

S.NoSri Kalahasti Temple Seva TicketsSri Kalahasti Temple Sevas Tickets Cost
1Special DarshanRs.30
2Astothara ArchanaRs.25
3Sahasranamarchana To The Lord Siva and Gnana Prasunambika devi AmmavaruRs. 200
4Thrisathi ArchanaRs. 125
5Unjal Seva To Gnana Prasunambika devi Ammavaru only on FridaysRs. 100
6Pacha Karpoora Abhishekam To The Lord SivaRs. 100
7Kaasi GangabhishekamRs. 25
8RudrabhishekamFor Lord Shiva and Gnana Prasunambika devi AmmavaruRs. 600
9Nithya Ditta Abhishekam (for both swami and Gnana Prasunambika devi Ammavaru)Rs. 100
10Sri Saneswara Swami AbhishekamRs. 150
11Unjal Seva To Gnana Prasunambika devi Ammavaru only on Friday’sRs. 58
12Vivaha KatnamRs. 200
13PalabhishekamDevotee should carry 2 litres of milk, Not to carry in Drinking water bottles. Always Good to carry Milk PacketsRs. 300
14Akanda Deeparadhana KatnamRs. 50
15NithyostavamRs. 58
16Pradosha Nandi SevaRs. 120
17Ekantha SevaRs. 100
18Vahana PujaRs. 25
19Suprabatha SevaRs. 20
20Thalaga KatnamRs. 10
21NithyakalyanostavamRs. 501
22Special Aaseervada DarshanRs. 500
23Rudra HomamRs. 1116
24Chandi HomamRs. 1116
25GopujaRs. 50

Tourist places nearby Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking:

  • Swarnamukhi River
  • Bharadwaja Theertham
  • Kannappa Temple
  • Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy Temple
  • Ayiramkan Lingam Temple
  • Sahasra Lingeshwara Swami Temple
  • Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls
  • Veyilingala Kona Waterfall
  • Chathurmukeshwara Temple
  • Sahasra Linga Temple

Accommodation in Srikalahasti Temple:

  • Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Guest House
  • Sri Gnana Prasuna Sadan
  • Bharadwaja Sadan
  • Siva Sadan
  • Trinetra Guest House
  • Ganga Sadan of TTD
  • Bhakta Kannapa Guest House

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking Contact Details:

  • Address: Srikalahasti Temple, Srikalahasti, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India – 517644.
  • Contact Number: 08578-222240

How to reach Srikalahasti Temple:

By Road:

Srikalahasti bus stand is the nearest bus stand.

By Rail:

Srikalahasti has a railway station called Srikalahasti Railway Station (KHT).

By Air:

The nearest airport to Srikalahasti is Tirupati Airport (TIR), approximately 20 km away.

Must Watch Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Bookings Video:

This video will take you to explore the Srikalahasti temple visually, along with some details about the temple.


How do you reach the Srikalahasti temple from Tirupati? 

We generally see that many people visit the kalahasti temple after Tirupati darshan. Because frequent buses, taxis, and private vehicles are also available in Tirupathi to reach. So, hire a taxi and car to get to the temple at 3.

When was the Srikalahasti temple built? 

The temple’s history was built in the 5th century by the Pallava dynasty and renovated by Cholas in the 10th century.

Do I need to bring the documents for the seva?

It is advisable to carry the confirmation or booking details received after the online seva booking. It will help in smooth entry and participation in the seva.

What is the payment mode for online seva bookings?

Online seva bookings typically allow payment through various modes such as credit/debit cards, net banking, or digital wallets. Payment options will be available during the booking process.

What are the sevas available for online bookings at Srikalahasti Temple?

Srikalahasti Temple offers various sevas for online bookings, including Rudrabhishekam, Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja, Rahu Ketu Puja, and Archana.

Can we get a refund for a cancelled online Seva booking?

The refund policies for cancelled online seva bookings may vary. It is best to follow the terms and conditions mentioned during the booking process or contact the temple authorities for refund-related queries.

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