How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking?

Are you in search of online seva booking at Srikalahasti? If true, you have reached the one which has all the devotional information…But in this article, you will get to know about Srikalahasti Temple.

Wait, first resolve the answer you are searching for How to get Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online booking? Actually, there is no online booking available at Srikalahasti temple for Sevas. But other than kalahasti temple tickets online, you can reach the temple and can purchase the seva/darshan tickets at the temple premises itself.

Now, you can know some more details of the temple like the story behind it, timings, accommodation..etc in the following below.

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Booking

The seva bookings are not possible online, while direct booking is only available. The temple has many sevas to perform like Goovu Pooja, Suprabatha seva, Paalabhishekam, Rudrabishekam and many more. Choose the type of seva you want to perform and book accordingly.

Srikalahasti Temple Sevas Online Booking

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Unknown Srikalahasti Temple Story:

Srikalahasti Temple has an interesting story behind it. Once Lord Shiva was worshipped by the 3 devotees of Elephant, Snake and Spider in their own style. Like, Elephant will perform abhishekam for the lord by bringing the water with its trunk from the nearby pond, and spider worships with the web by protecting the lord Siva Lingam from decaying, and snake worships by placing its dearest Naga mani on the shiva lingam.

One fine day, this 3 devotees misrouted their own way of worshipping into each other. Meanwhile, elephant thought that the way of spider worshipping is very wrong and collapsed the web by pouring the water from its trunk. Observing this snake and spider got anger and entered into the trunk of an elephant.

After entering, the snake started biting and passing its poison. With this, the elephant killed a snake and spider by beating them with its trunk. After a while elephant also died with the poison effect.

Finally, Lord Shiva got pleased with the utmost devotion of elephant, snake, spider and gave a lifeline to 3 devotees.

However, the name of the temple came from the word Sri-Kaala-Hasti which are mean Spider-Snake-Elephant.

When it comes to the historic story Pallava dynasty constructed this temple during the 5th century. After many years, the temple was renovated and the main structure was constructed by Chola dynasty

But during 1516 AD, the temple’s main attraction 100 pillar hall was constructed by Sri Krishnadevaraya.

About Sri kalahasti Temple Timings:

The temple gets open from 6:00 AM in the morning.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday temple will close by 9:30 PM.

And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday temple will closes by 9:00 PM.

Here are the details of the Seva/Darshan at kalahasti temple. As there is no Srikalahasti online seva booking we can book by reaching the temple.

  • Suprabatham————————————–5:30 AM
  • Sarvadarshanam———————————-6:00 AM
  • Pradhama Kala Abhishekam——————–7:30 AM
  • Dwithiya Kala Abhishekam———————-9:00 AM
  • Ucchi Kala Abhishekam————————–10:30 AM
  • Rudra Homam————————————-11:00 AM
  • Chandhi Homam———————————-11:00 AM
  • Nityothsavam————————————–11:00 AM
  • Nithya Kalyanam———————————-11:30 AM
  • Prodhosha Kala Abhishekam——————-5:30 PM
  • Nirajana Manthra Pushpam——————–7:00 PM
  • Ekantha Seva—————————————9:00 PM

Nearby attractions to explore:

We can also explore the nearby attraction of Srikalahasti Temple.

  • Sahasra Linga Temple
  • Sri Subramanya Swamy temple
  • Bhakta Kannappa Temple
  • Bharadwaja Theertham
  • Durgambika Temple
  • Veyeelingala Kona Waterfalls

Details of Srikalahasti Temple Devasthanam Accommodation Online Booking:

The following are some of the guesthouses/choultries that provide rooms in the budget.

  • Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Guest House
  • Sri Gnana Prasuna Sadan
  • Bharadwaja Sadan
  • Siva Sadan
  • Trinetra Guest House
  • Ganga Sadan of TTD
  • Bhakta Kannapa Guest House

As online booking is not available we can book the accommodation on arrival also.

How to Reach Srikalahasti Temple

  • Most people prefer to go to this temple from Tirupathi.
  • So, its best to reach the temple after reaching Tirupathi. From Tirupathi, it is 37.3 km away distance and takes 1 hour to reach.
  • Or else, the city Srikalahasti itself has a railway station namely Srikalahasti railway station.
  • From the railway station, we can hire a vehicle or taxi to reach the temple which is at a distance of 2.8 km.
  • In the same fashion, buses will run frequently from nearby famous cities like Tirupathi, Chennai, Chidambaram…etc.

Now, you are aware of the question of how to get Srikalahasti temple sevas online booking, timings of pooja/sevas, nearby attractions, and plan your trip to Srikalahasti and have a peaceful darshan.

Must Watch Srikalahasti temple Video:

This video will take you to explore the Srikalahasti temple visually along with some details about the temple.

Some More Queries:

Srikalahasti temple website? There is also an official website available for the temple provides detailed information of the temple. Click here to visit the site.

How to reach Srikalahasti temple from Tirupati? We generally see that many people visit kalahasti temple after Tirupati darshan. Because frequent buses, taxis, private vehicles also available at Tirupathi to reach. So, hire a taxi, vehicle to reach the temple which is at 37 km away.

When was Srikalahasti temple built? According to the history of the temple, it was built in the 5th century by Pallava dynasty. Again renovated by cholas in the 10th century.

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