Dumas Beach Surat | Timings & Things to do

Dumas Beach Surat is a famous urban beach on the Arabian Sea, 21 kilometres southwest of Surat. Due to claims of disappearances and paranormal activity on this black sand beach, it has become quite famous. It has also considered one of India’s most haunted locations. The beach timings are 05:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Dumas Beach Surat

Dumas Beach, located outside the city, is one of Surat’s most famous tourist destinations. The Beach’s distinguishing trait is that the sand is unlike typical Indian beaches. Due to the high iron concentration, the sand takes on an almost frightening black colour. Dumas Beach has frequently deserted, making it ideal for a peaceful stroll along the coast.

Dumas Beach Surat Timings:

The beach timings are 05:00 am to 07:00 pm.

Monday5 am to 7 pm
Tuesday5 am to 7 pm
Wednesday5 am to 7 pm
Thursday5 am to 7 pm
Friday5 am to 7 pm
Saturday5 am to 7 pm
Sunday5 am to 7 pm

Best time to visit Dumas Beach Surat:

Months between October and March are great for visiting Dumas beach, as the weather is quite pleasant. Then tourists can enjoy long hours of sunshine and average temperatures around 30°C. During the monsoon season, tourists can find some rain showers.

Dumas Beach Surat Entry Fee:

Dumas Beach doesn’t have any entry fees. The entry fee is free for all.

Things to do near Dumas Beach Surat:

Camel and Horse Rides:

During the peak of tourist season, the Beach is flocked by camel and horse owners who offer camel/horse rides at nominal prices.  

Local Snacks:

The beachside shacks offer great snacking options such as Pani puri, bhajia, sweet corn, pav bhaji, Chinese snacks, and hot and cold beverages. Although there are few options related to food yet, whatever little is available is good to make your visit worth remembering.  

Things to carry at Dumas Beach Surat:

  • Sunscreen
  • Carry a Beach Umbrella 
  • Waterproof Bag
  • A Waterproof Case
  • Protective Beach Footwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Snorkelling kit

Tips before visiting Dumas Beach Surat:

  • Continuously swim between the red and yellow flags.
  • Look for signs at the gateway to the Beach for local information.
  • Never swim alone. Continuously swim with someone else.
  • Never swim under the effect of alcohol or after a big meal.
  • Stay Hydrated. 

Tourist places nearby Dumas Beach Surat:

Dutch Garden:

Located in the Nanpura neighbourhood in Surat, The Dutch Garden is a main attraction in town which is an oasis of greenery amidst the chaos and cacophony of the city. The garden also had a flank by River Tapi on one side, which added to the overall ambience.


Dandi in Surat is an attractive beach destination well known for its historical significance. Dandi’s serene and pristine beauty is only second to its long and illustrious history. The sand on this Beach is as far as the eyes can see and stands in beautiful contrast against the sapphire sky. 

Swaminarayan Temple:

Swaminarayan temple is one of the famous religious spots in Surat. The temple belongs to the Swaminarayan Sect of Vaishnavism, wherein Swaminarayan or Sahajanand Swami has believed to exist in Narayana of Nara-Narayana.

Amaazia Water Park:

The best way to break the summer heat is at Amaazia Water Park. Housing thrilling rides like Kamikaze, King Cobra, Forest Jump, and Twister for the adrenaline addiction and fun-filled rides like Free Fall, Tribal Twist, Windigo and Carnival Beach. 

Sarthana Nature Park:

Stragalling over a vast 81 acres, the Sarthana Nature Park is the place for some of the most beautiful creatures of the wild. The Tapi River charm the park with its appearance and brings all the vegetation to life. The zoo here is a shelter for big cats like leopards and lions and many adorable species of deer.

Ambika Niketan Temple:

The Temple of Ambika Niketan, located on the banks of River Tapti, was constructed in the year 1969. The temple had dedicated to the Mother Goddess, who is in the form of the idol Ashtabhuja Ambika. Ambika Temple is one of the popular pilgrim spots of Surat.

Resorts nearby Dumas Beach Surat:

  • Vedik Resort
  • Sterling Holidays Resorts Limited
  • Rainbow Club Resort
  • Green Resort
  • Royal Park Club Resort

Hotels nearby Dumas Beach Surat:

  • Yolofarm 920
  • The Weekend Address
  • The Amore
  • Jeel Elite Inn
  • Wow stay
  • Holiday Home Stay
  • Hotel Sadbhav Villa
  • Shreeji Vatika
  • Royal Rituals

Dumas Beach Surat Address & Contact Number:

  • Dumas Beach, Along the Arabian Sea, Surat, Gujarat, 395007, India
  • Contact Number: 09898984900

How to reach Dumas Beach Surat:

By Road:

The closest bus stand is the Surat bus stand.

By Rail:

Surat Railway Station is the nearest railway station.

By Air:

Surat Airport is the closest airport to the Beach.


Is Dumas Beach open at night?

Dumas beach is an excellent place to enjoy in day time only. You are not allowed at night time.

Is Dumas Beach worth visiting?

Go for a stroll and dip your feet in the water at Dumas Beach, an urban beach along the Arabian Sea and a popular gathering spot for locals. Famous for its black sand and rock-studded strips, the Beach is a nice escape from the city and a favourite place for family outings.

Why is Dumas Beach famous?

It is a famous tourist destination in Gujarat. The Beach is renowned for being in India’s top 35 haunted spots. The Beach is famous for its black sand and had considered haunted.

Which sea is Dumas Beach?

Dumas Beach is in Gujarat, a state in Western India, 13 miles southwest of Surat, along the Arabian Sea. It is the most attractive and gorgeous Beach, with black sand.

Which station is near Dumas Beach?

Deboard at the Surat Railway or Bhestan Train Station to reach the Beach. Both the train stations are located within 20-25 km of distance from the Beach and have good train connectivity from nearby regions and towns.

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