Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple | Festivals, Legend & Timings

Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple had attributed to Sri Ranganatha Swamy, an incarnation of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. It is one of the Sri Ranganatha temples where Lord Vishnu is in a reclining posture. Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple timings are from 06 am to 8 pm (not closed for lunch).

This temple is much older than the Sri Rangam temple. This temple had believed to belong to the Matsyavatara period of Sri Maha Vishnu. It had been thought to be at least 2000 years old. 

History of Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple

Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple

Three stories explain the uniqueness of this temple.

1st Story: Devas, who lost their Vedic scriptures after being defeated by Asura Shomugan, approached Brahma, who sought Narayana’s help.

Narayana, who discovered the Asura’s hiding under the sea, took the form of a fish and defeated the Asura and handed over the Vedas to Brahma. It had believed that Lord Brahma started Vedic lessons in this Kshetra. 

In this posture, one looks at the Lord with his left thumb folded towards the fingers. Acquiescing to the prayers of the deities, Narayana is said to order his sculptor Vishwakarma to create an image of him like the one at Tiru Parkadal.

2nd Story: In the Kreta Yuga, a king named Surata Kirti lived a prosperous life but had one unfulfilled wish. He was childless. 

As advised by sage Narada, he and his wife came to the place where Ranganatha was sleeping under Adisesha and performed penance. Answering his prayers, he had blessed with four children.

3rd Story: Chandran, who showed love and care to only one of his 27 wives, had cursed by his other wives to lose his good looks. He came to the Uttara Rangam, performed penance in the temple tank located southeast of the temple and was freed from his curse. That is why Pushkarani here had called Chandran Pushkarani.

Lying in a sleeping position from south to north, Lord Ranganatha has his head on Sri Devi’s lap—on his left side, with his left leg extended towards Bhu Devi, who appears at his feet. On his right hand, Garuda is ever ready for the service of the Lord.

Legend of Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple  

There are many legends related to this temple. Some of them had described here.

A demon called Saumukan stole the Vedas from Sri Brahma. On the plea of the gods, Lord Vishnu destroyed the demon and retrieved the Vedas. He then taught Brahma the subtleties of the Vedas at this place. A king named Sruta Kirti did penance here for the sake of progeny. He had blessed with four children. The moon lost its lustre due to the curse of the wives. 

As advised by Sage Narada, he came to the temple and performed penance to regain his glory. The place where he performed penance is known as Chandra Pushkarini and is the temple tank at the southeast corner of the temple.

The deities requested Lord Vishnu to bless the devotees here. Lord Vishnu ordered Vishvakarma to make an idol as a bed for worship by the devotees.

The gods of Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple 

The main deity is Sri Ranganatha Perumal. He is in a reclining posture facing east. And He is lying in the north-south direction. He is said to be 15 feet tall. His head is on the lap of Sri Devi (Sri Mahalakshmi), and Sri Bhudevi is at his feet.

One can reach Sri Ranganatha Swamy by going to the left side of the Dwajastambha. There is a pillared mandapam. On the right side of the mandapam, there is a raised area with some steps to reach the sanctum sanctorum. At the entrance are the gate rulers Jaya and Vijaya.

After the darshan of Sri Ranganatha Swamy, we will go around and come down the elevation. Sri Ranganayaki Thayar was the wife of Sri Ranganatha Swami. Her sanctum sanctorum is on the left side of the pillared hall.

There is a separate shrine for Sri Anjaneya Swamy. The place tree is the Punnaga tree. The sanctum of the temple is the river Pennai. The temple is open from 06.00 am to 07.30 pm without any break. Timings may vary during festivals. Various festivals and celebrations occur on all Ekadashi and Full Moon days and during Puratasi and Margashi months.

Visiting the temple and worshipping Sri Perumal and Sri Thayar is believed to bring wisdom and knowledge. Visiting this temple gives the merit of visiting 108 deities. During the perambulation, we see a large grain godown used earlier to store food grains.

Prarthana Sthalam

It is a Prarthana Sthalam for:

  • Good education (as Lord started Brahma with Vedic lessons)
  • Progeny (as the Lord grants the wishes of the king who prayed here) and
  • One’s overall well-being as Lord Ranganatha himself directed to create an image of him in this place.

Timings of Thiruvarangam Perumal Kovil

Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple Tamilnadu Timings are from 06 am to 8 pm (not closed for lunch)

Monday6 am to 8 pm
Tuesday6 am to 8 pm
Wednesday6 am to 8 pm
Thursday6 am to 8 pm
Friday6 am to 8 pm
Saturday6 am to 8 pm
Sunday6 am to 8 pm


The festivals associated with Vishnu, like

  • Vaikunta Ekadasi
  • Krishna Janmashtami
  • Ramanavami
  • Adi Pooram is celebrated in the temple.

Quick facts

  • Moolavar: Ranganatha is in sleeping posture facing east
  • Thayar: Ranganayaki Thayar (Special Presence)
  • Priest: Ranganatha Bhattar @ 04153 293677/S or 94446 91885 Raja Bhattar @ 94429 83479

Ranganatha Bhattar, who has been here for 15 years, stays (and sleeps) in the temple. His commitment and devotion to God are admirable. Vishwaroopam is held every morning at 6 am.

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Nearest hotels at Aadhi Thiruvarangam Temple

  • Sterling Arunai Anantha – Tiruvannamalai
  • Ashreya Suites
  • Sai Murugan Lodge
  • Ramana Towers
  • Lodge Everest Residency

Ranganatha Perumal Temple Address:

  • Aadhi Thiruvarangam Temple, Aadhi Thiruvarangam Post, (Via) Kadambhur, Sankarapuram Taluk, Kallakurichi District, Tamil Nadu Pin 605 802
  • K.Ranganatha Battachariar @ K. Ranganathan -94446-91885
  • Contact Details: S.Sivaprakash- 81440 47339, E.O: 78680-47049, Office: 04146-229075
  • Thiruvarangam Temple: Website

How to reach Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple?

By air:

Land at Chennai Airport. Bus or train facilities are available to reach Tirukoilur from Chennai. A bus facility is available to get to this place from Tirukoilur.

By Rail:

Train facility is available from Chennai to Villuppuram. The training facility is open from Villuppuram to Thirukoilur. Take local transport to reach this temple.

By road:

Bus facility is available from Chennai to Tirukoilur, and get a bus from Tirukoilur to Manalurpet. Take local transport to reach this temple.


How old is Adhi Thiruvarangam Temple?

Adhi Thiruvarangam Temple is 1000-2000 years old

Who built Thiruvarangam Temple?

It had believed that the Medieval Cholas and Vijayanagar kings built Thiruvarangam Templeis, the Deity of Aadi Thiruvarangam Temple.
Moolavar: Ranganathar in an Anantha sayanam pose confronting the East Thayar: Ranganayaki Thayar(separate sannidhi)

Adhi Thiruvarangam Temple is also known for?

Adhi Thiruvarangam Temple is also known as Sri Ranganatha Perumal.