Aluru Kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple | History,Timings,Sevas & Photos

Aluru Kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Aluru Kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple is located at Ananthapur district. Yerramraju, the boss at Bukkraya court of Vijayanagara kingdom built this temple in 1334 AD. Ranganatha Swamy Temple is a famous temple of Lord Vishnu. The temple built on top the hill consists 51.48 acres of Land.

History of Aluru Kona  temple:


To begin with, once Vishwamitra Maharishi was conducting the yagnas. His yagna was irritated by the evils named Tadaka and Mareechan. Because of the disturbance of the evil spirits, Vishwamitra was not able to do the Yagna. Vishwamitra went to Ayodhya and requested that the King Dasarathan send his children alongside him to the forest to clear the evil presences. Ruler Rama and Lakshman ran with Vishwamitra. They killed the devils. Afterwards yerramaraju constructed this temple.

Aluru Kona Ranganatha Swamy Temple Timings:

From morning 6:30 AM to evening 8:30 PM.

  • Puttaparthi Sai Baba Temple

How to reach Aluru Kona:

By Air: The nearest airport to this temple is  Puttaparthi Airport. It takes 170 km to travel from airport to temple.

By Train: The nearest station is Tadipatri Railway Station. Direct train is available from Tirupati to Tadipatri at regular bases.

By road: we should reach Ananthapuram Bus Station. From Anantapur Bus station it takes 63 km to temple.

Ranganatha Swamy Temple Accommodation :

Temple Guest House rooms with negligible rent and free bungalows are available for the explorers to remain over for a night.

 Aluru Kona Ranganatha swamy temple photos :

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