Siruvani Waterfalls | Timings, Tips & Things to do

The Siruvani Falls and the Siruvani Dam are 36 km (22 miles) west of Coimbatore in the Western Ghats. The Siruvani Waterfalls timings are from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Siruvani is also home to some tribes, such as the Mudugars and Irulas. The view from the waterfall and the dam is a tourist attraction.

Siruvani Waterfalls

The gateways on either side of the road across the dam are typical of Kerala and Tamil architecture. The Government of Kerala has constructed a reservoir at Siruvani for Tamil Nadu with funds raised by the Government of Tamil Nadu to meet the drinking water needs of Coimbatore.

Western ghats

The Western Ghats surrounding the city of Coimbatore contribute to the beautiful scenery of the whole place and provide a better atmosphere and fresh air to experience the best in the countryside.

Siruvani waterfall is a popular destination in the city, which offers an atmosphere of natural freshness surrounded by lush greenery.

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Interesting Facts about Siruvani Falls

  • The Siruvani Falls and the Siruvani Dam result from a joint initiative of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala governments to supply water to the Coimbatore region.
  • A closer look at the geographical location of these waterfalls reveals their importance, surrounded by the rich vegetation of the Western Ghats.
  • The water arising from these waterfalls contained many minerals and had used by the local villagers as a source of drinking water.
  • The forest area around these waterfalls is home to many tribal communities and a wide variety of flora and fauna.
  • Visitors often spot elephants roaming the surrounding areas, so forest guards patrol these forests to protect visitors.

History of Siruvani Waterfalls

The government approved the construction of the Masonry Gravity Dam in February 1915. The work did not begin immediately.

The information from the Department of Archeology, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board, and the District Gazette are interconnected.

The villagers of Boluvampatti and Alandurai opposed it, fearing that the scheme would affect them. But the Department of Archeology convinced them of the benefits of bringing tap water to a thriving town.

Construction of the Siruvani dam began in 1927. Siruvani locates in a very favourable terrain frequented by wild animals. They spent the weekend at a guest house near Iruttu Pallam, engaged in construction work.

Department of Archaeology went to the Siruvani dam site on horseback with security shooters. A visit to the Siruvani Dam makes little difference (no need to travel by horse). Forest guards kept coming along with those visiting the dam.

The initial cost of construction is Rs. 2,17,725 (23 feet). The reason for choosing a site is that it has permanent streams.

The primary sources of supply are Sirvani, Muthikulam Falls, Gobiaru, Solayaru, Pattiyaru, and Veeraru, and the lower reaches of Pambaru Falls are under construction.

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Visitor Information

Famous for: Tourism, Experience Seekers, and Photography.

Entrance fee: A 50 INR entrance fee had charged for visiting Siruvani waterfalls. Other surcharges for carrying your camera, etc., also apply.

Visiting Hours: The entrance to the falls is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Duration of visit: Visitors spend an average of 4 to 6 hours here.

Many of us may vaguely remember the many shows aired on channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, etc. A traveller tracks water resources for survival and the long journey they have to make to reach the source of these water resources.

A visit to Siruvani Falls falls into this category as it takes a long time to walk through the forest area to reach where this waterfall had located.

Travellers’ Tips

  • Plastic items such as bottles are not allowed here to avoid littering.
  • Such items had inspected by staff at the Forest Inspection Center.
  • Travel as quickly as possible to enjoy the beauty of these waterfalls fully.

Things to do

  • After checking your bags and belongings at the Sadivayal check post for any plastic items, you should take a bus arranged by the Forest Department.
  • From the boarding point, this bus will not take you directly to the Siruvani waterfalls but will take you deeper into the jungle.
  • After this, you must walk for about 5 to 6 minutes on the easy road leading to these waterfalls.
  • The walk you take towards the waterfall can be very long, but many different places offer beautiful landscapes for clicking perfect pictures with your friends and family.
  • Also, a tower on the way to the falls offers a spectacular view of the surrounding greenery and narrow waterfalls streams.
  • There are three different places to try near Siruvani waterfalls.
  • The first is at ground level, a small pond formed by water flowing from these waterfalls.
  • The second place is a little higher, which provides a place to stand under cold water.
  • Also, the third place is more dangerous, a small deep hole between the rocks near the pond.
  • Due to the depth of the place, only adults should try this place.
  • Also, after completing the renaissance bath in this water, try the local food items sold by vendors at the boarding point, which include spices, peanuts, corn, etc.

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Best time to visit

The area around these Siruvani waterfalls experiences water scarcity in early summer, which causes the water level to drop from the falls.

siruvani dam falls

Therefore, the best time to visit these waterfalls is from July to September, when the area receives them. Good rainfall significantly increases the water level of these waterfalls.

Siruvani Waterfalls Timings

Below are the Siruvani waterfalls timings:

DaySiruvani waterfalls timings
Sunday10 AM to 5 PM
Monday10 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 5 PM
Thursday10 AM to 5 PM
Friday10 AM to 5 PM
Saturday10 AM to 5 PM

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How to reach

These Siruvani waterfalls had located at a distance of more than 30 km from the city of Coimbatore.

By Train:

The nearest railway station to Coimbatore is the Coimbatore Junction Railway Station, located at a distance of 33.8 km from the falls.

By Air:

The nearest airport is the Coimbatore International Airport, 46.3 km from the falls, to cover this distance from Siruvani waterfalls Coimbatore.

By Road:

From the city to Siruvani Falls, you can hire a government bus or a taxi.

The cheapest option is to travel by bus; the buses that run on this Western Ghats route are 59, 14E, and 59C.

Address and Contact

Address: Siruvani waterfalls, Western Ghats

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Coordinate : 10.9380111111, 76.6871777778

Phone : +91 90487 49473