Most Beautiful Waterfalls Near Hyderabad for Weekend Trip

Hyderabad is the fourth most popular city in India. Here in the city, there are different cultures and religions. The city is also an Information and Technology development hub where people are busy with work pressure and stress. Some waterfalls near Hyderabad are Ethipothala, Pochera, Kuntala, Gayathri, Bogatha, etc.

We all love visiting places for a little sunshine and fresh air. Waterfalls will put you in peace and refresh your soul and body too.

Waterfalls are the most beautiful, and everyone admires visiting. Some waterfalls take 4 to 5 hours to visit from Hyderabad. Below are some of them to see the most beautiful waterfalls near Hyderabad for a weekend trip.

Ethipothala Waterfalls

Ethipothala waterfalls are very notable waterfalls near Hyderabad. The cascades from 70 feet, and the waterfall forms from three mountain streams of Chandravanka Vagu, Tummala Vagu, and Nakka Vagu.

We can get close to the waterfalls and see the water falling into the lagoon by taking steps down. There are two temples down, namely Dattatreya and Ranganatha Swamy temples.

People who love camping and trekking can enjoy these waterfalls. There is a crocodile breeding centre in the waterfalls pool, and prehistoric caves expand to Srisailam. Ethipothala Waterfalls is in Guntur District.

Ethipothala Waterfalls

Distance: Ethipothala Waterfalls is 176 km from Hyderabad and 14 km from Nagarjuna Sagar.

Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit is after monsoons between July and February.

How to Reach: We can reach the waterfalls by road by our transportation.

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

Mallela Theertham waterfalls are in the thick forest of Nallamala. The water flows with all its energy from the forest at 150 feet.

The water is falling on the rock, which looks like Shiva Lingam. According to legends, Lord Shiva appeared to his devotees at this place.

Tigers visit this place during summer to drink water. There are adventure activities like camping, trekking, and river crossing here.

Mallele Theertham

Distance: Mallela Theertham waterfalls are near Srisailam with a 58 km distance and from Hyderabad 185 km.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to Reach: As the waterfalls are near Srisailam Dam, we can reach them by road. We must take a diversion to Srisailam at a village Vatvarlapally and drive 8km to the waterfalls.

Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls

Bheemuni Paadam waterfalls are in Gudur, Warangal district. The water flows from a height of 70 feet. We have to visit the waterfall at Sunrise or Sunset to see the rainbow-coloured shining pool. The waterfall is named Bheemuni Paadam, a rock-like footprint.

Around the waterfall, there are many natural lakes. There are no temples near the waterfall-like other waterfalls, and it has an enclosure in which Lord Shiva and Nagadevatha idols are installed.

The other tourist attraction at Bheemuni Paadam waterfall is a cave 10 km from the waterfall.

Bheemuni Paadam

Distance: Bheemuni Paadam Waterfall is 200 km from Hyderabad.

Best Time to Visit: July to September

How to Reach: There is use from Hyderabad to Gudur. We must take an auto or taxi from Gudur to the waterfalls.

Pochera Waterfalls

If you plan a day for fun and relaxation, visit Pochera Waterfalls. Pochera Waterfalls is on the river Kadem.

The waterfall is surrounded by a green forest where several animals and bird species can be found. People come here to spot wildlife tours and hikes.

The water flows above a series of rocky steps from 40 feet. Pochera waterfall is the most profound in Telangana, and it advised not to dip into the pool. Waterfalls are 43 km from Nirmal and 55 km from Adilabad.


Distance: Pochera waterfalls are 257 km from Hyderabad.

Best time to Visit: July to December

How to Reach: There are two roadways from Hyderabad to Pochera waterfalls. One is through Nirmal, and the other is through Adilabad.

We can reach it by train; Adilabad is the nearest railway station to catch the waterfalls.

Kuntala Waterfalls

The highest waterfall in Telangana is Kuntala on the Kadem River. The waterfall is in the middle of the thick forest of Adilabad.

Kuntala Waterfalls are best for one-day outings for the people of Hyderabad. The water flows from 150 feet, and one must walk for 10 minutes to reach the waterfall.

According to the legends, Shakunthala, the wife of Dushyanth, used to bathe here, and both fell in love with each other in the same place, so the waterfall got the name Kuntala. The waterfall is 67 km from Adilabad.


Distance: Kuntala Waterfalls are 260 km from Hyderabad.

Best time to Visit: July to September

How to Reach: If we want to take public transport, take the bus to Neredigonda Village, and from there, we can take an auto or taxi to the waterfall. We can also train up to Adilabad to get to the waterfall.

Gayatri Waterfalls

Gayatri Waterfalls are at Tarnam Khurd Village, Adilabad district. The waterfalls are less visited than its neighbour Kuntala Waterfalls, and are private places for visitors.

But the waterfalls are breathtaking. Gayatri Waterfalls is also called Mukti Gundam or Gadidha Gundam.

The water flows from 100 feet, and the people will fall in love by glancing at the waterfalls. We can also go trekking and swim in the pool of the waterfalls.

We must take a guide because we may get lost in the thick forest.

Gayatri Waterfalls

Distance: Gayatri Waterfalls are 270 km from Hyderabad.

Best time to Visit: July to September

How to Reach: To reach Gayatri Waterfalls, we must first reach Tarnam Khurd village. From there, we have to trek 5 km to the waterfalls.

Bogatha Waterfalls

Bogatha Waterfalls are the Niagara Waterfalls for the Telangana State. The waterfalls are in the Jayashankar Bhupalpally district.

Bogatha Waterfalls are the second biggest in Telangana. We can hear the water flow hitting thundering sounds from a few kilometres away from the waterfalls.

There is a temple of Bogateswara Swamy near the waterfalls. People can swim in the pool because of its depthless surface. The water flows from 30 feet in height with many parallel streams.

Bogatha Waterfalls are also popular as Chikupally Waterfalls, located at Chikupally village, Mulugu district. The waterfalls are 120 km from Bhadrachalam, 90 km from Mulugu, and 140 km from Warangal.

Bogatha Waterfalls, pochera hyderabad

Distance: Bogatha Waterfalls are 278 km from Hyderabad.

Best Time to Visit: June to November

How to Reach: First, we must go to Bhadrachalam to reach the Bogatha waterfalls. We need to go to Koyaveerapuram G village and trek on the road.

Kanakai Waterfalls

Kanakai waterfalls are also famous as Kanakadurga Waterfalls. The waterfalls are on the riverbank of kadem. These waterfalls are very peaceful for people to spend some time with nature.

Other waterfalls near Kanakai Waterfalls are named Bandrev waterfalls and Cheekati Gundam waterfalls. People can visit all three on the same day.

Kanaka Durga Temple is near the waterfalls, and many devotees visit the temple. We can do trekking and other opportunities for adventure lovers.

The water flows from a height of 30 feet and 100 feet. We must walk on foot for 15 to 20 minutes to reach the waterfalls.

Kanakai Waterfalls, kuntala hyderabad

Distance: Kanakai Waterfalls are 282 km from Hyderabad

Best time to Visit: August to October

How to reach: From Hyderabad first, we need to go to Ichoda village, take a left from there and go towards Bazarhatnoor to get to Girnur. We must take a guide to a Girnur and walk 1.5 km to the waterfalls.

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