Monkey Falls | Timings, Trekking & Tips

The tranquil Monkey waterfalls locate at a distance of 65 km from the bustling city of Coimbatore. Evergreen forests surround it, and rocky peaks and the impressive waterfall add to the whole scenery. Monkey falls Timings are 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Monkey Falls

Anyone who hears the humming monkey waterfalls will be fascinated by these sweet sounds. The water happily crosses the rocks and enters the pool of clear water-like cellophane.

The water thunders look like large waterspouts and form white foam bubbles where it joins the pool. Spicy bushes surround the body of water, and the sweet honey scent of the flowers invades the souls of anyone around them.

monkey falls timings

Water Falling from a height, the Monkey Falls’ edges crash into the sides of the mountain and give the fall a silver lining. Frogs are dancing around the flowing water, small birds are chirping happily, and many monkeys are playing over the trees.

This soul-blowing magic that sees this waterfall in its glory will surely follow you on the way home.


Trekking at Monkey Falls meets all your expectations of the thrill and adventure you expect to encounter. Going into the jungle through the dense forests is an adventure we cannot describe in words.

We must obtain permission from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department a fortnight before the trek. The head office is in Pollachi, and getting permission is not very messy.

Guided tours are also available for visitors interested in learning about this waterfall’s diverse flora and fauna.

You can bathe in these waterfalls! But remember, every visitor should be aware of the Monkeys surrounding Monkey Falls. They are not entirely harmless unless enticed by food; Looking at any eatery will lead them to snatch it from you.

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Monkey Waterfalls is famous for 

It is famous for its picturesque surroundings, blessed with a serene atmosphere.

The serene atmosphere of the place makes it one of the most frequented tourist attractions.

The water of Monkey Falls plunges two levels. The upper tier drops from 30 feet, while the lower tier spills from 20 feet.

Interestingly, the area around the waterfall is home to monkeys and is rich in monkeys, hence the name Monkey Falls.

People often visit this place and enjoy a pleasant time.

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Tips for Visiting

  1. Do not bring any food to Monkey Falls. The monkeys around will try to steal it.
  2. Carry a spare pair of clothes to immerse yourself in the pleasure of bathing in natural waterfalls.
  3. Make confident you keep all your electronics in a plastic bag.
  4. Due to moisture and constant water flow on the rocks, the rocks may become slippery. Wear flip-flops with a good grip.
  5. Do not enter the waterfall without sandals, as small fragments of rocks can impale or injure your feet.
  6. Apply insect repellent to protect yourself from any mosquito or other bug bite.

Best time to visit

Monkey Falls is a waterfall that never fails to attract many visitors. It is a place that you can visit throughout the year. However, winter is not the right time as visitors are not allowed to stay here after 4 pm. Everyone, including children and senior citizens, is paid for admission to Monkey Falls.

Monkey Falls Timings

Below is the Monkey falls timings:

DayMonkey Falls Timings
  Sunday7 am – 5 pm
 Monday  Closed
Tuesday7 am – 5 pm
  Wednesday7 am – 5 pm
  Thursday7 am – 5 pm
 Friday7 am – 5 pm
  Saturday7 am – 5 pm

Price: INR 30 per person for entry

Places to visit

Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park: 

Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park is a 7-minute drive from Monkey Falls. As the name suggests, the park locates on the banks of the Aliyar Dam. It is the perfect picnic spot for grabbing a blanket and basket.

It creates a stunning picnic view between the vast mountains from three sides.

You can also enjoy a fun boating adventure on the dam. You can trek up the hill for a peaceful stroll with nature. Don’t omit to carry your camera!

Valparai Hill Station: 

Located just 25 km from Monkey waterfalls, Valparai Hill Station is the perfect destination for the eclipses of worldly city life. At 3900 feet in the sky, you will avoid horn-ringing cars and ringing alarms.

Valparai Travel is a destination! The scenic view over the Ghats as you walk through the 40 hairpin bends will elevate you for the much-needed vacation in Valparai. Elephant camps in the sanctuary are also major crowd pullers.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is just an hour’s drive from Monkey Falls. Formerly known as the Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, it is home to tigers, leopards, wild boars, elephants, and many other exotic animals and birds.

Wildlife enthusiasts and ornithologists love this sanctuary as fuel for their passion. You can take gipsy safaris to wander in the forest and discover the beautiful flora and fauna of the forest.

Videhi falls:

Videhi Waterfalls locates at a distance of 35 km from the city of Coimbatore. People visiting Coimbatore must visit Vaidehi Falls as it is one of the most famous waterfalls and is famous for its greatness.

Adiyogi Shiva statue:

Surrounded by overgrown green fields at the foot of the Velliangiri Mountains in the Western Ghats, the Adiyogi Shiva Statue is the largest bust in the world dedicated to the famous Hindu Goddess Shiva, carved out of 500 tons of steel. The 112 feet tall sculpture locates in the Isha Yoga Complex in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


  • LIMRA RESIDENCY, 13.9 km from Monkey Waterfall.
  • MILTY PLANTATION BANGALOW, 7 km from Monkey Waterfall.
  • JM Lodge, 13.7 km from Monkey Waterfall.
  • Cotsvilla Resort, 11.9 km from Monkey Waterfall.
  • WABI Retreat (farm stay), 9.5 km from Monkey Waterfall.

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How to reach

This natural Monkey waterfall locates at a distance of 65 km from Coimbatore and 30 km from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.

By Air: 

Coimbatore Airport is 77 KM from Monkey Waterfall.

By Bus:

The Gandhipuram Town Bus Stand is located at a distance of 71 km and is close to the falls, about an hour and a half by road. Coimbatore Bus station is the fall 75 KM from the fall.

By Rail:

Pollachi Railway Junction is just 28 km from the falls, a 35-minute drive. Coimbatore Railway station is 76 KM from the fall.


Monkey Falls, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park,

Upper Aliyar, Tamil Nadu.