Shilparamam Hyderabad | Timings & Ticket Price

shilparamam is a rich village in Indian culture and traditions, exactly in Hyderabad. It was one of the amazing places to visit when exploring Hyderabad city. Now let’s see some more interesting things about it:

In 1997, Shilparamam was established to present regional crafts and folk arts. It was created to preserve traditional skills and arts threatened by urbanization and modernity in India.

Dozens of artists from different parts of the country converge on this beautiful village, making it a popular destination for tourists.

There are many art shows and fairs each year where you can shop for handicrafts made purely by skilled artisans.

Shilparamam Hyderabad Timings

Incredible things of shilparamam:

Spread across 50 acres, Shilparamam showcases various artefacts and traditionally-made handicrafts. Performers and musicians also call it home.

It is currently only in its complete form as a craft museum; however, it plans to include cultural museums, art galleries or libraries, an auditorium, workshop spaces, and more accommodations for artists in the future.

These facilities are surrounded by natural greenery dotted with sculptures and beautifully designed buildings.

A battery-operated car takes you for a scenic tour of the entire complex for a minimal charge once you’re done exploring on your own.

Also, Shilparamam shopping is one of Hyderabad’s top attractions because it is a great place to pick up authentic crafts by local artisans and a favourite among tourists.

You can find everything from traditional Indian jewellery and hand-crafted metal tools to the clothing of every kind.

Many shops sell inexpensive clothes and wares for those who enjoy something a little less settled, so it’s the perfect place for street shopping. All that’s required is some negotiating skills.

Shilparamam is a popular place to shop in Southern India, but there are other things to do while you’re here. Visitors can enjoy spicy chaats and yummy snacks or watch dance performances in the open theatre. Boating is also a great option, with boating rates starting at 30 rupees per person.

The Shilparamam Arts Village at the Anupanara complex also hosts workshops and classes that educate people of all ages.

All workshops and classes are open to everyone interested in learning more about arts and crafts. They offer mainly short-term courses, but they also hold training camps annually.

This festival has been going on since 1995 and attracts artists from all over the country.

About festival celebrations in shilparamam:

One of the best ways and helpful to immerse yourself in the culture of Telugu is by attending festivals.

Always available, they’re free and usually held at cultural centres such as Shilparamam. You can visit any time throughout the year, but festivals are the ideal way to experience Telugu culture.

Some of these are Sankranti Sandadi, Dussehra, Kite Festival, Navarathri, South India Festival, and Ugadi.

Shilparamam timings:

Shilparamam is open throughout the week, but the hours are from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm. Make sure you plan accordingly before you visit. 

Shilparamam ticket price:

The entrance fee for Shilparamam Hyderabad is also very low at Rs40 per adult and Rs20 per child.

Official website: Check here


Shilparamam is like a beautiful village surrounded by the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to spend some peaceful and quiet time or soak up some culture, visit Shilparamam. You’ll also find all sorts of things to do there, including shopping.

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