Komodo Island | Timings, Entrance fee & How to reach

Komodo Island is one of the famous islands in the regions of the Republic of Indonesia. This Island is renowned for its unique creatures, Komodo dragons. People visit this place to view the wildlife and beautiful landscape. This Island has a famous national park open between 6:00 am- 6:00 pm. If you are planning to visit the Island, read this article to learn about its ticket price, accommodation, things to do etc.

Komodo Island:

komodo Island

Komodo Island is a prestigious UNESCO heritage with its requisite wildlife and breathtaking landscape. The dragons on this Island are this place’s main attraction and have many features. People visit this place to get the beautiful view of Pink sand beach, valleys, and hills and to do many activities. This Island has the fantasy world’s creature dragons, which are not similar to the original dragons. Many people visit this place as they are intrigued by these unique creatures that roam freely on the Island.

This place has located in the parts of Indonesia’s archipelago that lie in the Pacific Ocean between Labuan Bajo and the Island of Lombok. Among the 17,508 islands located in Indonesia, this Island is one of them, and it has become one of the seven world wonders. If you are an adventurer, this place is best for you. It is a neighbour of the Rinca and Padar islands and a must-visit place.

Island Timings:

Monday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Things to do at Komodo Island:

It is best to do enough research about the places and activities to do on Komodo Island. Some of the activities are,

Visit the Komodo Island National Park:

The ideal thing to do here is to visit the Islands National park. This park has fantastic wildlife and green trees all over the park. Seeing there makes our hearts calm. This park is a UNESCO World heritage. Ticket prices of the National park are,

  • International visitors: Rp.150.000 on weekdays and Rp.225.000 on weekends.
  • For guide: Rp.80.000-Rp.600.000
  • Wildlife observation: Rp.10.000

Going for a trek at this beautiful place becomes the best thing in your life. There are different tracks like short, medium and long. Children and senior family members should take a short and medium path between 1 to 2 km and only takes 40-40 minutes. The long track is 8 km, and you can reach the highest point of the Island, i.e. Mount Ara.

Visit the pink sand beach:

Many people visit this place to get a view of the beautiful pink sand beach. After the long trek on the Island, you can spend some peaceful time on this beach. This beach is one of the seven pink beaches around the world. There will be no dragons here, so you can spend your time without worrying about them.

Hiking to Gili Lawa:

Gili Lawa is a famous hiking place on this Island. With a magnificent trial, it gives a beautiful view of the Island. Going for a hike is one of the best things to do here, and it is worth trying.

Ticket price: Hiking and Climbing activities: Rp.15.000

View the marine life on the Island:

Komodo island is famous for its unique marine creatures—many water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing etc., help to give you the best experience. After diving into the water, you can witness different marine animals with the sunlight passing through the crystal clear water.

Ticket prices:
  • Scuba diving and Canoeing: Rp. 25.000
  • Snorkelling: Rp.15.000

Best time to visit:

The Komodo Island is beautiful the entire year. The Island has two main seasons dry season between April- December and the rainy season between January- March. It is best to visit this place in the dry season because the atmosphere will be pleasant, and you can see the komodo dragons this season.

Tips to follow:

It is best to follow the below steps before visiting Komodo Island.

  • It is best to plan your route before staying there.
  • Women do not see the Island during their menstrual because the dragons may smell the blood.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, hats and footwear.
  • The temperature will be high, so always carry sunblock
  • There may be situations in which you need money, so bring enough cash.
  • Book your accommodation before 2 to 3 months.

Accommodations at the Island:

When it comes to tours, comfortable accommodation is essential. There are many affordable and luxurious hotels on Komodo island. The following is the list of some hotels,

  • Elang Hillside Bamboo Villas
  • Puri Sari Beach Hotle
  • Sudamala Resort, Seraya, Flores
  • Blue Ocean Hotel.
  • Plataram Beach Resort
  • Angel Island Eco Resort
  • Blue Parrot Hotel
  • Green hills boutique hotel

Komodo Island Address:

  • Komodo Village, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia 86754
  • Website: Indonesia

How to reach Komodo Island?

You can reach Komodo Island by using the following ways,

By air: You can get to the Island by going to Labuan Bajo, Flores. The nearest and most accessible airport to reach the Island is the Labuan Bajo airport, which connects the Nguah Rai International airport and Jakarta. After getting to the airport, you can take another 3-4 hours flight to the Island.

By sea: If you want to view the true beauty of the Island, the best way to come here is by sea. The Liveaboards give the entire tour of the Island on the cruise. The time can be single or multiple days. Prices are $500 per person per night or $1000 per cabin per night.


How much money does it cost to visit Komodo island?

It ranges between $1500- $3000.

Do we need to book accommodations in advance?

Yes, it has advised me to book the accommodation and plan the route before going to the Island.

Which time has considered the best time to visit the Island?

It is best to call the Island in the dry season between April and December.

Is Komodo open for tourists?

The Komodo island is open 365 days for tourists all over the year.

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