Kempfort Shiva Temple | Timings & Special Rituals

Kempfort Shiva Temple, or Shivoham Shiva Temple, is on the Old Airport Road in Bangalore. The Shiva Temple features a 65-foot statue and is a popular spiritual destination receiving tens of thousands of devotees annually. Shiv Mandir is open to devotees for 24 hours.

The Temple was built in 1995 when the founder envisioned that the gigantic statue of Lord Shiva would stand as a symbol of hope for generations to come. Sri Shankaracharya of Sringeri consecrated the Temple when it had founded.  

Kempfort Shiva Temple History:

Kempfort Shiva Temple

The history of the KempfortTemple goes back to the building of the 65-foot-tall Lord Shiva statue in 1994. On 1995 February 27, on the auspicious MahaShivratri day in Bangalore, the Temple was inaugurated by Shringeri’s Sri Shankaracharya.

It isn’t a growing temple! One morning, Ravi V. Melwani dreamed of building a temple where Lord Shiva’s huge statue would stand, building trust, hope, and faith for future generations. He was surprised because he had no land, money, or plan when that inspiration struck him. 

This dream was all he had. But Ravi V. Melwani and Melwani’s father, Vashi J. Melwani, were convinced that the dream was God’s word. They got a piece of ground and arranged for the funds, as if by chance, with God’s grace, and the Temple soon became a reality. 

Kempfort Shiva Temple Architecture:

The Temple had very beautifully constructed. Upon entering the Temple complex, one will see the Ganesha Deity. The way to the main deity is built like a cave with inscriptions on the wall resembling different famous Shiv Temples found across India.

Kempfort Shiva Temple Timings:

Shiv Mandir is open to devotees for 24 hours. Hence, one can visit this mystical place at any time and at any time of the day. Special Shiv Aartis occur every 2 hours on Mondays, and the Somvaar ka Tyohar had celebrated.

Best time to visit Kempfort Shiva Temple:

Monday is the day of God Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. It is the perfect time to see the Temple. It had said that Lord Shiva is easily pleased. Therefore many people observe Somvar Vrat on Monday. Hindus believe that by fasting, they will be granted wisdom by Lord Shiva, who will fulfil all their desires.

Kempfort Shiva Temple Entry Fee:

The TempleTemple provides free darshan to all devotees and is open throughout the day on all days of the week. They charged Rs 150 for Pooja only.

Special Rituals at Kempfort Shiva Temple:

Various activities and rituals had carried out in the Temple for the pilgrims. Special Aartis, Bhajans, Abhishek of the Linga with flowers and Milk, and havans are the few rituals carried out regularly. 

Famous Festival at Shiva Temple:

Mahashivaratri is its most celebrated festival and had celebrated with great pomp. A huge celebration was held on Maha Shivratri for the followers to worship and pray at the Temple. The devotees visiting the TempleTemple also perform various other special rituals like lighting a Diya or tying a thread and asking Lord to solve their problems.

Activities at Kempfort Shiva Temple:

  • 108 Om Namah Shivaya Yatra
  • Paap Naash Diva
  • Vighanaharan Thread
  • Light and Sound Show
  • Milk Abhishek
  • Miracle Point
  • Pahadi Shiv Dham Yatra
  • Navagraha Puja
  • Ganga Snaan
  • Barah Jyotir Ling Yatra
  • Family Blessings Puja

Shiva Temple Dress Code:

There is no particular dress code. Devotees can wear casual dresses.

Tips For Visiting Kempfort Shiva Temple:

  • Visit the Temple in decent clothing
  • Attend the Shiv Aarti
  • Attend the Somvaar ka Tyohar
  • Do not carry eatables in the Temple
  • Beware of individuals asking money for entrance to the Temple

Tourist places nearby Kempfort Shiva Temple:

Hotels nearby Kempfort Shiva Temple:

  • Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore
  • Lazdana Hotel 
  • Upar Hotels Indiranagar
  • The Paul Bangalore
  • White Canvas Hotels
  • Copper Quilt
  • Pearl Suites
  • New Crescent Citadel
  • Hotel Vaibhav Inn

Kempfort Shiva Temple Address & Contact Number:

  • Kempfort Shiva Temple, Old Airport Road, Behind Kemp Fort Mall, Kaveri Nagar, Murugeshpalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017, India
  • Contact Number: +91-9739455555

How to reach Kempfort Shiva Temple:

By Road:

The nearest bus stand is Kempegowda Bus Station.

By Rail:

The Bangalore Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the Temple at a distance of 13 kilometres.

By Air:

Kempegowda International Airport is the nearest airport.


Which metro station is near Kempfort Shiva Temple?

The Goraguntepalya station is the closest one to Shiva Temple in Bengaluru.

Who was the founder of Shiva Temple?

Ravi V. Melwani, the founder of this Temple, envisioned building a temple where a huge statue of Lord Shiva would stand, building Faith, Hope, and Belief for generations to come.

What is the entry fee for Shiva Temple?

Entry to Shiva Temple is free of cost. An additional charge of Rs. 150 had taken if one wants a special Aarti to have held for themselves.

What is the bus number for shivoham shiva temple?

These Bus lines stop near Shivoham Shiva Temple: 329C, 333C, 335E, 335M, 335S, MF-2.

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