Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri | Timings & History

Every hanuman devotee dreams of visiting Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri at least once in their life span. But how many of you know the temple history and bedi hanuman temple timings? Most people confuse about how to reach the temple.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri

Bedi hanuman was called as “daria mahavir” in puri. Here daria means sea and mahavir means  hanuman. It means the lord here will protect the entire city from the sea’s fury.

Bedi Hanuman Temple timings

The temple is at a distance of 1.5km from Puri and 3km from Jagannath temple. It is a small seaside temple west of Chakra Narayana Temple.


There is a story behind the name of the Bedi Hanuman temple. During the construction of the Jagannath temple, the God of sea Varuna enters the Jagannath temple to pay his respect. The seawater entered the city and caused much damage to the temple.

Then he called Hanuman to explain why it happened. But unfortunately, Hanuman was not there and went to Ayodhya without intimating him.

Then Jagannath tied his hands with rope to a wall and instructed him to watch day and night strictly. Tying hands means bedi, so we call Hanuman here bedi Hanuman or chained Hanuman. He protects the entire city.

Bedi Hanuman Temple

You feel amazing seeing bedi hanuman temple puri Odisha because on his left, you will observe sweet, and with his right hand, he holds gada. The outer walls of the beautiful temple have beautiful images of different gods.

You will observe Anjana Devi holding a baby in her lap, crafted on the western side wall, and Lord Ganesha’s image on the southern side wall. Hanuman Jayanti, Pana Sankranti, Rama Navami, etc., are the most famous rituals in this temple.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Timings

Below are the Bedi Hanuman Temple timings:

DayBedi Hanuman Temple Timings
Monday6 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 6 PM
Thursday6 AM to 6 PM
Friday6 AM to 6 PM
Saturday6 AM to 6 PM
Sunday6 AM to 6 PM

How to reach

This temple is on chakratirta road in Puri. It is exactly 3.5 kilometres towards puri temple.

By Train:

You better take a ticket to puri Jagannath railway station. As this temple is well-known, you can avail cabs to reach the temple easily from it.

By Airport:

You better have your ticket for Jagannath international airport.

Entry fee: They will charge 5 rupees per head for Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri.

Nearest places to visit

Puri is a beautiful city with many cultures and traditions. Also, have many places to visit after a successful darshan of Hanuman. Here are the following places one must visit:

Sri  Jagannath temple:

Sri Jagannath temple is another famous place to visit once you visited bedi hanuman temple. You will love the ambience of this temple.

Puri beach:

Another fantastic place to visit is puri beach. You better go in the evening times to feel refreshed more. You can enjoy playing there. From kids to elders, everyone enjoys being there.

Narendra Pokhari:

Narendra Pokhari is one of the holy tanks near Mauza Dandimala Sahi in Puri. It is one km from Jagannath Temple and 2.5 kilometres from puri junction. Narendra pokhari, or Narendra tank, is one of the largest tanks in the whole Orissa state.

Balghai beach:

Balghai beach has great historical history and is at the mouth of the Nuanai River. It would be good if you visited this after visiting the temple. It is exactly 8 kilometres away from Puri. You must book a cab to be more comfortable travelling to this place.

Gundicha temple:

Gundicha temple also have greta history. Even this temple is a key segment of the ratha yatra in Puri. This temple is exactly near the puri bus stand and very near to Bedi Hanuman Temple.

Sudarshan craft museum:

India is well known for arts and crafts too. You will love all the crafts in this Sudarshan craft museum. Also, you feel surprised by a few stupas.

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