Bala Hanuman Temple | Rituals, Address and How to Reach

Bala Hanuman Temple, Gujarat, is famous for its magnificent design. The temple has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records under the slogan ‘Sriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. Bala Hanuman Temple timings are from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Bala Hanuman Temple

Devotees believe that this is one of the oldest temples built in Jamnagar. It locates in the southeastern part of Lake Ramnall.

Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple timings

What is the significance of Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple? 

The chanting of Hanuman as ‘Ram Dhun’ is one of the most sacred in this place. Bala Hanuman Temple, The significance of Jamnagar is that the great deeds of Hanuman led to the constant chanting of “Ram Dhun” in the temple, which attracts all the devotees who visit this place.

Priests and devotees play this uninterrupted psalm. The temple complex locates on the edge of Jamnagar Central Lake. It is open all night, so those who want to contribute to a good cause can do so at any time.

The temple dedicates to Hanuman, Ram-Lakshman and Janaki. Their idols are in the centre, and Hanuman Ji lives on one side. On the second side, there is also a large frame photo of Sri Prembhiksinji Maharaj.

What is the history of Hanuman Temple Jamnagar? 

Sri Prembhikshuji Maharaj established the Bala Hanuman Temple in 1963-64. In many places, “Ram Dhun” is chanted in the name of Sri Prembhikshuji Maharaj. This Bala Hanuman Temple is one of the oldest temples built by him.

Jamnagar has an intriguing history dating back to 1540 A.D. Jamnagar was often referred to as “Navanagar”, meaning “new city”. Shri Jam Rawal built it. Jam Rawal is a descendant of Jam Halla, one of the descendants of Lord Krishna.

Jamnagar also has the Siddhanath Mahadev Temple, the Bhid Bhnajan Temple, the Khileshwar Temple and many other temples. The atmosphere of purity and innocence attracts travellers from all over the world.


The architecture of the temple is relatively modern about the structure of the temple. It had been built on the southeastern side of Lake Ronall.

The temple also depicts a complex structure with ethnically designed pillars and magnificent sculptures.

There is also a common saying around the area that the temple endured natural disasters like storms, earthquakes and border invasions.

Rituals performed at the Bala Hanuman Temple:

Aarti (daily worship) occurs in the morning, but the Akhanda Ram Dhun attracts devotees worldwide at Bala Hanuman Temple. This non-stop action of devotion can see at its peak during the evening. Devotees gather and cooperate during this time of more eternal. Here are Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple Timings:

Mangla darshan (Sunday) 6:00 AM
Shangar Darshan (Monday)6:30 AM
Mangala arati (Tuesday)7:00 AM
Raj Bhog (Wednesday)12:00 PM
Utthapan (Thursday)4:30 PM
Sandhya aarti (Friday)7:00 PM
Shayan Darshan (Saturday)10:00 PM

Where to stay near Bala Hanuman Temple? 

Here are some of the places you can stay near the Temple:

Hotel Regency– Located at Pandit Nehru Marg, Valkeshwari, this hotel is a very good place to stay. The place also has spacious rooms and delicious eateries.

Hotel Hanuman– This hotel in Belgaum also offers good accommodation. It welcomes bookings for its soothing atmosphere and advantageous location, which helps to visit well-known places nearby.

Hotel Vraj Inn: This is another place for good stays at Hotel Vraj Inn-Jamnagar. It has excellent services and impeccable room features.

What are some temples nearby? 

Bala Hanuman Temple Some areas near Jamnagar:

Bhidbhanjan Temple:

Bhidbhanjan Temple is a famous place to visit once you visit the Bala Hanuman Temple in Jamnagar. It is a glorious place to visit Lord Shiva and other deities and deities. It shows a structure designed with Western influences.

Dwarkadheesh Temple:

It is another place of worship and pilgrimage to visit. Here you can get a glimpse of Dwarkadheesh. This temple had dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is also known as the Jagat Mandir. Moreover, there is a serene atmosphere where one can attain divinity through peace offerings.

BAPS Sri Swaminarayan Temple:

This temple on Indira Marg is another popular place to visit. Management is effective here. Daily meal preparation also takes place in a clean environment. People often come here to see the amazing architecture and intricate artistry.

How to reach?

Here is how to reach Jamnagar Bala Hanuman Temple:

By Road:

The road bus passes through the Bedi Gate before reaching the stand, so you can also get off at the Bedi Gate.

By Air:

Jamnagar Domestic Airport is the nearest airport to Bala Hanuman. It is 11.2 km away from the temple.

By Rail: 

Hapa Railway Station had located at a distance of 28 km, which travellers often prefer.

Address and Contact

Shri Prembhikshuji Marg,

Near Lakhota Lake,

Government Colony,

Jamnagar, Gujarat 361008

0288 255 8196