Alangudi Guru Temple | Festivals & Pooja Timings

Alangudi Guru Temple is a hindu temple. Alangudi and its temple are famous as a holy place surrounded by three holy rivers Kaveri, Kolidam and Vennaru. The place and the Mandir are intimately connected, and some historical, mythological and local folklore is associated with its past origin and present mythology. Alangudi Temple timings are from 06:00 am to 09:00 pm.

Alangudi Guru Temple, Thanjavur Overview

The Alangudi Guru Temple had dedicated to the Abhatsahayeswara form of Lord Shiva – the one who digested the poison(visham) of Vasuki Nag to save humanity from the poison during the churning of the ocean. It also features his female counterpart Elavarkujali and some other deities.

The temple is also known as the abode of Devguru Brihaspati or the planet Jupiter. According to Hindu mythology, nine planets had considered heavenly deities, where Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu replace Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. 

Alangudi Guru Temple

Nine temples in Tamil Nadu had dedicated to these nine celestial beings, and this one is for Jupiter. Corresponding to the yellow colour of the planet we see in the images, the gift of yellow cloth here is considered auspicious.

 Jupiter’s transition from one sign to another is celebrated here as a grand festival. Festivals like Tai Pusam and Chittirai Poornima had also celebrated with pomp and pageantry.

History and Legend of Alangudi Guru Temple

Some say the Cholas built it and later restored it by the 16th-century Nayak rulers of Madurai, who restored many Hindu temples previously destroyed by the Delhi Sultans. 

However, the temple authority website has a different story that sounds more like legend than history. Emperor Masukuntha builds this Mandir. He beheaded his minister Amutokar when he refused to renounce his dharma in the king’s name. 

However, the minister’s name, “Amuthokar, when the beheading happened, that land”, resonated. It frightened the king, so he built a temple and worshipped Lord Shiva with devotion to wash away his sins. The actual date of the temple’s origin must determine from historical records. 

Alangudi Guru Temple is of mythological importance

Like every temple in India, the Alangudi temple also has mythological significance with ancient Hindu scriptures and beliefs. 

Most people know the story of how Lord Shiva took the venom of the serpent Vasuki while the gods and demons were using it to churn the ocean to retrieve the elixir of immortality. According to Puranas, Vasuki’s poison kills anyone on Earth, hell or Heaven if it touches it. 

So, Lord Shiva took it upon himself to save the three worlds and gave the name ‘Abatsahayeswarar’, which means ‘Saviour’ in Tamil.

Although only a lingam had represented, the Abhatsahayeswara form of Lord Shiva is the main deity in this temple. However, Lord Shiva was not the only one who dedicated this temple. 

Among the nine Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu, Alangudi, dedicated to one of the nine planets of our solar system, is the abode of Brihaspati, or Lord of the Gods.

The architecture of Alangudi Guru Temple

The temple has a distinctive Chola architectural style dating back to the late BCE – early CE era with some Nayak period features. It has two gopurams, the distinctive layered and ornate gateways popular with South Indian Hindu temples. 

The Rajagopuram facing Abhatsahayeshwar is five-tiered. The other is on the north side. The Alangudi temple premises are spread over two acres and have wonderful sanctuaries for several gods and goddesses. 

However, Shiva himself and his faithful consort Elavarkujali – an incarnation of Parvati, are the most popular.

Navgraha Temple of Guru Bhagavan

In the Abhatsahayeswara temple at Alangudi, Lord Shiva had worshipped as the Guru of Supreme Knowledge, Guru Bhagavan. Guru translates as the Guru; thus, this aspect of him is considered the teacher of music, wisdom, yoga, textual wisdom, and everything else. 

In this context, the temple had been said to be the abode of Guru Graha Brihaspati or Jupiter, considered the Guru of the Gods. It is one of the nine Navagraha Mandirs scattered across Tamil Nadu – each dedicated to a planet in the universe.

Devotees flock here to offer their obeisances to the omniscient deity for good education, longevity, prosperity and courage. It is a tradition to offer yellow clothes and yellow pulses to Guru Bhagavan. 

Devotees light 24 ghee lamps and circumambulate the Shiva temple 24 times. Thursdays or Thursdays are the busiest. For this unique reason, the Guru Peyarchi festival had also celebrated here. It is the day when the planet Jupiter moves from one sign to another sign.

Temple Pooja Timings

Abhatsahayeswarar Temple in Alangudi has six daily worships starting at 6:00 am, and the last one ends at 9:00 pm with gaps and other occasional pujas in between.

  • Kalashanti at 6:00 am
  • 9:00 a.m. Irandam Kalm
  • Free at 12:00 pm
  • Sayarakshai at 6:00 pm
  • 7:30 pm Irandam Kalm
  • Midnight at 9:00 pm

Each ritual consists of four stages: abhisheka (holy bath), alangaram (decoration), naivetanam (prasad) and deeparadhana (worship with lamps).

Monday6 am to 9 pm
Tuesday6 am to 9 pm
Wednesday6 am to 9 pm
Thursday6 am to 9 pm
Friday6 am to 9 pm
Saturday6 am to 9 pm
Sunday6 am to 9 pm

Festivals at Alangudi Guru Temple

Gurupeyarchi Utsav is important in this temple as it had believed to be Lord Guru’s abode. The day when the planet Jupiter changes from one sign to another is celebrated here as Gurupeyarchi, and devotees consider it an extraordinary occasion. 

Apart from that,

  • Masi Maham
  • The ten-day-long Chaitra Poornima festival
  • Chittirai Poornima
  • Tai Pusam
  • Panguni Uthiram
  • and Dakshinamurthy Lord Rathotsavam

All festivals are celebrated here with great pomp and devotion. If you visit any temple these days, you will find it very crowded.

Exceptional meal service at Alangudi Guru Temple

Any devotee who wishes to organize a free meal service can donate to the annadanam facility in the temple. After a donation of INR 25,000, 100 devotees of Guru Bhagavan are offered a free meal on any day the donor wishes to arrange a service.

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Alangudi Guru Temple Contact Details

  • Sri Apath Sahayeswara Swamy temple, Alangudi, Valangaiman taluk, Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu, Pin Code: 612 801.
  • Phone No: 04374-269407.
  • E-Mail: 
  • Alangudi Guru Temple: Web Site 

How to reach?

By Road:

Alangudi is 40 kilometres from Tiruvarur on the Mannargudi route. Frequent buses are available from Tiruvarur and Kumbakonam. 

By Rail:

Kumbakonam Station is the nearest railway station (14 kilometres).

By Air:

The nearest airport is Trichy (93 kilometres). One can avail of lodging facilities at Kumbakonam.


What is Alangudi famous for?

Alangudi and its temple are famous as a holy place surrounded by three holy rivers Kaveri, Kolidam and Vennaru.

Where is Guru in Navagraha Temple?

The temple had located in Alangudi. The main deity is Shiva. However, this temple is popularly famous as the Navagraha temple dedicated to Guru (planet Jupiter).

Who is Lord Guru among Navagrahas?

According to Hindu astrology, Brihaspati, or Guru or Vyazam, is the name of the Navagraha planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the primary teacher of the gods and the essence of goodness and religion.

Which house is the teacher in?

Jupiter represents “Guru” in the native’s birth chart. It rules the ninth and twelfth house in Kala Purush Kundali in Vedic astrology and signifies the second, fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house.