Akshaya Patra Temple | Things to Do, Timings & Festivals

Akshaya Patra Temple had located on the outskirts of Vrindavan. It is a venerable Hindu shrine built and managed by ISKCON Bangalore. Akshaya Patra Temple timings are from 04:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Akshaya Temple Overview

ISKCON Akshayapatra Temple had dedicated to Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani, whose original name was Radha Vrindavan Chandra Temple. But because of the big kitchen set up by the Akshaya Patra Foundation, it is popularly known as the Vrindavan of the Akshaya Patra Temple.

Akshaya Patra Foundation provides meals to children studying in nearby schools and cooks and feeds thousands of school students daily.

The temple had surrounded by a vast open space surrounded by greenery. Another temple – Vrindavan Chandradaya Mandir, this Radha, had built near the Vrindavan Chandra Mandir. ISKCON Bangalore has planned to make this at about 700 feet.

History of Akshaya Patra Temple 

Akshaya Patra Temple, or Radha Vrindavan Chandra mandir, build to recognize the devotion of Maharaj Radha Chandra Swami. He was a Christian born in 1948 in a small town in the USA.

One day, he ran away to visit our country. He studied literature and English in India. He learned about Lord Krishna, studied Him and became His devotee. 

After that, he came to Vrindavan with other Krishna devotees and devoted his entire life to spreading awareness about Lord Krishna. So, Srila Bhaktipada, during his meeting, started the construction of this temple.

Things to Do in Akshaya Patra Temple

Among the major attractions of Akshayapatra Temple Vrindavan are the idols of Radha and Krishna apart from the temple. They had arranged on the first floor and are easily accessible by stairs. These white idols had carved out of stone and housed in a golden mandapam.

The main hall, the golden mandapam, is the most impressive area of the Akshayapatra temple in Vrindavan. An arch-like structure surrounds it. And on the doors, figures of Garuda and Hanuman had been carved.

Akshaya Patra Temple

The temple is a hemispherical structure built like a blooming lotus. And the dome structure rises to a height of about 25 feet.

This beautiful Radha Vrindavan Chandra Temple is famous for its spiritual significance and the social functions organized here. The Akshaya Patra Foundation has built a large kitchen at the back of the temple. They cook and serve mid-day meals to children studying in nearby schools in Vrindavan.

You can also experience the excitement of many festive celebrations in the temple. Janmashtami, Radhashtami and Diwali had the major festivals celebrated here. Holi also celebrates with full enthusiasm.

On such festive occasions, the temple had flowers, and the deities were decorated with new clothes, ornaments and garlands. The aroma of incense rises, filling the air with devotion to the Lord. 

Then, you can hear Hare Rama Hare Krishna chants and the sounds of Kartas and Mridangas everywhere. Different food items also prepare to offer to the Lord. Later these had distributed as prasad to devotees and visitors.


Akshaya Patra Temple is open daily from 4 am to 8 pm. And entry is free for all. You can visit the temple at your convenience and spend as much time as. You can see various aartis and pujas in the temple throughout the day.

Monday4 am to 8 pm
Tuesday4 am to 8 pm
Wednesday4 am to 8 pm
Thursday4 am to 8 pm
Friday4 am to 8 pm
Saturday4 am to 8 pm
Sunday4 am to 8 pm

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit Akshayapatra Vrindavan is during winter. It starts in October and lasts till February. During these months, the weather is excellent throughout the day.

Places to Visit near Akshaya Patra Temple

Prem Mandir:

The Prem Mandir, or “Temple of Love”, is one of Vrindavan’s most important and significant temples, dedicated to worshipping Lord Krishna and Radha. The temple is new; The first stone had established in 2001, and it did not open its doors to the public until 2012.

About 150 crore rupees spend to build this vast temple. The sprawling Prem Mandir complex covers a total of 54 acres of property. The two-storied marble temple serves as a symbol of the city’s spiritual and cultural significance.

Banke Bihari Temple

While in Vrindavan, visit the Banke Bihari temple where Lord Krishna had worshipped. This temple is one of the must-see places in Vrindavan. The Banke Bihari temple had considered being one of the seven temples designed by the ‘Thakur of Vrindavan’. The magnificence of the temple is distinctly Rajasthani.


Nidhivan is a beautiful and huge garden, often called Seva Kung. It is one of the famous tourist spots in the Brindavan region. This place is teeming with people at all times of the year and at all times. Nidhivan is in the centre of Vrindavan and can only be reached by rickshaws as the roads are narrow.

Some other tourist attractions near Akshaya Patra Temple are below:

  • Sri Krishna Janmasthan Mathura
  • Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura
  • Govardhan Hill Mathura
  • Radha Kund Mathura
  • Vishram Ghat Mathura
  • Rangji Temple Vrindavan
  • Barsana Shri Radha Rani Temple Mathura
  • Sri Radhavallabh Temple Vrindavan

Where to stay Nearby?

  • Kridha Residency – A Boutique Hotel
  • Nidhivan Sarovar Portico
  • Hotel Santosh Dham
  • Best Western Vrindavan
  • Hotel Shri Radha Nikunj


  • Gopal Garh, Chhatikara Road, Vrindavan, Mathura District, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, 281121, India
  • Akshaya Patra Temple: Website

How to reach Akshayapatra Temple in Vrindavan?

Radha Vrindavan Chandra Akshaya Patra Temple had located on the outskirts of Vrindavan City. And here are different ways to reach Akshaya Patra Temple Vrindavan –

By Bus:

Akshaya Patra Temple is 7 km from Vrindavan Bus Stop and 6 km from Vrindavan Railway Station.

By Air:

Agra is 70 km away, and Delhi (170 km away) is the nearest airport to the temple.

By Auto/Cycle-Rickshaws:

Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are available for hire throughout Brindavan. They take only half an hour to the temple from most parts of the city.

By Taxi/Cab:

Taxis and cabs are also available in Brindavan. You can hire a private cab from the leading car rental companies in Mathura-Brindavan for a whole day to visit the famous sightseeing places of Mathura & Brindavan.


 What is unique about Akshaya Patra?

Akshaya Patra is a legendary copper vessel found in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It is the divine vessel given to Yudhisthira by Surya, which provided never-ending food to the Pandavas every day.

Is Akshay’s character from ISKCON?

Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit trust of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Who is the owner of the Akshaya Patra Foundation?

Madhu Pandit Dasa was born in Nagercoil, India. Armed with a B. Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT-Mumbai, he dedicated himself to serving humanity while doing his M. Tech from IIT-Mumbai in 1981. 

Who gave the Akshaya Patra to Draupadi?

“Akshaya Patra” is a divine vessel presented to Draupadi by Lord Surya. It is an important symbol and a story set in the Mahabharata during the exile years of the Pandavas.