Yarada Beach | Timings, Lighthouse & Things to do

Yarada Beach has located in Yarada, a village 15 kilometres from Visakhapatnam, on the west shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is near the Beach of Gangavaram, the nose of a Dolphin, and the port of Gangavaram. Yarada Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vizag. The Beach is open 24 hours.

Yarada Beach

A perfect holiday destination that allows its tourists to spend time with their loved ones, the great environment gives an ideal backdrop to the Beach. It is one of the perfect sites to visit in Vizag, and visitors can enjoy it solo and with company. While here, swim in the azure waters, build sandcastles, organize picnics or taste the delicious seafood on the Beach.

Yarada Beach Timings:

The Beach is open 24 hours. Everyone can visit anytime.

Best time to visit Yarada Beach:

The time to visit is September to May. It is not a crowded beach. It is also not recommended to play in the waters of the Beach as the slopes are steep on the seashore. There will be small multi-coloured crabs climbing on small rocks around the Beach. The Beach has covered with lots of banana and coconut plantations. Yarada Beach is safe to swim in compared to Rushikonda Beach.

Yarada Beach Entry Fee:

There are no entry fees for the Beach and Rs. 30 for access to the Arigold property and Shops.

Yarada Beach Lighthouse:

It’s a lighthouse along the shore of Vizag on top of a mountain. It may need to go up about 50 steps and, finally, a steep ladder. Without getting to the top of the lighthouse, tourists have the same vision: it is not tall. Entry fees are only Rs. 10/-.

Things to do at Yarada Beach:

Climb the Dolphin’s Nose Light House:

Named after it resembles a Dolphin’s nose, the lighthouse has located between Yarada and Gangavaram Port. Stroll through the beautiful park covered with various flora and climb up the lighthouse to experience the view of a lifetime.

Enjoy the walk along the soothing waters:

Flourished with local people and culture, every person on this Beach has a story. Yarada is a serene experience of sand and ocean sitting amidst a lush green landscape, unlike touristy beaches. 

Surf the tides of the Bay of Bengal:

Regarded as a Beach with epic waves’ by Anthony Yep Colas, writer of the book ‘World Storm Rider’, Visakhapatnam is a major attraction for travelling surfers. 

Indulge in the local delicacies:

From Muri Mixture to Sheek Kebabs, the local stalls at Yarada Beach is a food lovers’ paradise. The slow-roasted corn needs no additional introduction! With shacks placed across the smooth sand, enjoy these snacks with a view. 

Enjoy a potluck with friends/family:

A best Sunday plan, potlucks are a famous ritual among the locals. Families are nested in the bushes cooking and playing on the weekends. 

Tips for visiting Yarada Beach:

  • Do not try swimming at the Beach. The water currents are high, and the slope is steep too.
  • Make sure you do not bring pets along. The entry of pets had restrictions at the Beach.
  • Carry your water bottles with you. You might feel thirsty while roaming around the shoreline of the Beach.
  • Be aware of the multicolour crabs. They might hurt you.

Tourist places nearby Yarada Beach:

Kailasagiri Park:

The Kailasagiri Park, located on a hilltop in Visakhapatnam, is as well known as the city’s sprawling beaches. Kailasagiri is one of the most popular picnic spots for visitors to Vizag’s beautiful city.

Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse:

Dolphin’s Nose LightHouse in Vizag is the best place to go if you’re willing to walk the extra mile to see spectacular views of the ports, beaches, and the entire city. Lighthouse, located on India’s east coast, is one such location that allows you to watch a once-in-a-lifetime view that is difficult to put into words.

Rama Krishna Beach:

Visakhapatnam, also known as Andhra Pradesh’s beach city, attracts tourists daily. It comes from the Ramakrishna Mission ashrama across Beach Road from the park—the R K beach complete from Rama Krishna Beach.

Rushikonda Beach:

Rushikonda Beach is a stunning shore on the Bay of Bengal coast in Vishakhapatnam, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. APTDC, which is in charge of this natural beauty, has done a great job in the upkeep of the Beach and ensured that this natural attraction remains unspoiled. 

Queen Victoria Pavilion:

A culturally significant destination always enthrals us, and if that happens to be an acclaimed tourist spot as well, then it is like killing two birds with an arrow! A place of extreme historical value, Queen Victoria Pavilion is situated in Vishakapatanam’s One Town area, Andhra Pradesh, India. 

Best Resorts nearby Yarada Beach:

  • Sai Priya Beach Resort
  • Sunray Village Resort
  • Beaches & Hills Resorts
  • The Park Visakhapatnam
  • Bansi Resorts

Hotels nearby Yarada Beach:

  • Hotel Vishnu Residency
  • The Supreme Hotel
  • The Central Suites
  • L.G. Enclave
  • Hotel Lakshmi Grand
  • FabHotel Kinnera Comforts
  • Ayanala Paradise
  • The Port Hotel
  • Dolphin Hotel

Yarada Beach Address:

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530005, India.

How to reach Yarada Beach:

By Road:

The nearest bus stand is the Visakhapatnam bus stand.

By Rail:

Visakhapatnam railway station is the nearest railway station.

By Air:

The closest airport is Visakhapatnam Airport.


Can we swim on Yarada Beach?

It’s a beautiful beach to enjoy your weekend, but you must be wary of the sea depths that are mischievous, sudden and dangerous. So be careful if you are thinking of swimming—one of the must-visit beaches near Vizag.

What is the Speciality of Yarada Beach?

On the one hand, the lush greenery and scenic beauty let tourists admire nature as they overlook the breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunsets, while on the other hand, soft golden sands, when combined with crystal clear waters and deep blue colour of the sea, make the Beach appear no less than a paradise.

Is there an entry fee for Yarada Beach?

There is no entry fee for the Beach.

Where is Yarada Beach located?

Yarada Beach has situated on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal in Yarada, a village at a distance of 15 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. It has located near Gangavaram beach, Dolphin’s Nose, and Gangavaram Port.

Why is Yarada Beach famous?

The Beach offers a spectacular view, surrounded by lush green hills on three sides and the vast Bay of Bengal on its fourth side. Surrounded by enormous expanses of coconut and banana plantations, it offers picturesque views of golden sand, misty skies and clear sea.

Which is the cleanest Beach in Vizag?

It’s the cleanest Visakhapatnam beach, with gorgeous hills surrounding on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the fourth.

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