Sammakka Saralamma Temple | History, Jathara and Timings

Sammakka Sarakka Temple (Sammakka Saralamma Temple) built in the 12th Century. The temple is in Medaram village, Tadvai Mandal, Mulugu District. Medaram Jathara/Sammakka Sarakka jathara, held once in every two years. Sammakka Sarakka temple timings are not there; the temple will be open 24 hours at the time of Jathara.

About Sammakka Sarakka Temple

The Koya tribe priests manage rituals in the temple according to their traditions and customs. The temple is a tribute to the two tribal Women, Sammakka and Saralamma, who fought against Kakatiya Rulers. About 2000 people visited the temple till 1995, of which 1500 were from the tribal communities.

But now, nearly ten million people worship Goddesses; only 2% are from the tribal communities. The temple is in the remote place of Eturnagaram Forest, Dandakaranya, the giant forest belt existing in the Deccan.

The temple attracted many devotees in the country at the time of Jathara, and it is the most significant tribal festival celebrated in the world.

Sammakka Saralamma temple

History of Sammakka Saralamma Temple

According to the tribal story, about 6-7 centuries back, tribes went hunting. They found a little girl (Sammakka) lying among the tigers and emitting light. The head of the tribe was adopted and raised as a chief. Sammakka became a saviour for the tribal of that region and married Pagididda Raju, the tribal leader and follower of Kakatiyas. They have three children Saralamma, Nagulamma, and Jampanna.

Due to a lack of rains in this region, the head Pagididda Raju failed to pay taxes to the Kakatiya King Prathapa Rudra. The king sent his army to collect the taxes from the tribe, leading to a war between tribes and Kakatiyas. Saralamma, Nagulamma, Jampanna, and Pagididda Raju fought and died to protect their region.

After the death of the family, Sammakka also fought boldly and spoliated the Kakatiya army. The king heard about the bravery of Sammakka and called for peace, but she refused and continued the war.

Sammakka promised her people to protect them as long as she was there. Sammakka was severely injured in the battle and walked into Chilakala Gutta’s forest.

The people of the tribe went into the forest to search Sammakka and found a box with Kumkum, a few bangles, and footprints of the tiger. The most shocking was the same place where Sammakka found it to the head of the tribe. The tribes host a festival to her for her bravery in protecting the tribe.

Medaram Jathara Timings 2022

This year Asia’s largest tribal convention, Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Jathara, held from 16th to 19th February 2022.

  • On 16th Sarakka with Pagididaraju and Govindaraju are placed at Gadde.
  • On 17th Sammakka is also placed at Gadde from Chilakalagutta.
  • People will offer prayers to the goddesses on the 18th.
  • And on 19th the goddess, taken back to the forest to end the Mahajathara.

Medaram Jathara Timings

Sammakka Saralamma Jathara is a tribal festival celebrated once in two years during Magha Masam. The Jathara, held for four days and is famous as Medaram Jathara. People come from all over the country, especially Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh, to celebrate the Jathara.

People come here and take a holy bath in Jampanna Vagu. The name of the Vagu is Sampangi, which is the tributary of River Godavari. Jampanna died during the war with the Kakatiya army and fell into the stream. The stream then turned red colour with the blood of Jampanna and then named Jampanna Vagu.

The Jathara celebrated without any Vedic or Brahmanic impact. The tribal people perform their rituals and celebrate the Jathara. Devotees offer Bangaram (Jaggery) of their weights to the deities during the Jathara.

Dwaraka Tirumala Temple Timings | Darshan, Pooja and Sevas

Four Days of Medaram Jathara

  • On the First day of Medaram Jathara, Goddess Saralamma (Sarakka) bought from Kannepalli, a neighbour village in the evening, and placed it on the Sanctum called Gadde.
  • On the second day, the tribal priest will go to Chilakala Gutta and brings the deity Sammakka to the Sanctum in the evening. The Goddess will be in the form of Kumkum. The tribal priest brings two bamboo sticks and places them near the Gadde of Sammakka and Sarakka. Sammakka Bamboo stick, covered with Kumkum, and Sarakka stick with Turmeric.
  • The third day is Magha Suddha Pournami, the deities Sammakka and Sarakka are available for darshan for the devotees. Devotees seek blessings from the goddesses.  
  • On the last and final day of Medaram Jathara, the deities are back from the Gadde to their original places, Vanapravesham.

Sammakka Sarakka Temple Timings

Sammakka Sarakka temple timings are from 6 AM to 6 PM on all days, and the temple will be open 24 hours during Jathara days.

People believe that visiting the Jathara and offering prayers to the Goddesses will eliminate their problems. Some believe that dangerous evil powers also be removed at this place. The Telangana government facilitated drinking water, sanitation, roads, hygiene, and health at Sammakka Sarakka Jathara. Medaram Jathara is one of the largest gatherings of Hindus in the World.

How to Reach Sammakka Sarakka Temple

By Road: TSRTC provided buses from all the regions to Sammakka Saralamma Temple. As the temple is 100 km from Warangal and 240 km from Hyderabad, we can travel on our transport also.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Warangal and Kazipet also. There are several trains to Kazipet and Warangal from all over the country. One can get down at Kazipet and take the roadway to reach the temple.

By Air: The nearest airport is Shamshabad Airport which is 270 km. At Sammakka Sarakka Jathara, the Telangana Government provided exceptional Helicopter service. Helicopter service is from Hyderabad to Medaram. The aerial survey of Medaram costs RS 2999/- and with VIP Darshan with Helicopter service for six people costs Rs 1.8 Lakh + GST.

Accommodation at Sammakka Saralamma Temple

The Telangana tourism, Haritha Hotel is there to stay with all the facilities. And there are very few options to keep at Medaram.

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