Puri Beach | Timings, Activities & Things to do

Puri Beach is also known as Golden Beach because of its golden-coloured sand. The Beach has considered among the safest in the country, thus, giving opportunities to beach lovers to leisurely bathe and swim in the sea. It has regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in India. The beach timings are 05:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Puri Beach

The Beach is flocked by hundreds of vacationers daily; it buzzes with people of all ages from early morning till late night. Devotees of Lord Jagannath visit the Beach as it has believed that taking a dip in the sea at Puri is like paying reverence to the Lord. The Golden Beach bagged the prestigious Blue Flag certification in 2020.

Puri Beach Timings:

The beach timings are 05:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Monday5 am – 10 pm
Tuesday5 am – 10 pm
Wednesday5 am – 10 pm
Thursday5 am – 10 pm
Friday5 am – 10 pm
Saturday5 am – 10 pm
Sunday5 am – 10 pm

Best time to visit Puri Beach:

The ideal time to visit the Beach is winter, that is, November to February. Be it in the morning, evening or at night, the view of the sea waves hitting the shore, the sound of the waves and the constant pleasant wind from the sea make this place a fantastic beach destination.

Puri Beach Entry Fee:

Puri Golden Beach ticket price and entry fee from visitors is Rs 20 for three hours and Rs 50 and Rs 100 for the entire day. On the Beach, access was free for children under ten years.

Puri Beach Activities: 

A coastline as picturesque as the Beach is always the perfect place to enjoy a quiet walk as the sun goes down or look out to the beautiful horizon of the landscape. However, this attraction has a lot more to offer its visitors. 

Tourists can have great fun with camel rides, and horse rides at the beachside, which is the perfect way to get a better look at the beautiful scenery of this place. In addition, scuba diving, surfing, swimming and sunbathing are popular activities on the Beach.

Things to do at Puri Beach:

The Beach offers many activities for the visitors to enjoy and reminisce about later. Not only can it be considered an ideal beach for couples, but it is also known for attracting all the water sports fanatics and proves to be a perfect beach for kids.


The Beach stretches over an extended area, which makes it an ideal choice for surfing enthusiasts. The warm and cold currents and the waves breaking over the sandbar give a spectacular view to the surfers and the people enjoying the sea bath.

Long Walks:

On the Chakratirtha side, the significant lot of brilliant sand is a more peaceful and charming spot to walk with your soul mate. 


This long stretch of Beach with its splendid waters provides an excellent opportunity for visitors who want to channel their inner Michael Phelps and enjoy it there to the fullest.

Camel Rides:

It is a perfect and fun option if tourists visit the Beach with their entire family, including children. The mothers can shop the intricate handicrafts, and children can enjoy camel riding.

Jet Ski Ride:

It is a perfect ride for tourists who wants to exhibit their daredevil side. In this ride, the lifeguards had provided when they revel in the sea waves.

Sand Sculptures and Eateries:

Local artists demonstrate their impulsive artistic skills during the Puri Golden beach festival. Tourists can tingle their taste buds also during the festival when the shack vendors experiment with street food.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Puri Beach:

  • Dry clothes should keep handy if there is a plan to bathe in the water.
  • Special care should take of kids near the shore.
  • Avoiding throwing litter on the Beach is advised. There are designated dustbins at the Beach.
  • Sunglasses and sun protection creams or lotions should carry.
  • Walking barefoot on the sand in the afternoon is not advised as it can sometimes become hot.

Tourist places nearby Puri Beach:

Chilika Lake:

Known as Asia’s largest saltwater lake, Chilika Lake is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. This pear-shaped lake shelters a few tiny islands and has multiple fisheries. Chilika Lake is home to umpteen fauna and flora varieties, making it one of the best ecosystems on the earth. 


This historic town, one of the best places to visit in Orissa, lies on the Bay of Bengal coastline in the District of Puri. Konark is an important cultural and heritage landmark in India, making it one of the most-visited places in East India. The beauty of Konark lies in its diverse landscape. 

Puri Blue Flag Golden Beach:

Golden Beach in Puri is a Blue flag-certified beach, meaning it is cleaner, safer, better quality, well facilitated, and environment friendly. There are ten blue flag beaches in India, and Golden Beach (Odisha) is one of them. 

Light House Beach:

The lighthouse is on a new marine drive road at one end of the Beach. The revolving lighthouse opens for only one hour to visitors from 4 to 5 in the evening. It is one of the most famous tourists in odisha.

Jagannath Temple Puri:

Jagannath Temple at Puri is one of India’s most revered Vaishnava worship sites. One of the oldest Hindu temples still in use, its main shrine had constructed by Anantavarman of the Chodaganga dynasty in the 10th century. 

Udayagiri Caves:

The ancient Udayagiri caves have located near Bhubaneswar in Odisha. The caves are famous for 33 rock-cut chambers displaying Jain and Hindu sculptures and wall paintings. The most prominent structure at Udayagiri Cave is a five feet tall statue.

Baliharachandi Beach:

Baliharachandi Beach is a much quieter and offbeat alternative to Puri Golden Beach, with a peaceful calm and tranquillity about the whole place. There are few people here and even fewer stalls. 

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri:

‘Bedi Hanuman’ means ‘Chained Hanuman’, and the reason for such a name has an interesting story behind it. The shrine is called Daria Mahavir Temple, where ‘Daria’ means Sea and ‘Mahavir’ represents Lord Hanuman. 

Resorts nearby Puri Beach:

  • The Chariot Resort 
  • Hotel Holiday Resort
  • Samudra Resorts
  • Gold Coast Beach Resort
  • Om Leisure Resort Puri

Hotels nearby Puri Beach:

  • NRS Royal Palace
  • Hotel Pushpa
  • Hotel Kalinga
  • Hotel Golden Tree
  • Hotel Sonar Bangla
  • Sterling Puri
  • Camellia Hotel 
  • Niladri Sea Facing Hotel
  • Hotel Sonargaon

Puri Beach Address:

Puri Beach, Puri, Odisha, 752001, India.

How to reach Puri Beach:

By Road:

The closest bus stand is the Puri bus stand.

By Rail:

Puri Railway Station is near the Beach.

By Air:

The nearest airports are Bhubaneswar Airport, 53 km away and Visakhapatnam Airport in Andhra Pradesh, 368 km away.


Why is Puri beach famous?

It is often flocked by devotees visiting the Beach for a cleaning dip who come to Puri to pay their homage to God Jagannath. The Beach had also celebrated for the sand sculptures made by internationally-known sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik.

Which is the best time for Puri beach?

The perfect months to take a trip to Puri are October to February, when neither the scorching heat nor the high humidity is present to cause any hindrance to your outdoor plans. Winters (December-February) are a bit cold, but good to enjoy the Beach and visit temples.

Is Puri Beach safe for swimming?

The bath in the Bay of Bengal at the beach is also considered a significant ritual of the char dham Yatra or the visit to the four most holy places of Hindus.

In which ocean is Puri Beach?

The beach is one of the finest beaches in the bay of Bengal.

Why is Puri Beach called Golden Beach?

Also famous as Puri Beach, Golden Beach is a fine golden sand dotted with stalls selling sumptuous seafood and knick-knacks. It is popular with pilgrims who worship Lord Jagannath at the nearby temple.

Why is Puri Beach Festival celebrated?

The Puri Golden Beach festival celebrates the art, craft, culture, sports, cuisines and other aspects of tourism in Orissa. On a single platform, witness the cultural heritage of Orissa and many other states. The festival offers a captivating experience for all.

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