Panambur Beach Mangalore | Timings, Activities & Kite Festival

Panambur Beach Mangalore has located at a distance of 13 km from Mangalore to the south of Mangalore port. It is visited by tourists and locals every year as it hosts several events like boat racing, a kite festival and sand sculpture competitions. Despite a massive footfall, it is one of the cleanest beaches one can come across on the Western coastline of India. The beach timings are 6:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Panambur Beach Mangalore

The Beach derives from ‘Panam’, meaning money, and ‘ur’, meaning place. Panambur Beach has been awarded the most pristine and best-maintained beaches in India due to its excellent maintenance. Moreover, the beautiful Beach is open to several events, promotional programmes, weddings, parties, etc.

Panambur Beach Mangalore Timings:

The beach timings are 6:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Monday6 am – 7 pm
Tuesday6 am – 7 pm
Wednesday6 am – 7 pm
Thursday6 am – 7 pm
Friday6 am – 7 pm
Saturday6 am – 7 pm
Sunday6 am – 7 pm

Best time to visit Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

The beaches of Mangalore experience a tropical climate. October and February are the best time to travel to the Beach for a beach holiday. Then visitors can enjoy long hours of sunshine and average temperatures around 30°C.

Panambur Beach Mangalore Entry Fee: 

The beach entry fee is Rs.60 for Indians and Rs. 350 for foreigners. If one wishes to indulge in Panambur Beach water sports like jet skiing, surfing, ATVS, etc., an additional charge had taken, which may vary from person to person.

Water Sports & Activities at Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

The Beach offers a wide range of leisure and water sports activities. Though all activities might not be available throughout the year, you could still enjoy others. Tourists can explore the sandy Beach. The Beach is a hub of exciting activities, so dive into the amazement and relax as you are here.

Activities at the Beach:
  • Buggy Rides
  • Camel Rides
  • Horse Rides
  • Motorboat Rides
  • Banana Rides
  • Jet Skiing
  • Water-Scooter Rides
  • Parasailing
  • Surfing

Panambur Beach Kite Festival:

The kite festival is something that tourists should take advantage of at any cost. Travellers come from worldwide to celebrate and enjoy the fullest. There are two types of kite festivals. The International kite festival has held every two years, and the carnival of the kite festival is every year (last week of April).

Things to do at Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

  • If a tourist has always been fascinated by the action sequences in Bollywood dramas and wants to splash around water on their bike, jet skiing is a trendy and safe sport to try here.
  • Horse and camel rides are available for all the animal lovers out there for nominal rates to give you the ride of your life.
  • ATVs are available for you, along with a driver, to ride through the sands for a specific price.
  • Night Camping is a much sought-after activity that allures the young and old alike. Bonfires, impromptu talent hunts, singing, dancing and activities of mere merriment are significant about the nights here.
  • Dolphins are also known to have spotted here, so be prepared to capture some of the cutest sea moments during the proper seasons.

Tips for visiting Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

  • Tourists must follow every instruction the adventure activity staff gives to ensure their finish safety.
  • The best seafood joints of Mangalore serving only authentic lip-smacking delicacies lie in this Beach’s belt.
  • There are only a few excellent vegetarian eating outlets near the Beach.
  • Only try your hand at surfing or other non-monitored sporting activities with the knowledge of the trainers/lifeguards here.
  • Carry waterproof sunscreen without fail.

Tourist Places nearby Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

Kadri Manjunath Temple:

Kadri Manjunath Temple in Karnataka state, India, is in Mangalore. The Temple on Kadri hills in Mangalore is magnificent and famous. It has said to had built in the 10th or 11th century. During the 14th century, it transformed into a complete stone structure. The temple Lord Manjunathaswamy idol is considered the oldest of the temples in South India. 

St. Aloysius Chapel:

St.Aloysius Chapel has situated in the heart of Mangalore city on Lighthouse Hill. Jesuit Missionaries built this in 1880, and the Italian Jesuit Antonio Moscheni painted its interiors in 1899 during the Mangalore Mission in 1878. The Italian Jesuits played an essential role in the education, health, and social welfare of the Mangalorean Catholic community. 

Tannirbhavi Beach:

Tannirbhavi beach is a famous beach in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. It is one of the renowned tourist destinations in coastal Karnataka. Along with the Beach, Sultan Battery, Tannirbavi Tree Park & the proposed Marine museum are tourist attractions. It can be reached by land near Kuloor Bridge or ferry via Gurupura river from Sultan Battery. 

Milagres Church:

Milagres Church Mangalore is a late 1600 Roman Catholic church and one of the oldest churches in Karnataka, dedicated to the Church of Our Lady of Miracles. The significant aspects that draw tourists are the century-old architecture, its religious significance and its historical importance.

Dharmasthala Temple:

Manjunatha Swami Temple in Dharmasthala, called the Dharmasthala Temple, is one of India’s most respected and famous temples. The river Nethravathi that flows in this region is also a famous attraction, and pilgrims halt especially to bathe in this river on their way to the temple. 

ISKCON Temple:

The ISKCON temple, located in Bangalore, is one of the largest Krishna Hindu temples in the world. This temple has mainly dedicated to Radha-Krishna. Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma inaugurated the Iskcon temple in May 1997. The main temple has wonderfully beautiful idols of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

Panambur Beach Mangalore Resorts:

This Panambur Beach Resort is well-known for its sunsets, the port area, and as a destination for picnics for visitors and residents. Panambur Beach draws people because of how close it is to the city. From the Beach, one can see the ships waiting to berth in the harbour anchored at sea.

  • Sai Arrya Beach Resort
  • Raj Sea Front Beach Resort
  • Royal Garden Beach Resort
  • Samudra Darshan Beach Resort
  • Summer Sands Beach Resort

Hotels nearby Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

  • Nenapu Beachfront
  • Hotel Sai Suraj International
  • Hotel Deepa Comforts
  • Ginger Mangalore
  • Ocean Pearl Inn
  • Treebo Trend Pappilon Palace
  • Hotel Nandhini
  • Laxman Residency
  • Hotel Inland Avenue

Panambur Beach Address: 

WRP3+QRH, Port Trust Panambur, NH 66, near New Mangalore, Karnataka 575010.

How to reach Panambur Beach Mangalore: 

By Road:

The nearest bus stand is the Surathkal bus stand.

By Rail:

Surathkal railway station is the nearest railway station.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport.


What is unique about panambur Beach?

The Beach is one of the famous beaches in Mangaluru city in coastal Karnataka. Known as one of the safest and most well-maintained beaches, it is renowned for its dramatic sunset. The beach aura warms up during the carnivals organized by the district authorities.

What is the entrance fee for Panambur Beach?

The entry fees required for Panambur Beach, Mangalore, is Rs. 60 for Indians and Rs. 350 for foreigners. If one wishes to indulge in Panambur Beach water sports like jet skiing, surfing, ATVS, etc., an additional charge had taken, which may vary from person to person.

Is Panambur Beach safe to swim?

The Beach is one of the famous beaches in Mangaluru city in coastal Karnataka. Known as one of the safest and most well-maintained beaches, it is renowned for its dramatic sunset.

Which is the most extensive Beach in Mangalore?

Panambur Beach has located to the south of Mangalore port. Every year, tonnes of tourists descend on this Beach to attend several carnivals which host activities and events such as boat racing, kite flying, making sand sculptures, etc., making it one of the most visited beaches in Mangalore.

What is panambur beach short note?

Panambur Beach is a beach in Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the most popular, well-connected and most visited Beach in Karnataka.

Which is the best month to visit panambur Beach?

The best month to visit the Beach is October, November, December, January and February. Since this is the peak season, expect a small crowd. June, July, August and September period experience moderate weather.

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