Mahamaya Temple | History and Timings

Mahamaya Temple of Bogribari placed about 30 km east of Dubhri town, is one of the most visited temples in that part of Assam. The Temple derives its name from the great Goddess Mahamaya, meaning supreme illusion. Mahamaya Temple is only second to Kamakhya Temple in terms of pilgrimage and tourism. Temple Timings are Monday to Sunday: 6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm.

Mahamaya Temple

History Of Mahamaya Temple:

Mahamaya Temple has considered one of the greatest Shakti Peethas, as Hindu pilgrims of Lower Assam regularly visit this Temple for worship. The popular belief is that the well-known Goddess Mahamaya was worshipped only by the local people of Parvatjowar and not known to the rest of Assam. Parvatjowar’s Zamindar considered Mahamaya to be his primary deity. The Goddess was widely accepted later on, and today all of lower Assam worship mother, Mahamaya.

Importance Of The Temple:

The Temple houses magnificent idols of many deities. It has a very tall idol of Goddess Kali and one of Hanuman. The Mahamaya Snanghat Temple, located nearby, is also an important attraction for pilgrims as it is of much importance.

Mahamaya Temple Timings:

Here are the Mahamaya Temple Timings:

Monday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Tuesday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Thursday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Friday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Saturday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm
Sunday6 am – 1 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm

Tourist Places Nearby Temple:

Rangamati Mosque:

The very famous Rangamati Mosque has built during the 17th century by Hussain Shah, the Governor of Bengal. This Mosque belongs to the pre-Mughal period, which can recognize from its typical architectural design.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Tegbahadur Sahibji:

This famous Gurudwara is situated in the heart of Dhubri Town and on the bank of the river, mighty Brahmaputra. Sikh Guru Nanak visited this place in 1505 A.D.

Kamakhya Devi Temple: 

Kamakhya Devi is well famous as the bleeding Goddess. The Temple appears very beautiful during the evening aarti. This is near Mahamaya Temple.

Cafe Hendrix, Guwahati:

Cafe Hendrix is one of Guwahati’s popular cafes, boasting pleasant air and even better food.

Cruising in the Brahmaputra:

You can opt for a romantic candle-lit dinner or watch an enthralling sunset with your significant other. You can also enjoy mouth-watering cuisine and live music.

Navagraha Temple:

Dedicated to the nine major celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, North Lunar Node and South Lunar Node), Navagraha Temple in Guwahati has nine Shiva Lingas.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary:

It has spread over an area of 38 sq. km. and is a small, heavenly getaway of raw wilderness and greenery. The wildlife sanctuary also sees an astounding diversity of bird species.

Umananda Temple:

On Bhasmachala Hill, Umananda Temple has been built. Country boats on the bank of Brahmaputra take the visitors to the island. And the name ‘Umananda’ comes from two Hindi words, ‘Uma,’ another name for Lord Shiva’s wife, and ‘Ananda,’ which means happiness.

Umananda Island:

It was known as Peacock Island among the British Colonists who named it so based on its shape. The island lies at the heart of the Mighty Brahmaputra River, which flows through the middle of the city of Guwahati.

Alfresco Grand – Romantic Retreat:

This two-hour dinner cruise on the Brahmaputra River offers more than delicious food and stunning scenery. There is so much to entertain you during your time onboard.

Hotels Near Mahamaya Temple:

  • Hotel Swagat
  • Hotel Mahamaya
  • Hotel Mirana
  • Hotel Samrat, Dhubri
  • Brahmaputra Guest House
  • Novelty Guest House
  • Rajdhani Hotel
  • Hotel Gaurang Valley
  • Laxmi Hotel
  • Hotel Seven Brothers

Mahamaya Temple Address: 

Mahamaya Parbatjhora Road, Bogribari, Assam 783349

How to Reach Mahamaya Temple:

By Air:

The Rupsi Airportlies just18 km away from the Mahamaya Temple, and it connects to the airport by road, so you can choose to hire a cab.

By Rail:

If you plan to reach the Temple by train, Dhubri Rail Way Station is the closest station, just 2 km from the Temple.

By Road:

The Temple is well connected by Highway No 31, and it takes only half an hour to reach the Temple from Bilasipara. There is a regular frequency of ASTC buses you can choose to travel in and the option to hire a cab from the city if necessary.


Who built Mahamaya Temple in Assam?

An architectural delight, the Mahamaya Temple is believed to have been built around the 11th century A.D. by king Ratnadev.

Why is Mahamaya Temple famous?

This Temple has a 400-year-old tradition of animal sacrifice, especially at the time of Durga Puja. Usually, hundreds of animals or birds, like buffaloes, goats, pigeons and ducks, are sacrificed.

Which Goddess is known as Mahamaya?

Mahadevi. She is commonly known as Mulaprakrti (‘she who is primordial matter) and Mahamaya (‘she who is the great Maya).