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Kutralam waterfalls (also known as Coutrallam Waterfalls/Kuttalam Waterfalls) are in the Tenkasi District of Tamil Nadu in southern India, bordering the Kollam District of Kerala. The Kutralam falls timings are from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Kutralam Falls

The Kutralam waterfalls are in the Western Ghats on the Chittor River and are considered a “medical spa” due to the medicinal aroma of the water.

It locates 5 km (3.1 miles) from the nearest city, Tenkashi. There are nine waterfalls, the most important of which are Peraruvi, Aintaruvi, and Puli Aruvi.

Coutrallam waterfalls

Tirunelveli District Implementation Every year, on the first Sunday of the Tamil month (July-August), there is an eight-day festival called Sarala Vijaya.

The Coutrallam waterfalls are one of the region’s most famous tourist attractions and had usually visited by the devotees of Papanasanathar Temple and Sabarimala. The season begins with the southwest monsoon from July to September.

The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) owns a boathouse that operates boating during the season. Kuttalam Palace is a Travancore monument located near the falls.

Before 1956, Kuttalam was also part of the state of Travancore. 

Myths of Kutralam falls

According to Hindu mythology, during the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, there was a massive crowd at Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva.

Sage Agastya could not watch the event and prayed to Lord Shiva at this place to watch the event. Lord Shiva said that he would give darshan in Kutralam.

The gatekeepers did not allow Augustus to enter, originally a Vishnu temple. With his powers, he transformed Vishnu into Shiva, the conch into deer, and the tulsi into a meniscus, and Agastya pressed Vishnu’s head until it became an imitation lingam, Shiva.

Due to heavy stress, Lord Shiva got a headache, and in modern times, the image of the presiding deity believes to have sage hand gestures.

To alleviate Lord Shiva’s headache, the sage made oil with a mixture of cow’s milk, green coconut, and 42 herbs and anointed Lord Shiva.

Pleased with his devotion, Lord Shiva changed the place into his abode and became known as Kutralanathar, and the waterfall near the temple got the name Kautrallam. This tradition had still followed in the Kutralanathar Temple in modern times.

Why does Kutralam falls?

  • Kutralam is a place to relax and unwind. Two thousand species of flowers and plants had founded in these hills.
  • It is safe to drink that water in a few mouthfuls while bathing.
  • This water is said to cure all digestive and urinary problems.
  • The water flows through the rocks with Shiva lingas and other deities’ sculptures, and bathing in the waterfall is truly a religious experience.
  • Studies show that the water in this waterfall has herbal properties that can cure many ailments.
  • Betel nut, pure honey, jackfruit, langoustine, mountain banana, Dorian, custard apple, guava, chickpea, mangosteen, mango, and guava are fruits that grow on crime hills. Many rare herbs are also grown in the hills.

Attractions at Coutrallam falls

There are eight different waterfalls. Easily accessible waterfalls are the main waterfalls, the five waterfalls, and the old waterfalls.

kutralam falls timings

Other waterfalls include Tiger Falls, Sitraruvi, Senbagave, Honey, and Pajathottam, which the government restricts.

Main Falls-Peraruvi:

Coutrallam waterfalls are the largest on the whole. The height is about 60 meters. The water flow is interrupted by a natural vent, which slows down the water, and makes it safer to bathe. The waterfall is so large that about 200 to 300 people can bathe at once.

Aintaruvi-Five Waterfalls: 

It is the most famous waterfall in Kutralamas. It is delicate and suitable for bathing all ages. From a bird’s eye view, the waterfall looks like a five-headed mythical snake, Adiseshu.

The water flows down five branches and meets in a single stream as it flows downwards—two of the five branches that flow had dedicated to women for bathing and three for men.

Pajaya Kurtalla Aruvi-Old Kutralam Falls: 

Also known as Sivamatungai Falls, it locates at a distance of 5 km from the central falls. The waterfall flows into a valley formed between two giant rocks. It flows from 200 feet and cuts stairs to the rocks to reduce water impact. It is safe to bathe, and there are separate areas for men and women. Oil massage is available near the falls.

Kannupuli mettu:

It locates at a distance of 20 km from Courtallam. Gundaru Dam’s vast expanse of water stored in the Dam Reservoir is a breathtaking view. Publicly accessible waterfalls and private waterfalls are available here. Unlike KutralamFalls, these waterfalls have a unique feature that makes us happy. We can enjoy Jeep Safree rides to access private falls.

Kumbavooruti Aruvi-Kumbavooruti Falls:

This waterfall locates at a distance of 32 km from Courtallam. On the way to Achhan Koil in Kerala near Sengottai. It locates on top of the hills. We had to go by jeep or safari due to the road condition on the hills.

As you travel through the winding hairpin bends and dense forests, you can experience bliss before reaching the falls. Kumbavooruti Falls has a unique mark, where bathing and swimming are allowed.

Best time to visit

If you want a great experience, you only have to visit these places from June to December. So plan a trip to Kutrala and enjoy a refreshing bath in the spectacular waterfalls.

kutralam waterfalls resorts with private falls

  1. The Kuttalam Heritage, 3 k from Kutralam central falls.
  2. Saaral Resort is an 11-minute walk from Main falls.
  3. Esakki Resort, 2 km from Kuttalam falls,
  4. Hotel King Palace, 7km from Kuttalam waterfall.

Kutralam Falls Timings

The Kutralam falls timings are from 10 AM to 8 PM.

How to Reach

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is Tenkasi(5 km).
By Air: 
The nearest airport is Tuticorin (100 km).
By Bus:
Nearest bus stand, Courtalam, and Senkottai.

Nearby Famous Temples

Kutralam is also unique for Devotees, and Many famous temples are easily accessible from here,

  • Kutraleswarar temple – Near central falls, the Best time to visit is in the early morning.
  • Tenkasi Kasi Viswanath temple – The best time to visit in the evening
  • Achankovil temple – 30km from Courtalam, On the way, enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries.
  • Tirumalai kovil – Located in Hill
  • Kumaran Temple at Ilanji, 3 km away from Kutralam
  • Sri siddheswari peetham.
  • Kasi Viswanthar Temple at Tenkasi, 6 kms away from Kutralam
  • Thirumalai Temple at Panpoli, 8 kms away from Kutralam
  • Ulagaambihai and Lord Shiva Temple at Papanasam, 35kms to the Southeast of Kutralam
  • Ariyankavu Aiyappan Temple, 35 km to the Northwest of Kutralam
  • Dakshinamoorthy Temple at Puliyarai, 12kms west of Kutralam

Other Famous Tourist Spots

Are you planning for a few more days to enjoy yourself? Here we go nearest best attractions of Kutralam waterfalls.

  • Agasthiyar Falls is near Papanasam.
  • Papanasam River locates at a distance of 35 km from Kutralam.
  • Manimuthar Dam and Falls. You will get excited here !!.
  • Kalakaddu – Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary near Papanasam
  • Lower Papanasam Dam, the upper Papanasam (Kaaraiyar) Dam, Servalar Dam.
  • The tea estates and other plantations are at Maanjolai, Manimutharu, and Oothu.

Contact details

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