Kumaran Kundram Temple | Timings & A Cultural Experience

Kumaran Kundram Temple is a small temple dedicated to Murugan. It lies atop a hillock facing the north in Chrompet, en route to Hastinapuram. The temple was located between the hill temples of Trisioolam and Tiruneermalai. The morning hours are 07:00 am to 10:50 am, and the evening hours are 04:30 pm to 08:20 pm.

The Kumaran temple is over 40 years old, and the presiding deity is Murugan, called Sri Swaminathaswamy. Murugan is one of the most loved and popular Hindu gods in South India, and Kumaran Kundram, like many other temples dedicated to Murugan, is on top of a hill.

Kumaran Kundram Temple History:

Kumaran Kundram Temple

According to the legend, it had said that Lord Murugan stayed in this place before he proceeded to fight against the demon Surapadman. This temple is believed to be one of the six important abodes of Lord Murugan, collectively known as “Arupadaiveedu”.

The temple’s rich history dates back to the 7th century CE when the Pallava dynasty patronized it. Later, the Chola and Vijayanagara empires also supported it.

Kumaran Kundram Temple Architecture:

The Kundram temple is a replica of the original in Thanjavur. The deity is in a standing posture and is etched in granite. Murugan is in child form and holds a staff in his hand. Opposite his sanctum is the elephant carrier. There is a Dhyana Mantapam beneath the shrine.

The Prakaram (the compound around the sanctum) has famous Murugan hymns engraved on the walls. It is a niche for Goddess Durga. The temple houses Sannidhis for each God. It has shrines for Shiva, Sabareshwarar, Vishnu, Anjaneya, Ambal, and the Navagrahas.

A peepal tree is the Thala Vriksham for the temple. Kumaran Kundram has a peaceful atmosphere and a panoramic view of the environment from the hillock all around.

Kumaran Kundram Temple Timings:

The Kumaran temple’s morning timings are 07:00 am to 10:50 am, and the evening timings are 04:30 pm to 08:20 pm.

DaysMorning TimingsEvening Timings
Monday7 am to 10:50 am7 am to 10:50 am
Tuesday4:30 pm to 8:20 pm7 am to 10:50 am
Wednesday4:30 pm to 8:20 pm7 am to 10:50 am
Thursday4:30 pm to 8:20 pm7 am to 10:50 am
Friday4:30 pm to 8:20 pm7 am to 10:50 am
Saturday4:30 pm to 8:20 pm7 am to 10:50 am
Sunday4:30 pm to 8:20 pm7 am to 10:50 am

Best time to visit Kumaran Kundram Temple:

The Kumaran Temple can be visited throughout the year. However, the perfect time to visit would be during the winter, from November to February, as the weather is perfect for sightseeing and temple visits.

Benefits of Kumaran Kundram Temple:

Devotees pray to the deity here to overcome obstacles to getting married and being childless. Murugan faces the northern side, and devotees make sacred offerings to attain wealth in the family. So, he is called Aishwarya Murugan.

Murugan is considered a great protector of the body and soul. This exceptionally popular God and son of Shiva Parvati is an amazing healer and can cure his devotees’ mental, physical, and psychological disorders. He tests the devotion of his devotees, and they surrender to him.

Kumaran Kundram Temple Special Sevas:

The temple’s special sevas are here

  • Abhishekam
  • Archana
  • Sahasranamam
  • Thiruvaradhanam
  • Vastra Dharana
  • Alangaram
  • Thaila abhishekam
  • Kavad
  • Vahana puja

Festivals Celebrated at Kumaran Kundram Temple:

On the night of the complete moon, there is a monthly circumambulation of the small hill temple that draws huge crowds of devotees every month. The procession deity appears with his consorts- Valli and Deivanai. On auspicious and festival days of Aadi, Thai Krithigai, Thirukkarthigai, Thai Poosam, and Panguni Uthiram, the deity goes in a procession around the hill. The temple celebrates the annual Soora Samharam festival in October-November and Karthigai Deepam in November-December.

Soora Samharam is the killing of the demon Soorapadman by Murugan. It is the prime festival of the temple, falls on the 6th day of the waxing moon after Deepawali and is an elaborate celebration with fireworks. On Kanda Shashti festival day, Murugan goes in a procession on the elephant carrier after performing Soora Samharam.

Maha Skanda Shashti was celebrated similarly in this temple to the Thiruchendur temple.

Devotee’s Offering in Kumaran Kundram Temple:

In the Kumaran temple, devotees offer Abishekam to Murugan, Shiva, and Ambal in new clothes as part of their contribution.

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Kumaran Kundram Temple Address & Contact Number:

  • Kumaran Kundram Temple, Kumaran Kundram Road, Kumaran Kundram, Chennai – 600069, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Contact number: +91-44-22460398

How to reach Kumaran Kundram Temple:

By Road:

Kumaran Kundram bus stand is the nearest bus stand.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station to Kumaran Kundram Temple is the Tambaram railway station.

By Air:

The Chennai International Airport is the closest, approximately 15 km away.


How many steps are there in Kumaran Kundram Temple?

A flight of about 80 steps can reach it.

Who built Kumaran Kundram Temple?

Kumaran Temple was patronized by the Pallava dynasty in the 7th century CE and was expanded and beautified by the Chola and Vijayanagara empires.

Is there an entry fee for the Kumaran Temple?

No, there is no entrance fee to see the temple.

What is the architecture of the Kumaran Kundram Temple?

The temple has constructs atop a hill with a sequence of steps leading up to it. It has a large complex with several shrines adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures.

Is there any parking available near the temple?

Yes, ample parking is available near the temple.