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Kedarnath Temple had Located in the Garhwal Himalayan field in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, India. The Kedarnath Temple is one of the most prestigious and sacred Hindu temples, as it is part of the Chhota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand. Kedarnath Temple timings are from 4 am–9 pm.

Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath Temple overview: 

At 3,583 meters, this Temple is the tallest of the 12 Jyotirlingas and had dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Kedarnath Temple, situated amidst the snow-capped and towering mountains with the Mandakini River flowing in front of it, sees lakhs of devotees yearly due to its religious importance and sanctity. 

The present Kedarnath temple had believed to have been rebuilt by Adisankaracharya, originally built by the Pandavas over a thousand years ago with enormous stone slabs on a large rectangular platform. Kedar is another name for Lord Shiva, the protector and the destroyer.

It is one of the holiest shrines dedicated to the deity, and a journey to this holy land had believed to open the door to “moksha”, or salvation. This abode of Lord Shiva can only reach by trekking from Gowrikund. Hence, Kedarnath Temple is a treat even for trek lovers. 

The mesmerizing views of the surrounding Himalayas, the fragrant atmosphere, and the clean atmosphere will bring you ultimate bliss.

The enthusiasm shown by devotees just for Linga Darshan is admirable. Interesting history, spiritual value and fascinating architecture are among the many reasons to visit Kedarnath Temple.

History of Kedarnath Temple:

The history behind the Kedarnath temple is very interesting as it had linked with Mahabharata’s mythological stories. After the Kurukshetra war, the Pandavas felt guilty for killing their Kaurava relatives. 

So, they wanted Shiva to wash away their sins, but Shiva got angry with them. The Pandavas first moved to Kashi to meet Lord Shiva, where they learned he was in the Himalayas. 

They even went to the Himalayas, but Lord Shiva did not want to easily absolve them of their sins. Hence, he disguised himself as a buffalo and went to Guptakashi. The Pandavas also reached Guptakashi and spotted a unique-looking buffalo. 

Bhima, one of the Pandavas, grabbed its tail, and the buffalo broke off in different directions. It believed that its crest fell in Kedarnath, so the Kedarnath temple was born.

Other parts of the buffalo’s body fell at places like Tungnath, Rudranath, Kalpeshwar and Madhyamaheshwar. These four places, along with Kedarnath, are known as the holy ‘Pancha Kedars’. 

Later, Lord Shiva forgave the sins of the Pandavas and decided to reside in Kedarnath as Jyotirlinga. It had also believed that Nar and Narayana, incarnations of Lord Vishnu, performed in front of the clay Shivalinga at Badarikashram in Bharat Khand.

Lord Shiva was pleased and occurred before them. He requested them to wish. So, they asked the Lord to reside in Kedarnath forever in the form of Jyotirlinga.

Inside the Kedarnath Temple:

It had Built about a thousand years ago with huge stone slabs, the Kedarnath temple stands on a raised rectangular platform, and it has an area of ​​approximately three sq km.

 In front of the main Temple is a low-ceilinged hall with images of Parvati and the five Pandavas. The walls had decorated with figures of other deities from the Mahabharata. 

Beyond the temple door, there is also a huge idol of Nandi, the cow worshipped by tourists, and in the main Temple, a cone-shaped rock is worshipped as Lord Shiva. Adi Shankara had believed to have restored this Temple over the centuries.

What are the Pujas and Rituals?

Various types of Pujas had performed in the Temple throughout the day, in the morning and evening. Devotees must pay a certain amount to attend a particular puja. 

Morning puja starts at 4:00 and lasts till 7:00. It includes:- 


The cost of attending this puja is INR 1700 per person. 


This puja had dedicated to Lord Shiva and has performed to wash away all sins. It costs Rs 1300 per person to attend this puja.


This abhishekam had done to solve health and wealth problems or remove the bad effects of planets in the horoscope. This puja costs INR 1100 per person. 

Shodashopachara Pooja: 

Every devotee has to pay INR 1000 to attend this pooja. Apart from these, Balbhog, regular morning puja and various other rituals were conducted, which visitors can attend at nominal fees.

Evening pujas had held from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. These are: 

Recitation of Shiva Sahasranamam: 

Proper pooja and abhishekam had performed by reciting all 1008 names before Lord Shiva. INR 360 per person to attend this puja. 

Shiva Mahimastotra Path: 

Devotees must pay INR 360 per person to participate in this puja. Shiva Tandavastotra Path- Stotras with 16 syllables each describe the power and beauty of Lord Shiva. It costs INR 340 per person.

Festivals Celebrated at Kedarnath Temple

Apart from seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva, you can witness the exciting religious festivals held at the Temple:- 

Badri-Kedar Utsav: 

Held in June, this festival brings renowned artists from Uttaranchal to showcase their musical talents dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. This festival had celebrated for eight days.

Shravani Annakoot Mela:

The mela had celebrated on the day before Raksha Bandhan. The entire jyotirlingam is covered with cooked rice and then distributed as prasad to the devotees—many pujas had performed on this auspicious day.

Samadhi Pooja:

Every year a great pooja is performed on the Samadhi of the great Sri Adi Sankaracharya. The event occurs on the day when the Kedarnath temple is closed for six months.

Nearby Tourist Places

Apart from the Kedarnath Temple, this place has many treasures for you, which you can research on your way to the Temple. 

Gangotri Temple:

Gangotri Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga. This Temple had located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state. It had situated at an altitude of 3,100 meters in the Himalayan Range on the banks of the Bhagirathi River.

Triyuginarayana :

It had believed that Shiva and Parvati got married in this Temple. You can reach this place on a short trek 5 km from Son Prayag. Also, the flame that stood as a witness to the wedding is still burning in front of the Temple.


Located 49 km from Kedarnath Temple, this place is famous for Ardhanarishwar and Vishwanathji Temples. 


In the Garhwal region, Chopta offers you the most spectacular panoramic view of the Himalayas. It is 93 km from the Temple, which is a three-hour drive. 

Panch Kedar:

Kedarnath is one of the Panch Kedar temples. You can explore the other four mandirs- Madmaheshwar, Tungnath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar.

Vasuki Tal:

The lake gives you a breathtaking view of the Chaukhamba peaks. It is a 6 km trek from Kedarnath Temple. 

Gandhi Sarovar:

Also known as Chorabari Tal, it is a small lake at the foot of Kedarnath Temple. Shankaracharya Samadhi- This place offers devotees a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. The great philosopher Adi Shankaracharya is said to have taken his samadhi here.

Bhairavanath Temple:

This Temple is just 1 km away from Kedarnath Temple. From here, one can get an overall view of Kedarnath valley and Kedarnath shrine. 

Best Time to Visit Kedarnath Temple:

May to July was the best time to visit Kedarnath Temple. The Temple closes between 3 pm and 5 pm, so it is better to leave early in the morning.

Stay near Kedarnath Temple:

You can find many good hotels in Kedarnath at cheap rates. Some of them are- 

  • Hotel Priyadarshani 
  • Char Dham 
  • Hotel Himachal House 
  • Shivalik Valley Resorts 
  • GMVN Camps 

Tips for visiting Temple:

  • Take enough woollen clothes with you as the temperature drops after sunset.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Carry basic emergency medicines with you. 
  • People with asthma should take extra precautions due to the high altitude. 
  • Carry mosquito or insect repellent to prevent diseases like malaria. 
  • Avoid eating raw and cold food. Boiled or cooked food is safe. 
  • During the trip, do not rest at places where warning signs are visible.
  • To prevent sunburn, keep applying sunscreens. 
  • Avoid drinking tap water. 
  • You should get a medical fitness certificate before starting the trek to Kedarnath. These are available at Guptkashi and Sonprayag.

Kedarnath Temple Timings:

The Kedarnath temple timings are from 4 am–9 pm.

How to reach Kedarnath Temple? 

By Air: 

Jolly Grant Airport is the closest airport at 238 km from Kedarnath. 

By Train: 

Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest train station to Kedarnath. The distance from Rishikesh to Kedarnath is 216 km. 

By Road: 

Gaurikund is the nearest motorable area from Kedarnath. Inter-state and intra-state bus services surround it.

Kedarnath Temple Address:

Kedarnath Temple had located in the town of Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand.

Website :


How do you book Kedarnath temple?

You can book a helicopter by visiting

How much does a helicopter ride in Kedarnath cost? 

A round trip for a five-seater helicopter costs approximately Rs. 7,347. Travellers can also book a one-way ticket. It costs approximately INR 3,200 per person. Additional charges will be levied for priority darshan for same-day travellers.

Who built Kedarnath Temple, and how old is it?

 According to legend, the original Pandavas built the Kedarnath temple, and the present Temple had founded by Adi Shankaracharya, who restored the glory of the shrine in the 8th century A.D. The Temple is more than 1,200 years old and is said to be one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India.

What is the height of the Kedarnath Temple in feet?


Kedarnath Temple Opening and Closing Date

Kedarnath Temple Opening Date: 26 April 2023 Kedarnath Temple Closing Date 2023 November.

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