How to Meet Locals While Traveling Around the World

Most people like to travel around the world, and finding local friends is part of what makes it enjoyable. How to meet locals while traveling around the world? Making friends while traveling is a perfect way to open doors to new opportunities and gain valuable experiences. Meeting the local people will get you immersed in their language and culture. They will show you where to get authentic local cuisine and places to visit, and you might save time and money. But how do you find local friends? 

Meet Locals While Traveling Around the World

Fortunately, technology has transformed the world into a global village, and interacting with strangers has never been easier. If you want an authentic experience, don’t limit your interactions to your travel buddies; get out and meet the local people. Here are tips on how to meet people in other countries.

Meet Locals While Traveling

Find Local Accommodation to Meet Locals While Traveling

You will unlikely interact with locals while staying in international and five-star hotels. The closest you might get is speaking with the hotel’s staff, who might not bring their true personalities to work.

However, there are many accommodation options for travelers. For instance, you can rent an apartment on Airbnb and be free to interact with the locals. Alternatively, you can look for an option where the host will be with you. The host may offer to hang out with you and show you around the city. Eventually, you could even find local friends to share stories with.

Couch-surfing is another perfect way of finding local accommodation. You can use Couchsurfing, a homestay program that offers travelers free accommodation on local couches. Though it’s a less comfortable option, it lets you save money and live with locals. But if you are uncomfortable living with strangers, you can use Couchsurfing forums to organize meet-ups and find local friends.

Use Omegle to Meet Locals While Traveling

Omegle is a popular free online chat platform that lets strangers socialize without registering. The site pairs you with a stranger and allows you to chat via video or text. Chatting on the site involves four simple steps:

  • Visit Omegle
  • Write your interest
  • Select Text or Video
  • Begin chatting

Though using the site is pretty simple, you can easily get blocked on Omegle. Breaking rules, switching chats frequently, being reported, and strangers leaving your chats are reasons you can get banned from Omegle. Knowing how to get unbanned from Omegle is vital because the platform can block you for petty reasons. A ban blocks your IP address and switches off your internet connection if you try to join.

Some practical ways of using unbanned Omegle include:

  • Using a VPN
  • Connecting via mobile hotspot,
  • Using a different network, and
  • Changing your IP address

Attend Local Festivities

Attending local festivities is one of the perfect ways to meet locals while traveling, and you also can make new friends and learn new traditions and cultures. Many tourist destinations have events like festivals, celebrations, and carnivals.

It would be best if you plan your travel around such events. For instance, you can schedule a trip to Germany during Oktoberfest or the Venice Carnival in Italy. Planning your trip around such events ensures you find local friends and makes the trip more enjoyable.  

Eat At Local Restaurants

Eating at five-star restaurants and other tourist eateries is easier when touring a new country meet locals while traveling around the world. However, it limits your interaction with the locals since most people eating at those hotels are your fellow tourists. You will also be served popular dishes and may fail to enjoy the local cuisine.

Eating at local restaurants is a perfect way to interact with the locals and enjoy authentic local dishes. You can research online for popular places where locals eat. Once you identify a restaurant, Google maps can help you find your way. Eating at local restaurants could also result in significant cost-saving.

In addition to eating at local restaurants, you can arrange for a local to host you. Professional chefs can be your host by signing up with EatWith, which enables them to plan local fares for travelers. The platform allows you to enjoy your preferred meal prepared by a local chef.

Attend Classes With Locals

Cooking and language exchange classes are more authentic when locals teach the lessons. Taking such lessons when traveling becomes more enjoyable and adds to your experiences. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to make friends and spend time with the local people.

Attending classes may offer the chance to explore aspects of the local culture you may be interested in. You will also get insider tips and advice on the locals’ culture, traditions, and language. 

Use Local Means Of Transport

One of the best ways of interacting with the local people is by using local means of transport. When traveling worldwide, you can use public buses and trains to move around. However, most tourists opt for tour vans, which deny them the opportunity to meet locals while traveling.

Local taxis are a great alternative if you want to avoid the congestion associated with public transport. Most taxi services, such as Uber and Lyft, use apps that let local drivers provide transport services at economical prices. Moreover, a taxi service offers the freedom and flexibility to visit other sites outside the tour van’s schedule. 


You are meeting locals while traveling around the world makes your trip more authentic and fulfilling. You also learn more about the local culture, traditions, and cuisine. However, making friends with strangers is easier said than done. This article provides essential tips on how to meet people in other countries.