Kalhatty Waterfalls | Timings & Jungle Camping

Kalhatty falls in Bellikal, Ooty, are often referred to as the ‘Bird Watchers Paradise’ as it shows you an aerial view of the entire valley and is a great place to spot some native birds. The Kalhatty waterfalls timings are from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Kalhatty waterfalls

The dramatic beauty and serene atmosphere of the place make it an ideal place for vacations and short trips. The lake where this waterfall converges is also a significant attraction in Bellikkal and had surrounded by lush greenery.

It is also the source of fresh water for the surrounding areas. In their natural habitat, elephants often visit this lake to drink water, making it an excellent sight for travellers. Travellers can take a long walk along the shores of the lake, which gives them a memorable experience.

Kalhatty Falls, Bellikal, is a beautiful waterfall located 400 feet south of the Sigur Plateau in Tamil Nadu.

kalhatty falls ooty

Falling from the lush greenery of the Nilgiris, these waterfalls are of great importance not only for their landscape but also for their conservation and biodiversity.


The locals also know Kalhatty waterfalls as Kalahasti Falls. It locates at an average elevation of 400 feet on the Sigur Plateau in Tamil Nadu. Dense forests surround it, and animals like bears, tigers, elephants, and monkeys often visit the lake, becoming an excellent sight for visitors.

Flora and fauna of Kalhatty waterfalls

The place is rich in a wide variety of fauna and fauna. Woodpeckers, tigers, monkeys, and elephants can see roaming around the place, and they can visit the lake for drinking water.

Beliefs related to the fall

The water flowing from the Chandra Drona hill into the Kalhatty Falls believes by locals and villagers living around the area to have healing and medicinal properties. Many religious people believe in this concept and consider it lucky to visit this place.

However, many wild species, including black panthers and wild dogs, are waterfowl, so please do not over-explore. They are much healthier and more robust than the average human.

If you are lucky, you will find a herd of wild buffalo and Sambhar deer coming quickly for a drink near the falls.

Like other waterfalls, it is not advisable to visit the falls when the monsoon season is at its peak. The water flow in the mountains is very unpredictable, and it can protect you from a sudden rise in water level.

The best time to visit the falls is during September and November when the monsoons dry up, and winter begins. Be sure to take warm clothing with you.

Kalhatty Jungle Camp Overview

The Duchy of Kalhatty is one of the oldest mountain ranges globally, at 2000 m above sea level. Prosperous throughout the year. The days are warm, and the evenings are cold. Temperatures range from 10 to 25 C.

The RSPB reported flora and fauna of many endangered species. The resort had set up organically produced tea and coffee plantations. There are geranium and rosemary cultivars that are of interest to plant breeders. Kalhatty Jungle Camp locates at a distance of 16 km from Ooty.

Kalhatty Falls is a tourist landmark in Tamil Nadu and has plenty of gushing streams and creeks. We have jungle camps, tent accommodation, etc., for wildlife enthusiasts. Trekking, jeep safaris, campfire, etc., can be arranged on request.

No TV, fan, phone, internet & Wi-Fi, so we can forget about our busy daily schedule and explore the beauties of the jungle. It was just amazing. Kalhatti- A unique opportunity to experience.

Kalhatty waterfalls Distance

Kalhatty is 262 km from Bangalore city via Mysore in Karnataka state and 100 km from Coimbatore city in Tamil Nadu, which had well connected by air, rail, and road. It is 2,000 meters above sea level and has many waterfalls and rivers. Kalhatty Falls is a tourist landmark in Tamil Nadu, with gushing streams and creeks.


Approximately 50 acres are under tea, 25 acres are under coffee cultivation, and the entire production plants with organic manure are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic tea and coffee, and vegetables are healthy. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, cardamom, and other spices are also grown there.

Large areas that have lost forest cover had replanted. Thanks to modern technology, there are check-dams and kilometres of waterways to supply water through sprinklers and high-powered pumps. The resort had set up organically produced tea and coffee plantations.

There are geranium and rosemary cultivars that are of interest to plant breeders. You can see herds of monkeys, not to mention a wide variety of birds. Flora and fauna of many endangered species such as sandalwood, rosewood, white cedar, Indian giant squirrel, barking deer, sambar, leopard, tiger, elephant, bison, etc. the RSPB has reported 220 species of birds.


There is a reasonable accommodation, camping areas, experienced guides, etc., to enjoy a plantation holiday for an adventurous mountain safari with all the wild surprises a man can imagine.

They have jungle camps, tent accommodation, etc., for wildlife enthusiasts. Still, the rooms are the ultimate luxury for those tired of travelling in Kalhatty  Fort. Trekking, jeep safaris, campfire, etc., can be arranged on request.

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Things to Do

  1. Bathing and Swimming On Kalhatty Falls,
  2. Hiking,
  3. Watch Around Tea Farms,
  4. Prayer on Church And Temples,
  5. Boating On Sandynulla Lake etc.

Best Time to Visit

  • Summer Season: April to June
  • Monsoon Season: July to September
  • Winter Season: October to March

Tourist Attractions at Kalhatty waterfalls

  • Kalhatty Top Falls,
  • Kalhatty Falls,
  • Joseph’s Church,
  • Kallatty Kaliamman Temple,
  • CSI Neethi church,
  • Marks Church Sholada,
  • Jackalorai Muneeshwarar Temple,
  • Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple Mattam,
  • Selva Vinayagar Temple,
  • Sandynulla Lake etc.

Kalhatty waterfalls Timings

Below are the Kalhatty waterfalls timings:

DayKalhatty waterfalls Timings
Monday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

How to reach

Kalhatty waterfalls locate near the Ooty Hill Station in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty had well connected by road, rail, and air to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, and Goa.

By Air:

The “Coimbatore Airport” was located just 119.1 km from Kalhatty Falls (Ooty). It is an international airport where travellers can fly to major household cities and some foreign countries.

By Rail:

Its nearest central railway station is the “Coimbatore Railway Station.” It is precisely 119.1 km from Kalhatty Falls (Ooty). Here tourists can get trains to all the major cities in India.

By Road:

National Highway 181 connects Ooty to other major cities in India.

Distances from Kalhatty Waterfalls (Ooty):

  • Coimbatore Airport: 119.1 KM
  • Ooty: 32.2 KM
  • Coimbatore Railway Station: 119.1 KM
  • Coimbatore: 116.4 KM
  • Madurai: 316.0 KM
  • Bengaluru: 261.9 KM
  • Kochi: 277.7 KM
  • Chennai: 587.5 KM
  • Goa: 704.1 KM
  • Mumbai: 1126.5 KM
  • Delhi: 2435.6 KM


Kalhatty Waterfalls, Seegur Ghat Road,

The Nilgiris District Kalhatti P.O,

Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643206