Varkala Beach | Timings & Things to do

Varkala Beach, also called Papanasham Beach, is located in Varkala Town of Varkala Municipality in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, India. The coast skirts the Arabian Sea, part of the Indian Ocean. The water of Varkala Beach has regarded to own medicinal and curative properties. Beach Timings are 12:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Varkala Beach

A dip in the hoy water is said to cleanse the body of impurities and all sins, and thus the name Papanasam Beach means ‘Destroyer of Sins’.The Beach itself is divided into two parts the southern area of the Beach, lying at the end of the road leading from Janardhana Swamy Temple, is regarded as sacred by Hindus.

Varkala Beach Timings:

Beach Timings are 12:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Monday12 am – 12 pm
Tuesday12 am – 12 pm
Wednesday12 am – 12 pm
Thursday12 am – 12 pm
Friday12 am – 12 pm
Saturday12 am – 12 pm
Sunday12 am – 12 pm

Best time to visit Varkala Beach:

The best time to enjoy the Beach at its best is between the months of late December and March. The weather is dry and sunny, with the temperature hovering around 30 deg C. Avoid travelling during April and May when the climate is hot and humid.

Varkala Beach Entry Fee:

There is no entry fee for Adults and Children.

Water Sports at Varkala Beach:

Water Sports in Varkala Beach and some other beaches are well known for their water sports; several are available at Varkala Beach, like Parasailing, Jet skiing, Banana Boat ride, and much more. Everything has changed at a feasible rate, where these activities are more exciting and engaging for the visitors to have a splendid experience.

Enjoy the water sports in Varkala Beach by choosing different sports that are not serious and just for fun. Here Jet skiing costs almost Rs. 450, whereas Parasailing charges virtually Rs. 1,000, and for the banana boat ride, it is up to Rs. 300. 

Things to do at Varkala beach:


A beach with nearby sightseeing places has always been a top priority for a tourist. Varkala beach is a destination where you can enjoy various sightseeing and beaches. Ranging from natural blended beauty to artificial wonders, it has all.


Sunbathing is one of the most sought-after things on its Beach. Varkala beach provides a unique sunbathing experience with its beautiful landscape and favourable weather. Just a 5 minutes sunbath always accompanies the feeling of relaxation and peace on its coast.


For those of you who are avid lovers of Windsurfing, here is the place for you. With the 2 to 5 feet long tides, you can enjoy fantastic Windsurfing at this place. The long stretches of cliff formation help to maintain the steady flow of winds over the sea.


Cutting through the winds and sailing over the sea is what makes this sport a beautiful one. With the continuous wind flow, parasailing on its Beach is a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of tourists worldwide visit this place for a perfect yearly parasailing experience.


Laying on the Beach and watching the departed sun with the perfect blended colours are an experience you never want to forget for your whole life.

Tips For Visiting Varkala Beach: 

  • Being a holy town, serving alcohol at shacks is prohibited.
  • Power cuts are common, so carry a flashlight.
  • Do not swim too far, and beware of strong currents at the Beach.

Tourist Places nearby Varkala Beach: 

Anjuthengu Fort:

The fort was the East India Company’s first permanent post on the Malabar Coast. In November 1693, John Brabourne had sent by the British East India Company to Attingal, where he obtained a site grant from Rani Ashure for a fort on the sandy spit of Anchuthengu, together with the monopoly of the pepper trade of Attingal. 


Ponnumthuruthu, known as Golden Island, is in Varkala of Trivandrum district in Kerala. It had situated in Anjengo lake. The island is a property of a Valiyapurakkal Family. The island also contains a Hindu temple that is 100 years old. Sivarathri festival Sivarathri is a significant festival celebrated at the Siva Parvathi temple at Ponnumthuruthu. 

Kovalam Beach:

Located 16 km from the state capital Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), Kovalam is awesomely beautiful and a haven of serenity. It’s a pleasant tourist spot in ‘God’s Own Country’. It’s a magnificent beach supported by sharply mounting headlands and enclosed by fertile coconut palms. 

Kutralam Falls:

The waterfalls in Kutralam are known far and wide for their healing powers. The rivers that feed these falls flow through uninhabited forests filled with Ayurvedic plants and herbs. The water accumulates the essence of these herbs, and taking a shower in these falls is believed to cure all chronic aches and pains.

Saint Sebastian’s Pilgrim Church: 

It had situated on the banks of the backwaters of Varkala, Saint Sebastian Pilgrim Church Moongodu is an important pilgrim centre for Christians. It had built by Portuguese Missionaries and is famous for the Feast procession of Saint Sebastian.

Edava Beach:

Untouched and unspoilt by tourist activities, the Edava beaches are the virgin stretches circling a blue lagoon where sea and backwaters run parallel, divided by a more-than-one km straight road. There is also an estuary that connects the sea with the bushes.

Hotels nearby Varkala Beach: 

  • Soul Home Stay
  • Cliff & Coral
  • Sand Castle Varkala
  • Sanctum Spring
  • Jickys Nest
  • Mad about Coco
  • Varakala Marine Palace
  • Cloud Nine Inside
  • Sea Wings

Varkala Beach Address & Contact Number: 

  • Varkala Beach, Varkala Town, Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, 695141, India.
  • Contact Number: 08743 000 333

How to reach Varkala Beach: 

By Road:

The nearest bus stand is the Varkala bus stand.

By Rail:

Varkala railway station is the nearest railway station.

By Air:

Trivandrum International Airport is the closest airport to Beach.


What is unique about Varkala Beach?

Its Beach is famous for its natural springs, which are said to have medicinal qualities. The 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple and the Sivagiri Mutt attract a steady stream of visitors annually. Many Ayurveda centres have also been set up in the area, which adds to its appeal.

Is Varkala Beach safe for swimming?

Varkala is a haven for sunbathing and swimming. The evening views of the sunset are worth lingering over. There are several small restaurants and snack shops near and around Papasnanam beach, which attracts the maximum number of visitors for leisure and religious reasons.

What is another name for Varkala?

Varkala has situated about 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram and 35 km from Kollam. It was known as the Southern Varanasi or Thenkasi, owing to the presence of the ancient Janardhana Swami temple here.

What is the history of Varkala Beach?

Varkala was known to ancient foreign traders, says many historical documents. The place had been referred to as `Balita’ in The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, the ancient Greek manuscript describing navigation and trading opportunities.

Why is Varkala beach called Papanasam Beach?

‘Papanasam’ is one of the main beaches here, and it is not only an important tourist spot but also has religious significance. It has believed that a dip in the waters here will wash away all the sins (papam), and hence the Beach obtained its name.

Why is Varkala beach so famous?

Its Beach is famous for its natural springs, which are said to have medicinal qualities. The 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple and the Sivagiri Mutt attract a steady stream of visitors annually. Many Ayurveda centres have also been set up in the area, which adds to its appeal.

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