Uppiliappan Temple | History, Timings, Poojas & Address

Arulmigu Uppiliappan Temple is a Hindu temple in the village of Thirunageswaram near Kozhikode; it is also known as the Thiruvinnagar of the Venkatachalapathy Temple. Thirunageswaram Uppiliappan temple timings are from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Uppiliappan Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built in the Dravidian style of architecture. It is also glorified in the famous Tamil work Divya Prabandha. It is known as the 60th among the 108 holy nations.

Lord Vishnu worshipped Uppiliappan and his wife Lakshmi as the Bhumi Dev.

uppiliappan temple timings

The construction of this temple is believed to have started in the 8th century AD during the reign of the medieval Cholas and was completed during the reign of the Thanjavur leaders.

The five-tiered dome is built of granite wall and has two inscriptions dating back to the Chola period. It was administered by the Hindu Religious and Devadaya Mandali of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Uppiliappan Temple has six daily rituals and three annual festivals. The Panchaguni festival (also known as the chariot festival) was celebrated in March-April, and thousands of pilgrims arrived as part of the festivities.


The main attraction of Uppiliappan Temple is the five-tiered dome that adorns the temple entrance. Moreover, the great temple was generously donated and adorned with precious ornaments and stones.

The shrine above the sanctum sanctorum is gilded, and the millennium plaque and the vessel used for baptism – the thirumanjanam. Hanuman Idol had a diamond crown, gold sword and armour.

The main temple is the main deity of Uppiliappan; the temple complex also houses small idols of Bhumi Devi, Markandeya Maharshi, Anjaneya, Alwar, Srirama, Manippan, Ennappan and Garuda.

Thirunageswaram temple timings

The complex has two wedding halls, a five-room guest house, one room for large and small chariots, and two separate halls. We can see Basil plants in the garden on the premises.

Thirunageswaram Uppiliappan Temple History

An ancient legend associated with the temple says that the tulsi (plant) once prayed to get close to Vishnu. Vishnu blessed the plant so that Lakshmidevi would appear in his lap. Then, basil grew on the site where the temple is now.

A few years later, Maharshi Markandeya worshipped Vishnu to give birth to his daughter Lakshmi Devi and Vishnu to marry her and become his son-in-law.

When Markandeya reached the temple site, he gained an intuition and began intense penance for several thousand years. Finally, goddess Lakshmi appeared as a baby under the basil plant, and Markandeya fulfilled his wish.

The sage raised the child and reached puberty When Vishnu appeared before him in disguise and asked him to marry his daughter.

Markandeyu replied that his daughter was too young to determine the salt content in the diet. Vishnu admits that it is his daughter’s fault and says her food is of good quality, with or without salt.

The sage was confused and prayed to Vishnu for help. Then, Vishnu appeared in his original form with a conch and a wheel and married Goddess Lakshmi.

The temple is in the same place. The prasadam-nevetium was made without salt offered in the temple.


Festivals Celebrated in Arulmigu Uppiliappan Temple:

  • Prarthana Festivals
  • Sri Ramanavami
  • The Float Festival was celebrated for five days in Thai(Jan – Feb)
  • Brahmotsavam was celebrated for nine days in Panguni (March-April)
  • Pavithrotsavam 5 days in Avani (Aug – Sep)
  • Vasanta Utsavam 6 days in Vaikasi (May-June)
  • Brahmotsavam was celebrated for nine days in Purattasi (Sept-Oct)
  • Kalyana Uthsavam Celebrated for 12 days in Aippasi (Oct-Nov)
  • Adhyayana Uthsavam Celebrated for ten days in Margazhi (Dec-Jan)
  • Sravanam Deepam and Sravanam Vratam

Uppiliappan Temple Timings

Below are the Uppiliappan temple timings:

  • Viswaroopa Dharisanam – 6.00 AM
  • Thirupavai – 7.30 AM
  • Thiruvaradhanam Nithiyapadi Pooja – 8.30 AM
  • Uchi Kaala Pooja – 12.00 Noon
  • Nithyanu Santhanam – 7.30 PM
  • Thiruvaradhanam Nithiyapadi Pooja – 8.30 PM
  • Arthajama Pooja – 9.00 PM

The best time to visit

The best time to visit Uppiliappan Temple is March-April at the annual chariot festival. The temple was decorated with colours and lights, and thousands of tourists and pilgrims visited the temple as part of the festivities.

How to reach Arulmigu Uppiliappan Temple


Tiruchirappalli International Airport in Trichy is the nearest airport, located 110 km from the temple.


The nearest railway station is at Thirunageswaram at 1.9 km, and the second is at Kumbakonam railway station, 5.0 km from the temple.


Taxi, auto or bus are available from Kumbakonam, just 6 km from here. The scandal can reach by bus or train from different parts of the city.

Attractive Places near Uppiliappan Temple:
  1. Rahu Temple – Nagabatheswarar and the Goddess is Piraiyani Valnuthal Ammai, 5 km
  2. Suriyanar Kovil/Suriya Bahavan 15 km
  3. Arulmigu Subramanya Temple – Swamimalai 18 km
  4. Kumbeswarar Temple is located in the centre of Kumbakonam.
  5. Thirupuvanam
  6. Kanchanoor
Arulmigu Uppiliappan Temple Address


Arulmigu Uppiliappan Temple,

Thirunageswaram – 612 204.

Thanjavur District.

Phone: 0435-246 3385,246 3685.

Head Clerk: 94860 58667.