Mysore Palace Karnataka | Timings & Light and Sound Show

Mysore Palace, Karnataka, is a magnificent symbol of architectural splendour and historical significance. Mysore Palace’s timings are 10:00 am to 05:30 pm.

It welcomes visitors with its grandeur and showcases the rich heritage of South India. The Palace offers a captivating light and sound show in the evening, adding a magical touch to the experience.

About the Mysore Palace Karnataka:

Mysore Palace, also called Mysuru Palace or Amba Vilas, a sprawling three-story, grey granite, Indo-Saracenic building capped by a five-story tower that culminates in a gilded dome in the southern Indian city of Mysuru in Karnataka state. 

The site features cows grazing happily among the lush gardens and twelve Hindu temples that comprise the complex.

Mysore Palace Karnataka Timings

The site’s history had closely linked to the royal family of the former kingdom of Mysore, the Wadiyar dynasty. 

The family ruled the area from 1399, when they first lived in a palace at Mysore, and the city became the kingdom’s capital in 1799.

History of Mysore Palace Karnataka:

The Palace was laid in the 14th century by the Wodeyars or Wadiyars, the royal family of Mysore. It had believed that Yaduraya Wodeyar, the first ruler of the Mysore Kingdom, built a palace in Puragiri, aka the Old Fort, during his reign. 

This Palace, believed to be the predecessor of the current Palace, has been demolished and reconstructed multiple times over six centuries.

In 1793 AD, when Tipu Sultan took over the Wodeyar Dynasty, he demolished the Palace and rebuilt it. In 1799, soon after the death of Tipu Sultan, the Palace came under Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, who redesigned the Palace as per the Hindu architectural style.

Sadly, in 1897, the Palace was destroyed by fire during the wedding ceremony of Jayalakshmmanni Princess. Again, Kempananjammanni Devi and her son Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV decided to rebuild the Palace. 

The task of revamping the Palace had commissioned by a British architect named Henry Irwin, who designed and completed this Palace in 1912 at a whopping cost of over 41 lakh Indian rupees. 

The Public Durbar Hall wing had added to the Palace under the reign of Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar during the 1930s.

Mysore Palace Karnataka Architecture:

Mysore Palace had built in the Indo-Saracenic style with a touch of Hindu, Mughal, Rajput, and Gothic architectural styles. The three-storied Palace and a 145 feet five-storied tower has built using fine grey granite.

The exterior of this marvellous structure had enriched with two durbar halls, several arches, canopies, columns and bay windows. There is also a sprawling green garden surrounding the Palace. 

The interiors had luxuriously designed with carved doors, stained glass ceilings, glittering glazed flooring tiles, spectacular Czechoslovakian chandeliers, and works of art worldwide.

In addition to the three entrances on the eastern, southern, and western sides, the Palace features several secret tunnels. There is also a group of temples at the Palace, built from the 14th to the 20th century.

Mysore Palace Karnataka Timings:

Mysore Palace’s timings are 10:00 am to 05:30 pm.

Monday10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Tuesday10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Wednesday10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Thursday10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Friday10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Saturday10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Sunday10:00 am to 05:30 pm

Best Time to Visit Mysore Palace Karnataka:

The perfect time to visit Mysore Palace is from October to February, when the weather is pleasant and favourable for exploration. 

Avoiding the monsoon season, visitors can enjoy clear skies and comfortable temperatures and experience the grandeur of the Palace and its surroundings to the fullest.

Mysore Palace Karnataka Entry Fee:

Here is the palace entrance fee

(Indian / Foreign) Adults Rs. 100
Above ten years and below 18 years Rs. 50
Children below ten years Free

Mysore Palace Karnataka Light and Sound Show:

The light and sound show held in the evenings is one of the prime attractions at Mysore Palace. The entire show portrays the 600-year-old history, cultural heritage, and traditions of the Wodeyar Dynasty in a visually appealing manner.

  • Light and Sound Show Duration: 45 minutes
  • Mysore Palace Light and Sound Show Timings: 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm. All days except Sundays and public holidays.
  • Light and Sound Show Ticket Costs: Rs. 70 for adults, Rs. 30 for kids above seven years and below 12 years

Mysore Palace Karnataka Illumination:

Mysore Palace had lit up in the evening on Sundays, public holidays, and during the ten days of Dasara celebrations. 

During weekdays, you can enjoy the illumination after the light and sound show for five minutes. 

The illumination had done using 97000 electric bulbs, making the Palace a sight to behold.

  • Illumination Timings: Sundays, public holidays, and during Dasara, timings are 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm.
  • Illumination Tickets: Free for All

Festivals at the Mysore Palace Karnataka:

Festivals at Mysore Palace Karnataka

Here are some notable festivals held at Mysore Palace:


The highlight festival at Mysore Palace is Dussehra, celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur. 


Mysore Palace comes alive during Navaratri, a nine-night festival dedicated to the devotion of the Hindu goddess Durga. 


The festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated at Mysore Palace enthusiastically. The palace premises had illuminated, and fireworks lit up the night sky, creating a mesmerizing ambience.

Ganesh Chaturthi:  

The Palace is beautifully decorated, and idols of Lord Ganesha had worshipped during this festival.


The Palace showcases traditional decorations, and cultural programs and events had organized to mark the occasion.

Facilities at Mysore Palace Karnataka:

Here are some facilities

  • Clean Environment
  • Free Wheel Chair Facility.
  • Braille Guide for Visually Challenged Tourists
  • Govt approved Guides to provide information to Tourists inside Mysuru Palace.
  • Battery Operated Vehicle
  • Free BSNL Wifi to Tourists
  • Photography without Flash is allowed
  • Free Cycle Facility for Tourists to cycle inside Palace to see the garden and temples
  • Hygenic Toilet Facility
  • Drinking Water Facility
  • Parking Facility for Vehicles at Varaha Gate and Ambavilas Gate
  • Free Stand for Footwear
  • Post Card Photographs of Mysuru Palace for Sale
  • Guide Book In Kannada, English and Hindi are available for sale
  • Free Umbrella Facility for Tourists to avoid rain or bright sun.
  • Health Kiosk and Baby Care Centre at Mysuru Palace Premises
  • First Aid-Kit available

Mysore Palace Karnataka Dress Code:

While there is no strict dress code at Mysore Palace, it had recommended to dress modestly and respectfully. 

Visitors had advised to avoid wearing revealing or inappropriate attire out of respect for the cultural significance of the Palace. 

Things to See in Mysore Palace Karnataka:

There is a fascinating array of things to see in and around Mysore Palace, each of which testifies to the wealth and grandeur of the Kingdom of Mysore.

  • The Gombe Thotti or Doll’s Pavilion, a collection of traditional dolls
  • Golden Howdah, the Maharaja’s elephant seat made of 85 kilograms of gold
  • Kalyana Mantap, or Marriage Pavilion, is an octagonal-shaped hall with a stained glass ceiling
  • Public Durbar Hall, a large hall from where the Maharajas used to address the public
  • Ambavilasa, a beautifully designed hall that the Maharajas used for their private audience
  • Paintings of Dasara Procession
  • Portrait Gallery, a collection of valuable paintings and photographs of the Royal Family
  • Casket Room containing royal collections
  • Wrestling Courtyard
  • Temples inside the Palace

Tips for Visiting Mysore Palace Karnataka:

Here are some tips for visiting the Palace

  • Plan your visit during weekdays to avoid crowds and long queues.
  • Arrive early in the morning to beat the rush and have ample time for exploration.
  • Visit the Palace during festivals like Dussehra for a vibrant and immersive experience.
  • Respect the cultural norms by dressing modestly and removing footwear in designated areas.
  • Capture stunning photographs, but be mindful of the photography restrictions inside certain areas.
  • Stay hydrated and carry a water bottle, especially during hot weather.
  • Take your time to appreciate the intricate details of the architecture and artwork.

Tourist places nearby Mysore Palace Karnataka:

Here are some tourist places

Hotels nearby Mysore Palace Karnataka:

  • Rio Meridian Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Plazza Mysore
  • Southern Star Mysore
  • Hotel Preeethi International
  • Advaitha Residency
  • Hotel Siddharta
  • Aishwarya Le Royal
  • The Quorum
  • Hotel Heritage Inn

Restaurants nearby Mysore Palace Karnataka:

Here are some famous restaurants nearby Palace

  • Mosaic – The Global Cuisine Restaurant
  • The Old House
  • Infinit Lounge Bar and Fine Dining
  • The Foodie Restaurant
  • La Uppu
  • The Sixth Main
  • Spring Restaurant

Mysore Palace Contact Details:

  • Address: Mysore Palace, Sayyaji Rao Rd, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001, India.
  • Contact Number: 0821 242 1051
  • Mysore Palace: Official Website

How to Reach Mysore Palace Karnataka:

By Road:

The nearest bus stand to Palace is the Mysore City Bus Stand, the Mysuru City Bus Stand or Mysore Central Bus Stand.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station to Palace is the Mysore Junction Railway Station. 

By Air:

The closest airport to Palace is the Mysore Airport, also known as Mandakalli Airport.


What is the story behind Mysore Palace?

Initially, the Palace was a wooden fortress struck by lightning in 1638 and reconstructed under the rein of Kantirava Narasa Raja Wodeyar. In 1793 AD, when Tipu Sultan took over the Wodeyar Dynasty, he demolished the Palace and rebuilt it.

Can we hire a guide at Mysore Palace?

Yes, there are authorized guides available at Mysore Palace who can provide detailed information about the Palace’s history, architecture, and significance.

Who was the owner of Mysore Palace?

The Palace was laid in the 14th century by the Wodeyars or Wadiyars, the royal family of Mysore.

Are shoes allowed inside Mysore Palace?

You are required to remove your shoes. That’s fine, but some areas around the Palace must be covered and clean.

How long does it take to see Mysore Palace?

The average time to explore Mysore Palace is 2 to 3 hours, depending on your steps and level of interest in the various sections and exhibits.

Are there any parking facilities available near Mysore Palace?

Yes, parking facilities are available near Mysore Palace for visitors. You can park your vehicles at designated parking areas or nearby parking lots.

Can we visit Mysore Palace on weekends?

Yes, Mysore Palace is open for visitors throughout the week, including weekends.

Is Mysore Palace wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Mysore Palace has provisions for wheelchair accessibility. There are ramps and elevators available to assist visitors with mobility challenges.

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