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Lokanarkavu Temple is an old Hindu temple located at Memunda. It is 4 kilometres from Vatakara, in the Kozhikode District of Kerala’s North Malabar region. Lokanarkavu is an abbreviation of Lokamalayarkavu, which means “world made of mala (mountain), Aaru (river), and Kavu” (grove). In chronological order of their ages, the deities are Vishnu, Parasakthi, and Siva. Lokanarkavu temple timings are from 5 am to 8 pm.

The Lokamalayarkavu temples are unique in that they hold three significant deities in different temples inside the same courtyard. The current Vishnu temple could be around 2000 years old, whereas the Bhagawathi temple is between 1300 and 1500 years old. The Siva temple is a somewhat recent structure, dating from about 400 years ago.

Lokamalayarkavu memunda

Lokanarkavu Temple History:

The Aryans Brahmins’ significant activity was trade. It was the Aryans Brahmins who erected the temple. They accepted the local Nairs’ traditions and formed a bond with them. However, upon closer inspection, their practices and beliefs were distinct from those of the neighbouring Nair community.

In the form of a lady who trailed the five hundred Aryans to Lokanarkavu, the goddess accompanied them. This goddess is still regarded as a mother by the successors rather than a goddess. Goddess Durga was a significant follower of Othenan.

However, he had nothing to do with the construction of the Durga temple. The goddess at Lokanarkavu is Durga rather than Kali. Here, you get all the information about the temple. So, you can read to know more.

Significance of the Temple:

Thacholi Meppayil Kunjhu Othenan, or simply Thacholi Othenan, was a legendary hero from North Kerala, a small southern Indian state. He was born in the sixteenth century. Udayana Kurup was his real name, and he began practising Kalarippayattu early.

He eventually developed into a skilled warrior as a result of his practice. According to legend, he was a harsh opponent to his foes and a friend to the defenceless. This temple is the only temple where people perform a unique folk dance known as Thacholikali during festivals.

The dance throughout the festival is similar to the Kalarippayattu martial art. Because of the temple’s affiliation with legendary hero Thacholi Othenan, all Kalaripayattu performers seek the deity’s blessings before making their debut even today.

Lokanarkavu Temple Timings:

Below are the Lokanarkavu temple timings

The temple is open all days of the week.

Morning Hours: 5 am to 11 am

Evening Hours: 5 pm to 8 pm

How to Reach the Temple?

By Air:

The Calicut International Airport is the nearest airport to the temple. This airport is about 87 km from Memunda temple.

By Rail:

Vadakara railway station is the nearest railway station to the temple. So, you can reach the temple from all other connected stations by rail.

By Road:

The temple has public transport to help people reach Memunda. So, you can get to the temple by road. As we have all the major transport facilities to the temple, It is easy to visit. So, you can reach the temple based on your comfort.

Contact Details:

Some people will have queries about the temple. So, we are providing the contact details below.

Address: POST SIDHASAMAJ, Vadakara, Kozhikode, 673104.

Lokanarkavu Temple Phone Number: 9895403358

These are the contact details of the Lokarnarkavu temple. You can contact them for information related to the temple.

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