Kumbhoj Bahubali Temple | History, Timings & Dharmashala

The famous Jain Tirtha (pilgrimage site) known as Bahubali is two kilometres away from Kumbhoj and known as Kumbhoj Bahubali Jain Temple. Kumbhoj Bahubali temple timings are from 6 AM to 9 PM. Devotees visit the temple for its history and Kumbhoj Bahubali Dharmashala.

Kumbhoj Bahubali

Kumbhoj (pronounced Kamboj) is an ancient town located in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. The town is located at a distance of eight kilometres from Hatkanangale, twenty-seven kilometres from Kolhapur and is now the headquarters of the taluka or tehsil.

The temple is home to Sri Bahubali Brahmacharya & Vidyapeetha. Dedicated to Lord Bahubali, it is a place of wonders.

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History of Bahubali

According to history, Kumbhoj was the oldest City where the saint Sri Bahubali Maharaj lived about 250 years ago. The place is named Khambhoj Bahubali in memory of the great saint.

After the saint’s death, many famous personalities like Muni Sri Prabhachandraji, Muni Sri Kamalkarji and Sri 108 Shanti Sagarji visit this place.

History Behind the Temple

In 1937, a four-month statement, i.e., Chaturmas Vaktavya delivered, and the first holy pilgrimage place of Sri Sammed Shikharji started from here.

In Kumbhoj Bahubali Jain temple, a beautiful, artistic 6 feet tall statue of Bahubali, erected here in 1156 AD, inspired by the saint Sri 108 Shrut Sagarji Maharaj.

The tirtha has miniature replicas of Gajapantha, Tharanga, Mangi-Tungi, Sonagiri and Pavagiri on the left and Mount Kailash, Shikharji and Girnarji on the right.

Jal Mandir, Ratnatraya Temple, Chandaprabhu Temple, Adinath Temple and Samavasarana Mandir had also built near the main Temple.

The Temple also has a hospice with all modern facilities. The monolithic statue of Bahubali in the Kayotsarga posture had erected in 1963.

This 28-foot statue is about 50 feet high. The Bahubali at Kumbhoj is similar to the Bahubali at Shravanabelagola, known as Gomateshwar in the south of Karnataka.

The coronation takes place here once every 12 years. This sacred event will last for seven days, and thousands of pilgrims will witness this.

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Another history of the Jain temple:

During the 2nd century BCE, a section of the Kambojas from Central India joined the Great Tribal Movement in Central Asia.

A section of those Kambojas seems to have given their name to this coastal town in southwest India. A micro Jain community called Kamboj near Nanded in Maharashtra had mainly made up of farmers.

Kumbhoj Devi is an ancient village visited by Shakambari. The Devi Shakambari Temple locates close to Banashankari near Badami.

The village was ruled mainly by Brahmins, whose surname was “Kulkarni” (now they migrated from this village and changed their name to “Kumbhojkar”), and Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj was an integral part of the group to consult them and give suggestions on criticism and politics.

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There is a reference to Rishi Kumbhoja, who found the reference in the South Indian revisions of the Ramayana. He seems to have lived on the banks of the river Godavari somewhere in southwestern India during the Ramayana period.

Kamboja Maharshi was originally from the northwest and seemed to have migrated on the Godavari River south of the Vindhya. This Village is famous for its agricultural land, where widespread sugarcane farming is.

Kumbhoj Bahubali Dharmashala

The Swetambar Jain Trust provides lodging and boarding for the devotees who visit the Kumbhoj Bahubali Dharmashala.

Kumbhoj Bahubali Dharmashala – Samantbhadra Nilay has several rooms, and there is a Bhojanshala and Mess facility. There are about 17 Jain hotels around this place.

For reservations, please call on Phone No: 0230 – 2584422.

 Other Accommodation

Other Hotel information near Temple:

  • Hotel Ganeshratna Executive.
  • Treebo Tend Balaji Residency.
  • Hotel Vrishali Executive.
  • Chandralok Homestay.
  • Shri mahalaxmi Exexutive Yatri Niwas.
  • Hotel Classic Midtown, Kolhapur.
  • Hotel Royal treats Kolhapur.
  • Hoel Silver Oak.
  • OYO 15198 Hotel Ranjeet.

Kumbhoj Bahubali Temple Timings

The Kumbhoj Bahubali temple timings are,

Temple opens at 6 AM and remains close at 9 PM.

Annual Gathering and fair:

The fair and Gathering are held here every year on the day of Karthika Purnima.

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Best time to visit:

The Bahubali Temple is a place of worship for the local Jains of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka, so it attracts many pilgrims throughout the year.

Transportation Facilities in Jain Temple:

Railway Station: – Hatkanangale 6km from Temple, Kolhapur 30km and Miraj 35km from Temple.

Bus Stand:- Kolhapur 30km and  Hatkanangale 6km from Temple.

Straight Root:-Kolhapur, Sangli, Hatkanangale, Ichalkaranji, Satara, Pune.

Nearest City:- Kolhapur 30km, Ichalkaranji 14km.

Kumbhoj Bahubali Contact number and Address :

Bahubali Kumbhoj Jain Temple, Taluka: Hatkadngale District: Kolhapur. Maharashtra – 416110

Phone: 0230-2584422

Management committee:

Bahubali Kumbhoj Temple, Taluka: Hatkadngale

District: Kolhapur. Maharashtra – 416110

Phone: 0230-2584422

Chair Person :

Shri Arvind Rao Doshi, Premier Auto Electricals Ltd., Gold Quine B 407 Tad Dev Road, Cross Road Opposite, Mumbai 400034

Phone 022-23636916

Secretary :

Shri Vilas Bhai Gulab Chand Shah Sogli, Balaji Nagar, Kupwara Road, Taluka: Miraj District: Sogli, Maharashtra 416416