Bathukamma Festival 2022 – Festival of Flowers

Festival of flowers, Bathukamma Festival is

celebrated mainly in Telangana and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. As per the Sathavahana calendar, every year, Bathukamma is celebrated for nine days, from Bhadrapada Pournami to Durgashtami. Women will wear traditional sarees, perform pooja for Goddess Gauri/Lakshmi, sing Bathukamma DJ songs, and dance in the evenings. This festival usually comes between September-October in

the English calendar.

This festival starts on Mahalaya Amavasya and ends on Ashwayuja Navami, two days before Dussera. With this festival, Sharath Ruthu starts, and Varsha Ruthu ends. This festival stands in for the cultural spirit of Telangana.

Bathukamma means “festival of life” celebrated to thank Goddess Parvathi, worshipped as Gauri Devi, for her blessings for the harvest income, and ask to grow crops next year. It is a beautiful flower stack arranged with different and unique flowers of medicinal value in seven layers with a temple gopuram shape.

Bathukamma DJ Songs, festival of flowers

Bathukamma meaning is Bathuku means life, and Amma means Mother. Women of Telangana state celebrate this festival of flowers to felicitate themselves. Al the women and Teenage girls will dress traditionally in beautiful sarees, half sarees, ghagra choli, jewellery, and other accessories. Brothers of the house bring flowers for sisters and mothers to prepare Bathukamma.

Bathukamma Flowers

Flowers Used for Bathukamma are wild plains like

  • Celosia
  • Senna
  • Marigold
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Indian Lotus
  • Cucurbita leaves & flowers
  • Cucumis Sativus leaves & flowers
  • Memecylon edule
  • Tridax procumbens
  • Trachyspermum Ammi
  • Katla
  • Teku Flowers

All these flowers bloom in different colours and uncultivated and barren lands.

Types of Names of Bathukamma

As Bathukamma is celebrated for nine days, there are nine types of Bathukamma.

  1. Angili pula Bathukamma
  2. Attukula Bathukamma
  3. Muddappappu Bathukamma
  4. Nanbiyyam Bathukamma
  5. Atla Bathukamma
  6. Aligina Bathukamma (alaka Bathukamma)
  7. Vepakayala Bathukamma
  8. Venna muddala Bathukamma
  9. Saddula Bathukamma or Pedda Bathukamma
Festival of flowers, Goddess gauri/lakshmi

Story behind why Bathukamma festival celebrated?

In the Chola dynasty, king Dharmangada and his wife Satyavati had a hundred sons and died in a war. The king and queen started praying to Goddess Lakshmi, pleading to be born as their daughter. Goddess Lakshmi was impressed with the dedication and was accepted as Princess Lakshmi.

As a baby goddess, Lakshmi survived many accidents and incidents in life. So their parents named her Bathukamma, and all the sages also blessed her as Bathuku Amma. This festival is primarily for young girls. They worship Goddess Gauri to get their desired husband.

In another story about Goddess Gauri, after killing Mahishasura, the demon, she went to sleep on the “Ashwayuja Padyami” after tiredness. To wake up the Goddess, the devotees kept chanting. After ten days, on Dasami, the Goddess Gauri woke up.

Making of Bathukamma

Women effectively make Bathukamma by arranging flowers. First, take round steel, brass, or copper plate with a fine edge used as the foundation for Bathukamma. Make a plate made with leaves and place it on the plate as a covering.

Arrange all the flowers in a conical shape in layers by flowers round, a hollow form of Bathukamma. Fill the space with the remaining flakes of flowers. On top of the Bathukamma, a pumpkin flower is placed.  

How do Women Celebrate Bathukamma Festival?

Women start the festival on Mahalaya Amavasya by preparing Angili pula Bathukamma with different flowers. They worship Goddess Gauri by making a turmeric idol on the top of Bathukamma and singing and dancing to Bathukamma songs.

Afterwards, the women carry Bathukamma on their heads and immerse it in the nearby ponds or lakes before sunset. Before engaging, they take the turmeric idol of the Goddess called Gouramma on top of it.

Bathukamma Patalu

Some of the Bathukamma Patalu are:

Kalavari Kodalu Uyyalo

Janaku Janakuni intlo

Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyyalo

Yememi Puvvoppune

Bathukamma DJ Songs

Some of the famous Bathukamma Dj Songs are

Chitu chitu La Bomma

Nagadarilo Nagadarilo Bathukamma

Poddu Poddune Lechi

Bathukamma Images

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bathukamma dj songs, festival of flowers
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