Araku Valley Visakhapatnam | Timings & Things to do

Araku Valley Visakhapatnam is a hidden gem awaiting exploration. It is open 24 hours a day, and there are no particular times to visit.

With its lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and rich tribal heritage, this serene haven near Visakhapatnam offers a rejuvenating retreat for nature enthusiasts and cultural connoisseurs alike. 

Embark on a journey of awe-inspiring beauty as Araku Valley unravels its enchanting allure, leaving visitors spellbound by its untouched charm.

About the Araku Valley Visakhapatnam:

Araku Valley is a famous hill station located in Visakhapatnam district. The mountains of Raktakonda, Chitamogondi, Galikonda and Sunkarimetta surround this Valley. 

Located at 5000 feet, Galikonda Mountain is the highest mountain in Andhra Pradesh.

Araku Valley Visakhapatnam Timings

Araku is famous for its coffee plantations, surrounded by beautiful gardens, waterfalls, and valleys covered with lush green forests.

There are many places of interest here, such as the Government Silk Farm, famous for its Mulberry Garden and Tribal Museum.

It is a habitat of rich biodiversity in many non-native species of flora and fauna.

Araku Valley Visakhapatnam Timings:

It’s open 24 hours. There are no particular times to visit the Valley.

Best Time to Visit Araku Valley Visakhapatnam:

Araku Valley is a Hills & Mountains destination. The best time to visit Araku Valley is September, October, December, November, January, February and March. 

Since it is the peak season, expect a small crowd. The March, April, and May periods experience moderate weather.

Entry Fee:

There is no entry fee to see the Valley. It is free to all.

Monthly Weather Conditions:

Here are the weather conditions in Araku Valley

Month High/Low (°C)Rain
January 26°/ 14°Three days
February 27°/ 15°7 days
March 29°/ 17°12 days
April 31°/ 20°19 days
May 34°/ 22°19 days
June 31°/ 22°25 days
July 26°/ 20°25 days
August 25°/ 20°27 days
September 25°/ 19°25 days
October 26°/ 18°26 days
November 27°/ 15°Two days
December 25°/ 14°One day

Things to do at Araku Valley Visakhapatnam:

Things to do at Araku Valley Visakhapatnam

Here are things to do at Araku Valley


Araku Valley is the perfect place for all travel and adventure. It is considered one of the top trekking destinations in Andhra Pradesh. 

You will love to hike and explore the Valley’s colossal mountains. You can indulge in early morning treks and even join trekking camps there.


Bring out the shopaholic in you with a visit to the Araku Adivasi Arts and Crafts Centre. Located between the coffee house and the bus station, this tribal and crafts centre is a very famous shopping hub. 

Spoil yourself with the vast selection of local tribal jewellery, jute bags and ornaments made from brass and wrought iron.


If you are a wildlife explorer and love camping, visit the Tyda Nature Park. Log huts and tents are being set up so tourists can have a great camping experience. 

You can also enjoy many other activities here, including rock climbing, trekking, bird watching, and bow arrow shooting.


Here are must-visit places in araku valley.

Borra caves: 

A visit to araku caves is complete with visiting the ancient Borra caves. These million-year-old limestone caves are the deepest in the country. 

It is situated at 1400 m, and these caves are bound to mesmerize visitors with their historical and archaeological splendour.

Dubriguda waterfalls: 

A fifteen-kilometre drive from araku valley will lead you to these stunning waterfalls, where the fresh breeze and striking views will welcome you. 

The waterfalls have massive natural rock formations with milky streams flowing gently through the Valley.

Araku Valley Coffee Museum: 

A paradise for all coffee enthusiasts, it is a small museum inside the Araku Valley coffee house where the origin of coffee in East Africa and its cultivation in the araku valley is explained. 

Remember to collect its amazing coffee beans and assorted coffee-based chocolates on your way home.

Ananthagiri hill station: 

Situated between Vizag and araku valley, Ananthagiri is a pristine hill station that offers a picture-perfect view of the Valley. 

It has numerous waterfalls, a striking view of the Valley on one side, and coffee estates on the other. Enjoy picturesque sights like dense forests, sunrises, sunsets, colossal mountains, and warm coffee.

Tribal museum: 

This museum is a treat for those thirsty to discover new traditions and cultures, and this is the perfect place for you. 

This museum has extensive exhibits on the tribal people of eastern Andhra Pradesh, including models of village panchayats, agricultural activities, village ceremonies, and many other scenes. 

Araku Valley Coffee House: 

Araku Valley has a special bond with coffee. The refreshing aroma of the special coffee here entices coffee lovers from all over the world. 

It is a sin not to visit this place on your trip to the Araku Valley. You can sample and buy local coffee and chocolate goods here, which also houses a tiny coffee museum.

Katiki waterfalls: 

Katiki waterfalls originate from river Gosthani and are far from the Barro caves. This aesthetic waterfall is at a height of about 50 feet, and the water cascades down in a pond. 

Tips for Visiting Araku Valley:

Here are some helpful tips to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable:

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to savour the authentic Andhra cuisine and tribal delicacies in the region.
  • Bamboo chicken and pitika (traditional dish) are some must-try dishes.
  • Carry sufficient water and snacks, especially if you plan to go on treks or nature walks.
  • Remember to carry your camera or smartphone to capture the scenic beauty.
  • Be mindful of the camera flashes, which might disturb the natural formations.
  • Respect their culture, customs, and privacy. Always ask for permission before taking photographs of the locals.

Nearby tourist places:

  • Borra Caves
  • Tribal Museum
  • Katika Waterfalls
  • Ross Hill Church
  • Tatipudi Reservoir
  • Padmapuram Gardens
  • Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Temple
  • Coffee Museum
  • Nallamala Hills
  • Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
  • Dolphin’s Nose Lighthouse
  • Chaparai Water Cascade

Nearby Hotels:

  • New Grand Vashishta Inn
  • Hill Park Valley
  • Rajas Holiday Inn
  • Natures Nest Araku
  • Hotel Balaji
  • B Square Valley
  • Itsy By Treebo
  • Green Valley Inn
  • Hotel Vashishta Inn

Resorts nearby Araku Valley Visakhapatnam:

  • Ushodaya Resort
  • Rahul Resorts
  • Akshaya Resorts
  • Casa Holiday Resorts
  • Haritha Hill Resort

Contact Details:

  • Address: Araku, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 531149, India
  • Contact Numbers: 070322 89287, 094932 16028

How to Reach Araku Valley Visakhapatnam:

By Road:

The nearest bus stand to reach the Valley is the Visakhapatnam RTC Complex.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station to Araku Valley is Araku Railway Station, offering a scenic train journey from Visakhapatnam through the Eastern Ghats.

By Air:

The closest airport to Araku Valley is Visakhapatnam International Airport (VTZ), approximately 115 kilometres away.


Is one day enough for Araku Valley?

You can use the rail while going there, get down at Borra Caves, and from there, you can go by road to Araku. While returning, you can use the road. Thus, you can experience the tunnels while going and valleys while returning. It is better to stay one night at Araku to enjoy the place fully.

How much time is needed to visit Araku Valley?

It usually takes 3 to 4 hours to explore.

Which is the coldest month in Araku?

January is the coldest month, but it is also the best time to visit Araku. The monsoon season lasts from June to October.

Is it worth staying in Araku Valley?

Many people visit Araku because of its beautiful scenery, soul-soothing aura, and rich aromatic coffee plantations.

Does snowfall in Araku Valley?

A village in Andhra is the only place in the southern region that snows! Lambasingi is a misty hill station located 1025 metres above sea level in the Chintapalli region of Arakku Valley.

Are there any adventure activities in Araku?

Yes, visitors can indulge in adventure activities like camping, nature walks, and exploring the scenic beauty of the Eastern Ghats.

What is the speciality of Araku Valley’s cuisine?

Araku Valley’s cuisine is known for its authentic Andhra flavours, with dishes like bamboo chicken, Ritika, and various tribal delicacies.

How far are Ananthagiri Hills from Araku?

Anantagiri is a lovely hill station between Vizag and Araku. It is located at a distance of 26 kilometres from Araku.

Is Araku Valley suitable for trekking?

Araku offers various trekking trails that allow adventure enthusiasts to explore the region’s natural beauty and landscapes.