Suruli Falls | Timings, Best Time to Visit & Address

Suruli Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu on the Suruli river and is one of the tourist attractions of Theni. It is the perfect destination to stay close and personal with nature and cool in its natural waters. The Suruli Falls timings are from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Suruli Falls

Suruli Falls is a two-tiered waterfall. This waterfall locates at a distance of 56 km from Theni and 10 km from Kumbham in the Theni district. The water coming from the falls is said to have medicinal value.

Suruli Falls is one of the major tourist attractions of the Theni district. The waterfall is of rich flora and fauna, and the dense forests around it add to its beauty.

suruli falls timings Theni

It attracts many tourists, especially between June and October when the southwest monsoon enters.

The waterfall locates on the way to Periyar National Park.


The Suruli River, which descends from the Meghamalai Range, falls in two stages to form the falls of the same name.

From a height of 150 feet, Suruli Falls joins a pool of intense white and drops another 40 feet after a short distance. At the bottom of the waterfall, hundreds of enthusiastic tourists bathe every day.

Many are devotees; some look to cure their chronic diseases, while the rest are just there to enjoy the waterfall.

The legend of Suruli Falls

The reference to Suruli Falls is called Silappathikaram in the ancient Tamil epic written by Ilango Adigal. It shows how old the waterfalls are and how old they are.

The water of the Suruli River is said to have medicinal properties and can cure diseases. Hence tourists come here to bathe in the healing water.

Best time to visit

Unlike most places, the best time to visit Suruli Falls is during the monsoon season. From June to October, the whole of India experiences southwest monsoons, and during this period, the waterfall area had filled with groups of tourists and streams of water.

Monsoon rains feed most of the rivers in South India because they are perennial. And this season, everything is lovely, including the Suruli river and waterfalls.

The summer festival organised by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department had also held at Suruli Falls. Plan your trip according to the celebration dates if you want to attend it.

Walking around the falls during high summers is easy, but the stream is thin and dry.


  • If you visit during the showery season, wear properly covered shoes, as you will need to do a little trekking on the slippery road.
  • Change clothes if you want to soak.
  • There are separate changing rooms for men and women near the falls.
  • Visit the 1000 Siva lingams, which had located close to the falls.
  • Please carry plastic coverings for valuables and cameras as they might get wet in the waterfall.

Suruli Falls, with its beautiful beauty, is one of the best places in Theni. This place is washed away by the rains and looks like a paradise during the monsoons.

Suruli Falls Timings

Below are the Suruli falls timings:

DaySuruli Falls Timings
Monday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Entrance fee

The entrance fee for Suruli Falls is only INR 5. It is customary to pay the government for the maintenance of the area.

Accommodation near Suruli Waterfalls

  • JSD Mahal, 9.5 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Harvest Fresh Farms, 11 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Green Ark Resorts, 12 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Beaumont Plantation Retreat, 13 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Ventara Resort, 14 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • jjresidency, 15 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Hills & Hues, 15 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • The Elephant Court, 16 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Spice Village – Cgh Earth, 16 km from Suruli waterfalls
  • Poetree Sarovar Portico, 16 km from Suruli waterfalls


Suruli Falls has numerous stone-cut caves and hill walls representing 11th-century Indian rock-cut architecture. Kailasanathar Temple Cave, located at an altitude of 800 m, is one of the most famous caves through which a spring of water, famous for its healing powers, runs.

Near Suruli Falls, you will find the 1630s Muslim mystic Abubakar Mastan Dargah, whose remains buries in this shrine. Also, visit the Suruli Velappar Temple, dedicated to Lord Karthikeya or Subramaniam, the most famous temple in South India.

Another Attraction near Suruli waterfall is as follows:

1. Meghamalai:

Meghamalai, in the Theni District of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, is a hidden paradise you can read about in books. It is a beautiful opportunity to relax from your daily life in the lap of exciting trek trails, breathtaking scenery and nature.

2. Vaigai Dam:

As an origin of irrigation and drinking water for the Madurai and Dindigul districts, Vaigai Dam is also an excellent destination for picnics and regular afternoon visits with friends and family. The Vaigai Dam across the Vaigai River in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu is the primary source of irrigation water for the Madurai district and Dindigul district.

3. Chinna Suruli falls:

Situated in the lap of jungles and lush green forests, the small Spiral Falls is a scenic spot to visit from Theni. It flows down from the clouds, forming a pool of cold, sparkling water at the foot of the mountain.

4. Shanmuganathi Dam:

The Shanmuganathi Dam in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu is the source of livelihood for the drylands like Pusarikaundanpatti, Appipatti, Sukkangalpatti, Vellaiammalpuram, Odaipatti and Sepalakottai – all the agricultural villages in Theni.

5. Kumbhakkarai Falls:

Kumbhakkarai Falls is a mesmerising waterfall located at the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills in the Dindigul District near Theni in Tamil Nadu. The water flows in two layers- in the first stage, it collects water at the boulders and breaks. And in the second stage, it falls beneath a layer of stones.

How to reach

By bus:

Suruli Falls is readily available through bus services from Cumbum and Uthamapalayam. Theni had well connected with all the main towns.

Government buses reach the falls in less than 30 minutes at meagre rates. It would help if you trekked a short distance to reach the falls from the road.

By Rail:

Bodinayakanur Railway Station is about 46.7KM​ from Suruli Falls. And Theni Railway Station is the nearest station.

By Air:

Madurai is the nearest airport terminal (around 140 kilometres away).

Address and Contact

Suruli falls on Suruli River, Near Cumbum,

Suruli R.F.,

Tamil Nadu 625516, India, Uthamapalayam.

You can contact Suruli falls by phone using the number 04546 297 707.