Navlakha Temple | Timings, History & Current Status

The Navlakha Temple is in Ghumli, which is now in ruins. Navlakha Mandir was named as it was built for nine lakh rupees. The Navlakha Temple Timings are from 07:30 AM to 09:15 PM.

Navlakha Temple 

We can find many temple ruins from the Solanki period at Ghumli. Adjacent to the main temple is a shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha, also known as the Ghumali Ganesha Temple, which had built in the 10th century AD. This deity is worshipped daily by the locals.

Unknown to many, Gujarat is one of the oldest populated areas in the world and certainly proves the existence of archaeological sites like Dholavira. So, it is right to say that Gujarat is the right destination for history lovers.

navlakha mandir ghumli

From castles to tombs and temples to palaces, you can find thousands of ancient sites within its borders. Navlakha Mandir in Ghumli is one such place where you can learn about the history of Gujarat in detail.

Did you know that it is one of the oldest temples in the state? If you want to explore its past era and beautiful architecture, read more about it and how to approach it.

Navlakha Mandir History and Architecture 

The Jetwa rulers built the Navlakha Temple in the 12th century. The temple’s design greatly influences the Solanki style architecture and Maru-Gurjara architectural style.

The three elephants’ ivory tusks are considered a temple trademark. The temple has a large foundation that had nicely carved. It faces east. The temple has a beautiful entrance arch which has now collapsed.

The sanctum sanctorum of Navlakha Temple, the covered circular path, the huge hall and the three erotic chandeliers are mesmerizing. Pillars on eight sides support the pavilion. There are various pictures in the small niche.

A picture of two elephants fighting with their tusks is on the wall behind the temple. The temple also has idols of Brahma and Savitri, Shiva-Parvati and Lakshmi Narayana. The carvings on the outer walls represent figures from Shaiva mythology and fries.

Near the Navlakha Temple is a stairwell called ‘Vikai Vaav and ‘Jeta Vaav. ‘Vikai Vaav is the largest stairwell in the entire Katiawar area. Vikai, or Vikia Vaav, was built by the Jetwa ruler Vikiaji.

That’s why Vaav had named after him. It had considered being one of the oldest and largest stairwells. The well has several steps. The entrance pavilions stand intact in three places.

Why should you visit Navlakha Temple? 

Navlakha Temple is a stop for those who have never had enough of history and its wonders. Here, you can not only explore the past eras of the Jetwa dynasty but also learn about the mesmerizing architecture that prevailed in Gujarat during the medieval period.

The temple had surrounded by dense vegetation and evoked a serene aroma. So, visit this forgotten wonder if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the history and tranquillity.

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Ranchhodrai Temple | Timings, Significance & Festivals

Navlakha Temple Current Status 

The Archaeological Survey of India has undertaken the task of restoring and developing this temple as an important monument of history and tourism.

Best Time to Visit 

People can enjoy the Navlakha Mandir and the surrounding area’s hot and humid weather during summer. So, the best time to explore it is from October to the end of February. During this period, you can comfortably explore its beauty in a pleasant atmosphere.

Navlakha Temple Timings

Below are the Navlakha temple timings:

DayNavlakha Temple Timings
Thursday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM
Friday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM
Saturday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM
Sunday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM
Monday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM
Tuesday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM
Wednesday07:30 AM to 09:15 PM


  • Lion Safari Camp, 33.92 KM From Navlakha Temple, Ghumli, Gujarat
  • Hotel Ambar, 15.77 KM From Temple
  • Gir Jungle Lodge, 22.37 KM From Temple
  • Hotel Harmony, 33.99 KM From Temple
  • The Gateway Hotel Gir Forest, 36.01 KM From Temple.

How to reach Ghumli?

By Air: 

The nearest airport to Ghumli is Porbandar, about 45 km away. Once you reach the airport, you can take a direct cab or public transport to Ghumli.

By Rail: 

Porbandar had well connected to all other cities and towns by rail. To reach Ghumli, you must take a direct train to Porbandar Railway Station, where you can hire a cab or bus.

By Road: 

The Ghumli area has good road connectivity, so you can easily reach it by road.


Navlakha Temple

Ghumli, Gujarat 360510