Chitragupta Temple | History, Timings & Poojas

The Chitragupta Temple Kanchipuram is near the main bus stand of Rettai Mandapam. It is exclusive and unique from the ninth-century Chola period, dedicated to Chitragupta, the chief accountant and minister of Lord Yama, the god of death. The Chitragupta temple timings are from 5 AM to 11 PM.

Chitragupta Temple Kanchipuram

Chitragupta records all the good and bad deeds of human beings and decides to send them to heaven or hell accordingly.

God Brahma created Chitragupta through Lord Surya, and he had considered to be the younger brother of Lord Yama.

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Chitragupta believes to be the supreme deity of Ketu, one of the Navagrahas. So, anyone who worships Chitragupta in the temple will get prosperity and wealth, and the bugs of Ketu get resolved.

Some say that one travels to Kalahasti for nagadosha, but in Kalahasti, only Rahu compensation will do, so it is incomplete, and the compensation is incomplete without Ketu. Hence the Dosham of Chitragupta’s visit to the temple is completed on the same day.


The Cholas built Chitragupta Temple in the ninth century. Chitragupta or Chitragupta Swami is the temple’s presiding deity, holding a pen in his right hand and a palm leaf in his left hand as a symbol of the nature of his work.

The statue of Chitragupta can see with his wife, Karnikambal. With the worship of Chitragupta, it believes that the devotee bestows blessings and neutralizes the ill effects of Ketu.

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Who built the Chitragupta Temple?

It is one of the ornate temples of the Western Group and one of the must-see attractions in Khajuraho. Chitragupta Temple, built by the Chandela rulers in 1023 AD, is dedicated to Lord Surya. The temple faces east and is the only sun temple in Khajuraho.

History of Legends

Parvati gave life to the rainbow colour picture created by Lord Shiva:

A version explains that Lord Shiva gave the picture depicting the colours of the rainbow life of Goddess Parvati, and eventually, Sri Chitra (picture) became Gupta Swami.

Kamadhenu presents Chitragupta Temple:

To remove the curse of Sri Indira Devan, Kamadhenu gave birth to Sri Chitragupta Swami Indira in heaven. We abstain from cow’s milk and yoghurt to sanctify Sri Chitragupta Swami.

Lord Yama Dharma prays for help from Lord Shiva:

The Lord Yama Dharma, who needed to count the sins and virtues of millions of people, felt that it was difficult to do it alone, so he prayed to Lord Shiva to give him a helper. Lord Shiva immediately instructed Brahma to give Yamu an assistant. Brahma knows this is possible only with Surya Bhagavan (Sun God).

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Brahma created a fire inside the sun:

The sun cultivates romance, and in that romantic mood, the seven colours of the rainbow come together to form a girl. She is called the blue goddess, and she lives with the sun.

This relationship gives birth to a male child in the Tamil month of Chithirai, and it is also named after him as Chitraputhiran on the full moon day.

The delivery child held a book in his left hand and a writing nail in his right. (People presented him with multi-coloured garments since Chitragupta was born in the rainbow, people presented him with multi-coloured garments).

Chitragupta prays to Shiva:

Chitragupta did penance and prayed to Lord Shiva, and gradually he attained enlightenment and all charisma. He began to create to test his powers. It astonished the “God of Creation” Brahman. The action complained to Surya Bhagavan.

Surya Bhagavan advised his son Chitragupta to determine the time of human beings by specifying day and night and calculating the goodness of human beings. The act of creation is Brahman.

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Sun God orders Chitragupta to help Lord Yama:

The Sun God decided to marry to bring his son into custody. The virgins were married to Prabhavati, the daughter of Maya Brahmin of Shiva descent, Neelavathi, Manu Brahma, and Karnagi Chitragupta, the daughter of Vishwa Brahma.

Annoyed that Chitragupta was leading his family happily, Yamu complained to his father, “Suryudu”, and “Surya Bhagavan” immediately sent Chitragupta responsible and helped Yamu.

The Chitragupta, who went to the Lord Yama world with his wives, counts humanity’s good and bad deeds.

Chitragupta Temple Timings

Chitragupta temple timings are from 5 AM to 11 PM. The Chitragupta temple timings from Sunday to Saturday are from 5 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 11 PM.

Poojas performed at the temple four times daily, i.e., morning, evening, afternoon and night. Apart from this, at the request of the devotees, the devasthanam will perform special poojas.

Special Poojas

Parihara Abhishekam in Chitragupta Temple

Pooja Cost: Rs.600 / -. You have to inform the temple authorities one day in advance.

Sarpa Dosham/ Kalasarpa Dosham, Rahu, Ketu Puja

Pooja cost: Rs.3500 / -, you must inform the temple authorities five days in advance.

Parihara Chitranna Milk Abhishekam

Pooja Cost: Rs. 1800 / -. You have to inform the Chitragupta temple authorities five days in advance. This puja should be performed for seven weeks and only on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 07:30 AM.


The festival celebrated in the Chitragupta temple is the Chitragupta wedding ceremony on Chitra Pournami (the full moon day of Chitrai month). Devotees will perform special poojas on this day.


Chitragupta is the god of Ketu on the nine planets. Therefore any offer made to Chitragupta will bring us relief from all the hardships and difficulties of the planet Ketu. The offering consists of cereals, seven lamps, and multi-coloured garments with anointing.

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How to reach

Road: This is located very near the main bus stand near the Rettai Mandapam

Rail: Nearest Railway Station locates at Kanchipuram

Air: Nearest Airport locates in Chennai to reach Chitragupta temple.


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