Bhuleshwar Temple Timings, History & Architecture

Bhuleshwar Temple Pune, rich in ancient history and exotic architecture, is a holy place dedicated to Lord Shiva, and it is one of the oldest temples in Maharashtra. The Bhuleshwar temple timings are from 5 am to 9 pm.

The Bhuleshwar temple is on a small hillock in the small village of Yavat in Maharashtra state, at a distance of 54 km from the city of Pune. The serene and relaxed atmosphere of the temple gives the devotees a serene feeling to offer their prayers.

bhuleshwar temple pune

Bhuleshwar Temple

The classical stone sculptures on the temple walls give the temple an ancient and historical feel. Devotees from all over Maharashtra and the surrounding areas visit the temple. Historical researchers and archaeologists also visit it.

Many devotees in the temple attest to the famous folk tale about the 5 feet – when a bowl of 5 pedha (sweet) offers to the Shivalinga, one peda disappears. A Bhuleshwar temple is a holy place for the five Shivalingas. It also has idols of Vishnu, Lakshmidevi and Mahadeva.

There is also a Ganapati deity in female guise with many names like Ganeshwari, Lambodari, or Ganesha. It is advisable to pack some essential items like water and snacks before going to the temple as the surroundings are not commercialised.

bhuleshwar temple history

Narayanabet is 15 km from the Bhuleshwar temple, where birds migrate in summer. The temple is of mythological significance as it is said to be the place where Goddess Parvati used to dance for Lord Shiva before going to Kailasa to get married.

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The Bhuleshwar temple had acclaimed for its beautiful architecture and intricate carvings on the walls and ceilings. The architecture is similar to the Indo-Aryan architecture found mainly during the Yadava rule.

This architectural style is prevalent throughout the Deccan Plateau and has been given a regional classification as ‘Deccan Style’.

The original temple had 4 different sections – Nandi Mandapam, Sabha Mandapam, Antara and Garbhigriha.

The temple’s architectural design creates a peculiar lighting composition at the temple. Being around such an exciting game of light is so much fun.

The black basalt rock used for constructing the temple creates a calm atmosphere inside the temple, even during the summer days.

Bhuleshwar Temple Pune History

There are different views about the construction period of this temple. Hindu mythology says that the Pancha Pandavas built it.

bhuleshwar temple architecture

Historical records indicate that the Bhuleshwar Temple had built by the Yadava rulers who ruled the Deccan Plateau in the early 13th century.

It is still unclear whether the Yadava rulers had built the temple or restored it during the Yadava rule. The temple locates in a fort called ‘Mangalgarh’.

There are indications that the Mughal rulers destroyed parts of the temple, and Maratha Empire rebuilt the temple in the 17th century.

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Festivals Celebrated in Bhuleshwar Temple

On the occasion of Mahashivaratri, the Devesthanam people will decorate and celebrate the festival with worship and rituals. The temple will be full of crowds.

Even during Shravan, the temple attracts many people by celebrating the Hindola festival.

Bhuleshwar Temple Timings

The Bhuleshwar temple timings are from 5 am to 9 pm. Worship of Lord Shiva performs during this time.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is from 6 to noon and from 4 to 8 in the evening.

During May and September, the birds migrate to the nearby Narayanabet Hill.

During these months, a day trip to the Bhuleshwar Temple had completed by taking a detour to the nearby Narayanbet Hill for bird watching.

Lord Shiva temple timings

Accommodation in Bhuleshwar Temple Pune
  • Hotel Magnus Square, 39.8 km from Temple.
  • OYO 19891 Vansha Exotica 30.9 km from Temple.
  • Hotel Regency, 31.3 km from Temple.
  • Treebo Trip Punest Hotel, 33.8 km from Temple.
  • Amanora The Fern Hotel, 35.3 km from Temple.

How to reach 

  • Devotees can reach Bhuleshwar Temple via the Pune-Solapur Highway, just 10 km from the Yavat village at the diversion.
  • Tourists usually take private cars and cabs across the highway to get here.
  • There are regular buses from Pune to Swargate bus station. The temple is visible from a distance as it had located on a hill.

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