Bhimakali Temple | Timings, History & Architecture

Bhimakali Temple is one of the famous religious and historical temples in Shimla. We know Shimla is the land of Temples, and this is one of them. The temple has a great history and architecture. The temple is located in Sarahan Village of Himachal Pradesh. Timings are 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM.

Bhimakali temple timings

Bhimakali temple Overview:

Bhimakali temple is the place that you should visit while visiting Himachal Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Bhimakali devi, who fulfils the desires of her devotees. Many people visit this place to witness the beautiful nature and architecture. The architecture is 800 years old and unique compared to other temples.

The temple also has Tibetian-inspired architecture. It is a famous religious place for both Buddhists and Hindus. The deity here is the prime deity of the Bushahu rulers of the region. The temple was built in 1927 with many changes and is 180 km from Shimla. The temple has a great sightseeing view and background you can enjoy during your visit.

History of Bhimakali Temple:

There are many legends and stories around the Bhimakali temple. According to Puranas, people say that Banasur, great-grandson of Prahlad and son of King Bali, ruled this place. He was a great Lord Kirshna devote. During a fight between Lord Krishna and Banasura, King Bali died, and Pradhymun, son of Krishna, ruled this place. So the temple is called Bhimakali.

Another story says that after Sati devi’s self-sacrifice for her father, Prajapati Yanga, Lord Vishnu cut her body using his Vishnu Chakra. Her body scattered in many parts and fell on the earth, now called Shaktipeeths. This temple is also one of the Shaktipeeths, as her ear fell here.


Bhimakali temple architecture is 800 years old and unique; this style is not seen in other temples in Himachal Pradesh. This unique style cannot be duplicated and is a style in all the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. The temple is a blend of Buddhist and Hindu culture and is also called Towe temple as it is located in the highest hill station. The main complex of temples has a few temples: guest houses and twin towers.

The entire temple is made of wood, and the complex consists of four gateways which act as passages. The main gate is made of gold and has many carvings on it. The second gate is silver, and the third is the passage to the Raghunath temple. Shri Dhwar is the name of the main gate. The wooden chimneys are the unique and beautiful features of this temple.

Bhimakali Temple Timings:

Here are Bhimakali Temple Timings:

Monday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday6:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Aarti timings:

In Bhimakali Temple, there are aartis.

  • 1st aarti: 6:00 AM ( Summer)
  • 7:30 AM ( Winter)
  • 2nd aarti: 2 hrs after the first aarti.
  • 3rd aarti: At noon.
  • 4th aarti: Before closing the temples with shlokas.

Best time to visit:

A Bhimakali temple is a place which is crowded every day. The temple has visitors every day of the year. But the best time can be between March – November. That time is a festive season, and many festivals are celebrated here. Goddess here is decorated beautifully here during Navarti days.

The weather here is always favourable, and it is between 20 – 25 degrees in summer. So you can visit during summer and winter.

Other places to visit:

Along with Bhimakali temple, you can visit other tourist attractions near the temple. Here is the list of other places that you can add to your list.

  • Sarhan Bird park is 2 km away from the temple and is only 10 min of travel.
  • Bhaba Valley is a beautiful valley which is 22 km away from the temple.
  • Bushahr Palace is a private residency of the royal family of Bushahr kings. The palace is 38 km away from the temple.
  • Hawa Ghar is a famous tourist attraction in Shimla near Lakkar Bazar. It is 2 km away from the temple.

How to reach Bhimakali temple:

As Bhimakali temple is located near many major cities, there are many ways to reach the temple.

By Rail: There is no railway station or train in Sarahan village. To reach the temple, you must reach Shimla railway station, which is 96 km away. After reaching Shimla, hire a taxi or private vehicle to visit the temple.

By Air: Jubbarbati is the nearest airport to Bhimakali temple.

By road: Temple is 180 km away from Shimla. HRTC provides many buses that reach the temple. You can also come by your car or can hire one here.


GQ6W+44Q, Sarhan, Himachal Pradesh 172102.

Temple contact details:

Temple officer: 02782234054

Manager: 01782274248

People also ask:

Which is the oldest temple in India?

Mundeswari temple is the oldest temple located in India.

How old is Bhimakali temple?

The temple is 800 years old.

Is Bhimakali a Shaktipeeth?

Yes, it is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths, as Sati’s ear fell here.

What is the other name of Sarahan?

The other name of Sarahan is ‘Gateway of Kinnaur’.