Attukal Bhagavathy Temple | Timings & History

Trivandrum’s Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is one of the most well-known temples in the country, not just in the south. This temple, also known as the ‘Sabarimala of Women,’ attracts many women yearly during the Attukal Pongala festival. Attukal Bhagavathy temple timings are from 4:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Attukal Temple Sabarimala

One of the numerous reasons for its popularity is setting a Guinness World Record. Over 37 lakh women simultaneously served Pongal at this temple. This activity makes it the site of the world’s largest gathering of women for a religious activity called Sabarimala of Women.

It is rich in cultural heritage and has immaculate Tamil architecture. This temple maintains a special place in the hearts of the locals and worshippers of Goddess Bhagavathy, the principal goddess. People call this temple Sabarimala for women.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple History:

The history of this temple has a fascinating backstory. Kannagi, an enthusiastic follower of Goddess Bhagavathy, is at the storey’s centre. Kannagi was once on her trip to Kodungallur when she came upon Attukal.

When she arrived in Attukal, she encountered the Killi river, which blocked her path. Kannagi came upon an old guy doing religious rituals on the riverbanks as she was trying to find out how to cross it.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple timings

This man was the head of the Mulluveetil family, one of the city’s most powerful families. Kannagi felt he could help her, so she disguised herself as a small child and requested the older man assist her in crossing the river.

Kannagi appeared in the Karanavar’s dream that night and requested that he construct her a house in the nearby grove, or Kavu, as they called it.

She told him that if he went to that place, he would discover three gold lines at the site where she wanted her house erected. To his astonishment, he spotted the gold lines exactly where she had pointed!

The Karanavar wasted no time in beginning this sacred endeavour. Within a short time, he completed the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple.

Sabarimala Temple Opening Date 2022 (Updated)

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Timings:

The following table shows the timings of the Attukal Bhagavathy temple.

Timings Pooja/ Darshan
4:30 am Waking of the Goddess
5:00 am Nirmalyadarshan
5:35 am Abhishekam
5:45 am Ganapathi Homam
6:00 am Deeparadhana
6:30 am Usha Pooja
6:40 am Deeparadana
6:50 am Usha Sreebali
7:00 am Kalabhishekam
8:30 am Pantheeradi Pooja
12:00 pm Ucha Pooja
12:00 pm Deeparadana
12:10 pm Ucha Sreebali
12:30 pm Temple closing time
12:30 pm to 5:00 pm Temple remains closed
5:00 pm Temple reopens
6:45 pm Deeparadana
7:30 pm Athazha Pooja
8:00 pm Deeparadana
8:05 pm Athazha Sreebali
8:30 pm Temple closing time

How to Reach the Attukal Temple?

By Air:

The nearest airport is at Thiruvananthapuram, 5 km away from the temple.

By Rail:

The nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram, 3 km away from the temple.

By Road:

The temple is very near to the Thiruvananthapuram and has good transport facilities.
As the temple is near the city, it is easy to reach the temple. So, you can plan your journey in your comfort.

Contact Details:

Address: ATTUKAL BHAGAVATHY TEMPLE TRUST P.B. No. 5805, Manacaud P.O., Thiruvananthapuram – 695 009, Kerala, South India.

Attukal Temple contact number: +91-471 – 2463130 (Off) 2456456 (Temple)

For the official website of the Attukal temple, Click here. You can get all the information about the Attukal temple on this website.