6 Apps To Help You Find Cheap Or Free Accommodation

Journeying to a new region can be fun, especially when properly planned. These require adequate budgeting, from flight and feeding to hotel bookings. Some apps help you find cheap or free accommodation while travelling.

The duration of your trip will largely depend on the extent of fun and thrilling moments you had while at it.

Find Cheap or Free Accommodation While Traveling

The cost of living is one major factor that can halt your rousing fun moments in the travel country. But then, there are ways to get over this; as covered in this article, some apps help you find accommodation, which involves cutting down costs on deals.

Find Cheap or Free Accommodation while traveling

6 Apps To Help You Find Cheap or Free Accommodation While Traveling

Travelling can be a pleasurable experience, but getting the best deals to save you some costs can be nerve-wracking. However, you don’t need to worry much! The goal of this article is set to wrestle with that menace. Below are some amazing apps to check out to save some bucks on your next trip.


The first in this list is the Couchsurfing app. The app has been the key reach for tourists who seek free accommodation in their destination country. As a first-time app user, choose your destination while allowing the app domain to match you with the best deals.

The app management organization has recently placed a small charge to enable them to cover some services. However, it is way more economical than making a reservation in a guesthouse.


The Dorms.com platform is a place to find incredible accommodation deals in almost all countries of the world. The app houses about 40,000 lodging options for personal and shared reservations at a fairly low price.

It is no longer news that the iPhone consumes storage space, draining the battery faster. Nevertheless, the CleanUp app will help you clean up pictures and sanitize your smartphone of redundant files and duplicate contacts while releasing some free memory for the smooth running of your device. More so, the smart Cleanup app helps to preserve your confidential files to avoid being scooped by criminals.

More interestingly, Dorms.com has a special tool to help you navigate to your hotel location. So, you’re saved from the hassles of finding your lodge in a foreign city.

Hostel World

Hostelworld is a large platform providing various lodging options to travellers worldwide. It is an exclusive app to grab great hotel deals in any foreign country.

The app has a section for several lodging options that are way cheaper than what is obtainable in the market. One unique feature of the app is its chat function, allowing users to interact with fellow lodgers during their stay at the hotel.

World Packers

Are you planning to go on a memorable trip filled with adventures? Then, Worldpackers is an app for you. With partners in over 100 countries, the Worldpackers app can connect you with hosts who will provide you with a lodging space while you offer some services in exchange.

Below are some of what the app offers in exchange for accommodation:

Labour Exchange: This involves rendering a service such as sales rep, cleaning, mopping, decorating, etc., in exchange for a sleeping space.

Communal Services: This involves community service, such as keeping the community clean, teaching the less privileged, or participating in a social advocacy program.

Ecology Program: This involves participating in an ecosystem development project. Examples are Farming, planting trees, fumigation, etc.

Hotel look

The list of apps to get exclusive deals on hotel bookings would be incomplete without including the Hotellook app. The app helps you find and locate the best hotel deals within the region with their respective price offers.

Whether you’re looking for luxury or cheap hotels, there are several options on the Hotellook platform.

Trusted House Sitters

If you seek free accommodation and are also a lover of pets, try out the TrustedHousesitters app. The app links lodge seekers with house owners going out of town looking for someone to look after their pets. You will be required to feed the pets and ensure they’re not out of range, and then you get free accommodation in return.

With this option, you can get a decent place to stay at no cost. However, you may be required to stay in a secluded environment in the countryside or town outskirts. It also means you’ll have to plan your trip within the travel time of your host. But then, if your trip is much more flexible, this option will greatly benefit you.

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Enjoying your trip while living within budget in a foreign country seems like two sides of a coin. When fully utilized, the apps mentioned in this article will help you grab the best deals on hotels in a foreign country.

There are some apps to find cheap or free accommodation while travelling. Likewise, multiple apps can take up space and slow down your phone. The CleanUp app can boost your phone performance while freeing up some memory.