Yanamadurru Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple | History,Timings and Photos

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Yanamadurru Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple

Yanamadurru Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple: is located in Yanamadurru of West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva along with his consort Parvathi devi and his 3 months old son Subramanya Swamy. There is no temple of Lord Shiva in India the statue of the Lord is in Sirsa Asanam.

Yanamadurru Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple

History of Shakteeswara Swamy Temple:

As per the legends, after receiving blessings from Lors Shiva demon Shambasura start struggling the sages. Sages request the help of Yamadharma Raju to protect them from the demon. Yamadharma Raju fought with him and lost the battle. He prayed for Lord Shiva to give the power and to destroy the demon shambasura. At that time Lord Shiva is in Sirsa Asanam(Yoga position) so he didn’t reply. Therefore Goddess Parvathi gave the blessings and powers to Yamadharma Raju to kill the demon. At that time Subramanya Swamy is in the lap of Parvathi devi and is 3 months old. For this reason, the name of the village is Yama puri later it turns into Yanamadduru.

After defeating the demon Yama request Lord Shiva to manifest in Yoga posture with his family hence here the Lord is in the Yoga posture. Here the Lord is along with Goddess Shakti hence the name of the temple is Shakteeswara Swamy temple.

Importance of this temple:

There is a pond in front of this temple using the pond water only all prasadams and Naivedyams cook. A few years back they let it dry the pond in order to make some improvements to the pond. At that time they used other water to prepare prasadams. Surprisingly, the prasadams were not cooked at that time the temple priest dug some mud from the pond and take a little water from it and used it for cooking it started cooking. so, from then no other water is used for cooking in this temple.

Shakteeswara Swamy Temple Pooja:

  • Maha Shivaratri celebrates very grandly in this temple. Kalyanam for Shiva and Parvathi will do with all rituals.
  • Tepotsavam will perform on the same day at temple tank on Maha Shivaratri.
  • Kumkuma pooja for Goddess and Abhishekam, Rudrabhishekam for Lord performs during Karthika Masam.
  • Akhanda Annasamaradhana performs on Subramanya shashti.

Timings of Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple:

Generally, the timings of this temple are morning 6:00 am to evening 8:00 pm.

How to reach this temple:

By Flight: The nearest airport is in Rajahmundry which is at a distance of 83 km.

On Rail: Bhimavaram Jn and Bhimavaram town railway stations are nearby railway stations to Yennamaduru. So, from Bhimavaram you can go by road thereafter. However, Rajahmundry railway station is the major railway station which is at a distance of 67 km from Yennamaduru.

By Bus: Bhimavaram and Veeravasaram bus stations are nearby bus stations to Yenamadduru. So, from there you can reach by local transport. However, APSRTc runs a number of buses from all major cities to here.

Yanamadurru Sri Shakteeswara Swamy Temple Photos:

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