Vasanthotsavam Seva | History,Seva Timings and Ticket Cost

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Vasanthotsavam Seva

Vasanthotsavam Seva is an annual festival celebrates to Lord Venkateshwara at Tirumala. This seva celebrates in between the months of March-April.

Seva celebrates in the days of Trayodasi, Chaturdashi, and Pournami according to Telugu calendar and the month name is Chaitra Masam in Telugu.

This seva will conduct at Vasantha Mandapam. Vasanthotsavam is a Sanskrit word Vasantha means spring season and utsavam means festival.

Vasanthotsavam Seva

History Of  Seva:

Vasanthotsavam Seva started during the period of the 1460s when Achutaraya was king according to the temple records.

Vasanthotsavam Seva Details:

One day before this Seva the priests of the temple perform ceremonies of  Punyavachanam, Vasthushanthi and Samprokshanam.

These rituals will perform in Ekantha seva and devotees are not allowed to see.

Later, Lord Venkateshwara along with his wives Sridevi and Bhudevi decorates in Dhawala Vastrams and brought to the Abhishekapeetam for an aromatic bath.

The deities will decorate with Tulasi mala. In a procession(yatra), they brought to Vasantha mandapam for abhishekam.

On these three days, Lord Mallayapa along with his consorts will bring to Vasantha mandapam in a procession.

Finally, on the last day of Vasanthotsavam Seva along with Mallayapa Swamy, Lord Sri Krishna with Satyabhama and Rukhmini, Lord Sri Rama along with Seetha, Anjaneya and Lakshmana will bring to Vasantha mandapam for Abhishekam in a procession.

However, this Seva is observed as an Arjitha seva in these 3 days.

 Seva Timings :

  • Generally, it is a daily seva at 2:30 P.M. But Vasanthotsavama seva also perform at this time on these 3 days.

Ticket cost:

  • Ticket cost per head is Rs.300.
  • Finally, Prasadam of 2 small ladoos1 angavastram for men and 1 blouse piece for women will offer to devotees.

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