TTD Online Room Booking | Details and Process of Room Booking

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TTD Online Room Booking

TTD Online Room Booking for accommodation in Tirumala as well as in Tirupathi is mention below.

TTD provides more than 1500 guest rooms for public use to devotees. Due to more requirements for rooms, TTD allots some rooms for online booking in advance.

TTD Online Room Booking

Details of TTD Online Room Booking:

For Accommodation in Tirumala devotees should log in to the

By logging into your account check the availability of room accordingly to your date of visiting.

For a single member, the rooms will not allocate at least 2 or more devotees requires to check in to a room. Only 24 hours will allocate for a room and it will not extends for TTD online room booking.

While check-in into room proper ID proof should show otherwise the room will be cancelled. While booking within 90 days of the time the user cannot book rooms online.

Through online minimum, 100Rs. rooms are available for online room booking.

Online Room Booking  process:

  • At first Log into creating account login to the website.
  • Check the room availability according to your visiting.
  • Select the room according to your price.
  • you can book the tickets before 60 days. So, make a plan according to the availability.
  • Cost of the room starts from 100-1500.
  • According to your choice select the room and make payment.
  • After booking the room you will generate a message take one copy of it while check-in to room.

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