Find Out TTD Darshan Availability Chart | Ticket Booking and Cost

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TTD Darshan Availability Chart

TTD Darshan Availability Chart is as follows.

This chart provides all the information regarding darshan which you are searching for.

TTD Darshan Availability Chart

Details of TTD Darshan Availability Chart:


Name of the seva


No.of persons

Seva days


  1Suprabata seva120 Rs.1  Monday to     Sunday

2 small laddus


Thomala seva220 Rs.1 Tues, Wed,   Thur2 small laddus
  3Unjal seva200 Rs.1 Monday to   Sunday

2 small laddus


Nijapada darshanam200 Rs.1  Friday1 small laddu
  5Sahasra kalasabhishekam850 Rs.1Wednesday

1vada,2dosas,2Appams,1big laddu,pulihora,chakkera Pongal, payasam and one blouse piece or silk art upper


Archana seva220 Rs.1 Tue-wed-   Thurs2 small laddus
  7Vasanthotsavam300 Rs.1 Monday to   Sunday

2 small laddus.

  8Kalyanotsavam1000 Rs.2 Monday to    Sunday2 Big laddus,5 small laddus,2 vadas 1 blouse piece and 1 upper silk art


Thiruppavada850 Rs.1Thursday1 vada,1jilebi,1 Big laddu,1 tentola, pulihora, and 1upper art silk or 1 blouse piece
  10Visheshapooja600 Rs.1Monday

Big laddu, vada, and a blouse piece or one art silk upper


Sahasra Deepalankarana200 Rs.1Monday to Sunday2 small laddus
  12Melchat vastram12,250 RS.CoupleFriday

2 Big laddus,2 Vadas 1 Blouse piece or 1 art silk upper


Arjitha Brahmostavam200 Rs.1Monday to Sunday2 small laddus
  14Poorabhishekam750 Rs.1Friday

2 small laddus and 2 vadas


Astadala paada Padmaradhana12501Tuesday

2 Big laddus,2 vadas, and 1 Art silk upper or 1 blouse piece

Suprabata Seva:

  • When it comes to the details of Suprabata seva apart from TTD Darshan Availability Chart, the word Suprabata means Good Morning.
  • It is first and foremost seva to perform in order to wake up Lord Venkateshwara.
  • However, this seva includes a total of 70 slokas so it takes 30 minutes to complete this seva.
  • The timings for this seva is from 3:00 AM to 3:30 AM, but we need to report there by 2:00 AM itself.  Prasadam will offer after the seva completion.

Thomala seva:

  • This seva will perform for 30 minutes right after the Suprabata Seva. It includes the decorating of the main deity shoulders with some flower garlands.
  • However, in the word Thomala, Tho means Shoulder and Mala mean Garland. 
  • According to the temple rituals, the garlands will bring by disciples of the temple named Ekangi.
  • The timings for this seva is 3:30 AM, but the reporting time os 3:00 AM. You can only book this seva tickets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Unjal seva:

  • Unjal Seva will perform for the duration of 1-hour from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. In this seva, the deity is temple is placed in a Swing which is called Unjal in Sanskrit.
  • The reporting time for this seva is 11:30 AM. Prasadam details are mentioned in the TTD Darshan Availability Chart

Nijapada darshanam

  • Nijapada darshan is the weekly seva which will perform on Fridays only.
  • On this day, the feet of the main deity is visible to the devotees where in general the feet of the deity is covered with golden kavacham.

Sahasra kalasabhishekam

  • This is also a weekly seva which will perform on Fridays. On this day, the replica of the main deity along with his consort is taken outside from the garbhagurha to perform abhishekam with 108 vessels of pure water.
  • During this seva, a silk cloth will tie to the main deity and its replica indicating that whatever abhisekam they do will equally affect the main deity also.

Archana seva

  • Archana or Sahasrarchana seva is daily seva which performs after Tomala seva. In this seva, the archakas will chant the 1008 names of the Lord Venkateswara to seek the divine blessings from the Lord. The timing for Archana seva is 4:00 AM, but the reporting time is 4:30 AM.


  • Vasanthostavam is an annual event to celebrate only on the Pournami, Chaturdasi, Tryodasi in th Hindu month of Chaitra.
  • This Utsavam will run for 3 days where the deities of the temple are performed Holy bath with aromatic fragrances called Snapana Thirumanjanam. According to the TTD Darshan Availability Chart, the ticket cost per head is Rs.100


  • The word Kalyanostsavam mean performing marriage to the deities. The marriage rituals for the deities will perform according to the Hindu rituals.
  • However, marriage will perform to the replica deity but not to the main deity along with Bhudevi and Sridevi by the priest. Kalyanostavam starts exactly at 12:00 PM and runs for about 1 hour followed by Darshan.


  • Thiruppavada is a weekly seva performs on every Thursday. During this, all the flowers garlands, ornaments will remove expect the Uttareeyam or Dhoti. Even the wide nammam which will be on the Forehead covers the eyes will also be removed and replaced it with a thin nammam.
  • A tub full of Tamarind rice will pour in front of the diety along with some coconut,deepam, sweets…etc. This process is done because to divert the stare looks of the diety on the devotees.


  • Vishesha Pooja will perform on every Monday in a week. The other name for the pooja is Chaturdhi Kalasa pooja, the name itself indicates Chaturdhi means 14, Kalasa means Vessel.
  • So, Pooja will perform to the deities with the 14 vessels filled with milk, curd, ghee, holy grains, gingerly oil in 7 vessels and other 7 with pure water.

Sahasra Deepalankarana

  • Sahasra Deepalankarana seva is the daily seva which performs by liting 1000 lamps. During this seva, the replica deity of the temple along with his wives is placed in the swing which is at centre. This seva exactly starts at 5:00 PM in the evening.
  • After the seva, the deities were taken around the temple surroundings streets followed to the inside of the temple.

Melchat vastram:

  • Melchat Vastram has another name of Vastralankarana(which is not mentioned in TTD Darshan Availability Chart). This seva perform only on Fridays after abhishekam in the morning around 3:00 AM.
  • Vastralankarana seva runs for about 30 minutes and devotees will report there before one hour. After the seva devotees will allow for darshan.

Arjitha Brahmostavam

  • Arjitha brahmostavam is performed right after the Dolostavam daily. In this, the replica deity is seated on his vahanas namely, Garuda, Hanumanta, and Peddasesha at Vaibhavotsava Mantapam.


  • This is a type of abhishekam, which includes milk, water, sandalwood paste, turmeric, Kasturi, Civet, refined camphor along with several spiritual hymns to the devotee. Poorabhishekam performs only 52 in a year. Check the TTD Darshan Availablity chart to book in advance for Poorabhisheam.

Astadala paada Padmaradhana

  • Astadala paada Padmaradhana includes offering 108 golden lotus flowers to the main deity feet along with Dupp Sticks and Diyas.

TTD DarshanTicket Booking:

However, devotees can book their Darshan or Seva tickets by logging into by choosing TTD Darshan Availability Chart. Besides this devotees can book Darshan or Seva tickets at e-darshan counters available throughout India.

However, Current booking of Darshan tickets will issue at various seva counters in Tirumala on the basis of the TTD Darshan availability Chart.


  • While going to darshan devotees shouldn’t carry any electronic gadgets. Because of security purpose.
  • Devotees who walk by foot to Tirumala should provide their valid Aadhar card for darshan or Divyadarshanam.
  • Devotees should provide any valid ID proof such as Aadharcard, voter Id or any other details at the time of Darshan.
  • While going to darshan devotees should wear traditional dress.
  • FOR MEN: Dhoti or Pyjamas with white cloth upper.
  • FOR WOMEN: Saree, or half saree or chudidhars.

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