Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan | Types, Timings and Cost

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Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan

Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan is a special type of Darshan provided by the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam. Generally, this darshan will be allowed the devotees during the break of Sarva Darshan and Divya Darshan. It is one of the fastest ways to get darshan but the ticket for this darshan is very difficult to get. Here are some of the details regarding this type of darshan. Scroll down for the information of Types of VIP Break Darshan, VIP Break Darshan Timings and VIP Break Darshan Ticket Cost.

Tirumala Tirupati VIP Break Darshan Types of VIP Break Darshan VIP Break Darshan Timings VIP Break Darshan Ticket Cost

Types of VIP Break Darshan

Generally, the name itself states that darshan is for the VIP peoples. However, this darshan also divided into 3 layer types namely L1, L2, L3.

L1 Darshan:

    • This type of darshan will allow people of high-level government and political officials.
    • VVIP officials like High cader political leaders, judges….etc
    • In this darshan type, the queue line will be free.
    • These people are allowed directly to visit idol and priests will offer Haarathi, Teertham to them.
  • Generally, the duration of this type darshan is about 45-50 mins.

L2 Darshan:

    • This type of darshan is for the next level to the L1 darshan officials like normal level government officials, TTD employee staff and their family members.
    • Only Haarathi will offers for in this type of darshan.
    • The duration for this darshan is 30-45 mins.
    • The queue line has no pulling and pushing.
  • But the TTD employee family members have to carry ID proof with their family members photos printed on the back.

L3 Darshan:

  • The officials other than L and L2 come under this category, which also includes the recommendation letters from the officials.
  • This type of darshan is a little crowded and takes nearly.

Procedure for the Recommendation L3 Darshan:

    • Firstly, the recommendation letter must be from the Higher carder and political officials which is required to mention the recommendation of VIP Break Darshan to the TTD Executive or JEO camp office.
    • In addition to the letter, the photo ID, Mobile number and Fingerprints also needed.
    • If they consider the recommendation letter and received before 12 pm in a day then a confirmation message will be sent to the mentioned mobile number on the same day evening.
  • After receiving the message we have to display the msg and the photo id at MBC 34 and after checking tickets will issue by the biometric process.


    • Dress code is very important during darshan. Males are allowed only in the white dhoti/Pancha while females are allowed in the traditional Indian outfit only( Saaree, Chudidhar…etc)
    • In case of missing the darshan for the particular mentioned time, you need to apply again. There is no scope for the cancellation, pre or post-pone of darshan timings.
  • Even this type of darshan will not allow by TTD during the heavy peak crowded. Especially recommendation darshan may not be available during Saturday and Sunday because of the heavy crowd.

VIP Break Darshan Timings

 VIP Break Darshan Ticket Cost

  • The VIP Break Darshan Ticket Cost is about Rs.500 per head

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