What is Tirumala Darshan Timings for Pedestrians?

Tirumala Darshan Timings

So, What is Tirumala Darshan Timings for Pedestrians? The pedestrian darshan tokens will issue in the middle of climbing steps free of cost. So, the timings for Darshan depends on at what time the ticket was issued for you. It has a nearly 7 – 8 hours time gap between the token given time and darshan time. This pedestrian darshan is also called Divya Darshanam.

The time gap may vary more than 8 hours or be cancelled during crowd/peak days. Go through the following to know more details about Divya Darshana Ticket for Pedestrians.

Tirumala Darshan Timings for Pedestrians

Before discussing the timings, let us know the details of Divya Darshan. The devotees who prefer to reach the temple by climbing the steps of Tirupati hills are called Kalinadaka Bhakthulu.

Many people choose to reach Tirumala through these steps by praying the god to fulfil their desire, and some will get it if their wish is fulfilled.

And a few people will lite the camphor, putting a mixture of KumKum and turmeric on each step if the desire got fulfilled.

Divya Darshan Tickets for pedestrians will allow you to have free food, accommodation at PAC and Darshan.

Tirumala Darshan Timings for Pedestrians

Ways to reach Tirumala by walk:

They are two different steps ways to reach Tirumala. One is Alipiri, and the other is Srivari Steps. These two ways are different in many factors. So, check the details in depth to reach Tirumala.

Reaching Tirumala through Alipiri Steps Way:

In Alipiri Steps way, we need to climb 3550 steps of Tirupati hills.

This way, Tirupati to Tirumala distance is about 9 km and takes nearly 6 – 7 hours to rise.

There are good facilities for food, toilets, and even medical checks.

It is 5 km away from the Tirupati Bus Stand, where free buses will reach Alipiri Steps way. Or else we can hire a vehicle to get alipiri mettu.

Tirupati Steps way allows devotees all through the day, i.e. 24/7.

As said earlier, the tokens/tickets will issue in the middle of the climbing steps. Gali Gopuram 2 is the spot where you will be published by a key and reporting time within it.

Reaching Tirumala through Srivari Steps Way:

It has 2350 steps to get Tirumala by climbing.

Srivari mettu to Tirumala distance by walk is about 2 km and takes 3-4 hours to get Tirumala.

We can reach Srivari Mettu by bus, 17 km away from the Tirupati bus stand.

But this will allow devotes from morning 6 AM to an evening at 6 PM.

And the spot of ticket issuing for Divya darshan is at the 100th step of Srivari steps from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Tirupati steps also you can find good toilet facilities and good security.

Important points to know about Divya Darshan:

After receiving the ticket/token, you will be allotted for Darshan only if it is at the checkpoint, which is present at the finishing point within the steps ways. Otherwise, your ticket is invalid for Darshan.

If, in the case of the heavy crowd in Tirumala, the tickets of Divya darshan may not be available for you. And also, this will allow devotees to have 7-8 hours of Darshan.

Free Luggage deposition centres at Tirupathi:

It will be tough to carry luggage while walking to Tirumala through steps. So, TTD provided a free luggage deposition centre at Srivari and Alipiri Steps.

Luggage deposition centres are at the entrance of Srivari and Alipiri metlu.

You need to remove any electronics like a laptop, phones, and delicate items in your luggage as there is a chance of damage. Better to carry along with you.

After reaching Tirumala, you can collect your luggage at luggage collection centres. GNC luggage collection centre, which is present right at the entrance of the Tirumala, is the centre to collect your luggage.

Must Watch Videos of Tirupathi Steps way:

This video reveals the clear picture of walking to Tirumala by Srivari steps.

The below video is all about knowing about alipiri steps to reach Tirumala.

You are all aware of Tirumala Darshan Timings for Pedestrians and ways to reach them. By this, plan your trip and have a peaceful darshan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the weather in Tirumala? Tirupati has moderate temperatures all around the year. The average temperature will range from 23 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius. You can check the weather every day by clicking here. 

How much is Divya darshan waiting time? The waiting time for Divya Darshan is approximately 4 hours 30 min during festivals, public holidays time.

How many laddus for Divya darshan? TTD will charge Rs. 70 for 5 or 4 laddus and one laddu free along with Divya darshan laddus.

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