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Tirumala Accommodation Availability

Tirumala Accommodation availability is now easy for Devotees to know and makes an online reservation by visiting the link ttdsevaonline.com.

You can have the current Tirumala Tirupathi Accommodation availability status either at S.V.B.C Channel scrolling or C.R.O Office Tirumala or at ttdsevaonline.com website.

We can have it by Recommendation Letters also.

Tirumala Accommodation Availability

Getting Room without Recommendation Letters:

Rooms will allow on a First Come First Serve basis for devotees at C.R.O. Room allotment counter is open for 24 hours.`

Pilgrims have to follow the queue at the counter for Tirumala Accommodation availability.

At the time of room booking, devotees have to provide an original photo ID proof.

Minimum of two persons must be there to get a room reservation, a room will not allow for single persons.

Getting Room with Recommendation Letters:

Devotees have to submit the Recommendations at different chamber present at CRO office. 

After receiving the recommendation letters, rooms will allot. It is mandatory to provide original photo ID proof for Tirumala Accommodation availability.

Getting rooms with donor passes:

Devotees can submit the donor passes at Donor cell, rooms will allow the particular person only after providing original photo ID proof.

The process explained above seems to simple, but at Room Allotment counters, it takes time as there will be many devotees with Recommendation Letters. So, you just need to have patience.