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Tiruchanuru Padmavathi Temple | History,Timings and Photos

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Tiruchanuru Padmavathi Temple

Tiruchanuru Padmavathi Temple is in Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. The preceding deity of the temple is Sri Padmavathi Devi, wife of Lord Venkateswara. However, the other name for this temple is Alarmelmangapuram which has the meaning of Alar(Lotus)-mel(top)-manga(Goddess)-Puram(town). In Addition, it is believing that the devotees have to visit the first goddess and then to visit the Lord.triuchanuru padmavathi temple

History of  Tiruchanuru Padmavathi Temple:

Once Akasharaja born to a King  Mitravarman of Thondamandalam. Akasharaja grew up to be handsome and wise blue blood. He married Dharanidevi. The royal couple was unhappy as a result of that they had no youngsters. Afterwards, on the recommendation of a priest, Akasharaja set to perform a yagna. Then the couple saw a stunning woman in a very thousand flower petal lotus while ploughing the ground. Suddenly the couple listens to a divine voice to take care of the kid. As the kid was in lotus(Padma) petals named Padamavathi. Afterwards, Padmavathi grew up, Lord Venkateshwara came in search of her. Finally, The divine wedding of Lord Srinivasa and immortal Padmavathi come to pass on a grand note.

However, the temple was created within the time of Tondaman Chakravarthi, who happens to be the elder brother of Goddess.

Tiruchanuru Temple timings:

  • Generally, the temple opens at 5 AM in the morning And closes at 9:30 PM.

How to reach Tiruchanuru  Temple

  • The temple is located at a distance of 5km from Tirupati. For that reason,  reach here, you can reach here by taking a bus from Tirupati bus stand which is available after every 5 mins.
  • Furthermore,  you can hire a private vehicle anywhere in Tirupathi to reach the temple.

Tiruchanuru Temple Photos:

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