Sullurpet Chengalamma Temple | History,Timings and Photos

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Sullurpet Chengalamma Temple

Sullurpet Chengalamma Temple: This temple is located in the Southern tip of Sullurpeta in Nellore district on the bank of Kalangi river. The main deity of this temple is Goddess Chengalamma. Chengalamma tree in the temple premises is 400 years old and gives blessings to the devotees.

Sullurpet Chengalamma Temple

History of Chengalamma Temple:

As per the legends, during 10th century beside Kalangi river, few cow takers swimming on the river saw the Goddess idol and immediately rushed into the village and informed about it. Some of the villagers came and try to move the idol from its place but they can’t move it. On the next day Surprisingly villagers noticed that the idol is in a straight position and faces the south side. After seeing this, the villagers perform pooja to the idol and carried to the present place and installed it.

In earlier days the Goddess called as Tenkali (Dakshina kali) and after it called as Chengali and finally names as Chengalamma. After that, a village formed around this temple and name as Chengalipeta. During British rule, the name of the village changed to Sullurpeta.

Another story behind this temple is During Brahmotsavams which happens to be once in seven years, a goat will be tied to one end and will move around the temple it is known as sullu. Hence from this the village name as Sullurpeta.

Interesting story behind Chengalamma:

400 years ago, villagers tried to build a door for the temple one day goddess appear in their dream and told them that she will be there to bless devotees at all time and hence they dropped for building the door to the temple. Following the instructions of the goddess, the temple will be open for 24 hours.

This temple was built by Balija caste people and they perform pooja and other rituals to the goddess.

Sullurpet Chengalamma Temple Timings:

  • This temple will open 24 hours daily. The main door of this temple never closes. On Sundays and Fridays, huge pilgrims will come and worship the devotee and perform pooja and other rituals to the goddess.

Sullurpet Chengalamma Temple Accommodation:

There is no Accommodation available at this temple. However, devotees can stay in private hotels nearby this temple. Some of the names of the hotels are :

Name of the HotelDistance from the temple



Bhavani Guest Inn97 kmBalaji Nagar, Nellore.
2Sri sai deluxe lodge100 km

Brindavan colony, Nellore.

How to reach Chengalamma Temple:

By Air: The nearest airport is in Tirupathi which is at a distance of 59 km.

On Rail: Polireddipalem and Sullurpeta railway stations are nearby railway stations to Sullurpeta. So, from there you can reach by road thereafter. However, Tirupathi railway station is the major railway station which is at a distance of 73 km.

By Bus: Sullurpeta, Naidupeta, and Sullurpet bypass stations are nearby bus stations to sullurpet. From there you can reach by local transport to this temple.

Chengalamma Temple Photos:

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