Sri Kurmam Temple | History,Timings and Photos of the Temple

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Sri Kurmam Temple:

Sri Kurmam Kurmanantha Swamy Temple: also known as SriKurmam temple located in Gara Mandal of Srikakulam district. This temple dedicates to Lord Vishnu in the form of Kurmanantha Swamy the 2nd incarnation of Lord Vishnu along with his wife Goddess Lakshmi in the form of Kurmanayaki. However, it is the only  Indian temple where Lord Vishnu Worship as Kurmam Avatar in the world.

Sri Kurmam Temple

Sri Kurmam Temple History:

As per the legends, During the ruling of King Svetha Chakravarthi, this place is known as Svethachala or Svethagiri. Svetha Chakravarthi wife Priya was a devotee of Lord Maha Vishnu. On Ekadasi day his wife was in fasting he approached her with the love she was refused and prayed to Lord. Immediately, Lord Vishnu created water flow the couple separated by the flood.

Consequently, King was carried along with the floods and his wife Priya on to a hilly terrain of Swthagiri. By this, the king was unhappy at that time Naradha Munni initiates the king kurma mantra and advice the king to pray for Kurma Narayana. Lord impress by his prayers and appear in the form of  Kurma avatar and with the help of his Sudarshan Chakra, he forms a lake on this lake when the king take baths he was cure by his illness. For this reason, its names as Svetha Pushkarni.

Upon the King’s request lord here manifested as Kurmanantha Swamy along with his consort Lakshmi devi.

Timings of Kurmanantha Swamy Temple:


Pooja NameTimings

Cost of the ticket


Suprabhata Seva, Sarva darshan, Mangala Snanam6:00 am
2Abhishekam4:30 am to 6:00 am

200 Rs. Per couple


Kalyanotsavam9:00 am516 Rs. Per couple
4Rajabhogam12:00 am


Nitya Thiruvaradhana7:00 pm
6Pavalimpu Seva8:00 pm

How to reach Kurmam temple:

By Air: The nearest airport is in Vishakhapatnam which is at a distance of 115 km.

On Rail: However Vishakhapatnam railway station is the major railway station which is at a distance of 109 km from Ampolu. So, from there you can reach by road thereafter.

By Bus: Srikakulam, Narasannapeta and Ranasthalam bus stations are near bus stations to Ampolu. From there you can reach by local transport. However, APSRTC runs a major number of buses from all major cities to here.


  • The temple authorities provide accommodation to the devotees. TTD provided accommodation of 7 rooms where the price is about Rs.50 per head.
  • Or else you can choose a nearby private hotel at the temple at reasonable prices. We can also find an accommodation Srikakulam town which is about 13 km from the main temple.

Sri Kurmam Temple Photos:

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